Almost everyone interested in the world of tech has come across the term ‘metaverse’ in recent times. Facebook announced a change in the name of its parent company and set an exciting course of events in action. After the rebranding of Facebook to Meta in October 2021, many people thronged the internet to discover the meaning of the metaverse. The metaverse is a quite fascinating concept, which blends physical and virtual worlds. Now, the demand for land in metaverse has been growing as people are expected to spend more time in virtual or augmented worlds. 

The metaverse envisions a virtual parallel to the real world where users can do anything they can do in the real world. Just like real estate in the real world, you can seek opportunities with metaverse real estate for having a home in the digital world. As many people are seeking the best ways to get hands on real estate in the metaverse, it is important to find out the easy solutions. At the same time, you should also know about the risks in metaverse real estate investing and the methods for buying real estate in metaverse. Let us find detailed guidance on all these aspects in the following discussion.

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The popularity of Real Estate in Metaverse

If you are looking for the cheapest land in metaverse, then you must have identified how the metaverse has become a dominant force. Real estate in the metaverse has already turned out as a huge independent sector. Many celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and many global firms such as HSBC, PwC, Samsung and JP Morgan have purchased plots of land in metaverse for different purposes. 

Just like the case of Bitcoin and NFTs, the early birds in the virtual real estate space reaped promising returns. How? You can find the answer by reflecting on “how much does metaverse land cost” now. For example, you could have purchased the smallest plot of virtual land on Decentraland metaverse or the Sandbox at almost $1000 a year ago. As of now, the same piece of virtual real estate costs around $13,000. Quite a massive price hike, isn’t it? What is so special about virtual land? 

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What is Metaverse Real Estate?

Before you choose a metaverse to buy land, it is important to go through the basic definition of virtual real estate. For that, you need a brief overview of the metaverse itself. 

You can describe the metaverse as a 3D virtual platform with immersive environments that allow users to interact with each other, AI-powered avatars and digital objects. The metaverse offers highly realistic and natural interactions and immersive experiences. At the same time, spatial communications in the metaverse also feature interoperability as a prominent trait. Users can move across different virtual spaces which allow coexistence of different platforms in a shared environment. Most important of all, the metaverse is not under the control of a single entity, individual or organization. Therefore, the metaverse allows anyone to invest in virtual spaces, environments and technologies.

The concept of metaverse real estate gains prominence as the metaverse showcases better prospects for serving as a virtual replica of the physical world. Users in the metaverse can leverage virtual spaces for monetization of goods and services to accumulate desired profits. The availability of land in metaverse allows buyers or renters to create monetized properties with unique experiences. Also referred to as virtual land parcels, the plots of real estate in metaverse are basically blocks of 3D space. Developers can integrate objects, overlay experiences alongside designing VR worlds and building interactions for users in the virtual land parcels. Generally, metaverse platforms include decentralized governance bodies for decisions on creation and allocation of new parcels. The governance bodies also determine the assets which are suitable for real estate investments. 

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Reasons to Buy Land in Metaverse

You can choose any metaverse to buy land with popular choices like The Sandbox, Somnium, Decentraland and Cryptovoxels. The metaverse platforms feature the virtual land parcels in the form of NFTs or non-fungible tokens. Interestingly, the NFTs provide the advantage of exercising unique ownership over metaverse real estate alongside offering security. After transferring the ownership of an NFT related to a virtual land parcel, the buyer receives the complete rights to the virtual land. Just like the real world, the buyer can resell the piece of land, lease it out or build virtual property and experiences on it. 

In simple words, you should try looking for the cheapest land in metaverse right now for two significant reasons. The first reason is that you can use the virtual piece of real estate in the metaverse for building something. You can create a house for your digital avatar or workspaces from where you can work in the metaverse. The virtual land parcel can work as a promising instrument for expressing your personality on an open platform. 

Another profound reason for investigating metaverse real estate investing prospects reflects on the popularity of virtual land. You can think of virtual land as a promising investment opportunity, especially as the average prices of virtual land increased almost 10 times in the recent year. Many people are investing in metaverse real estate with the assumptions that it would fetch high prices in the future. On the other hand, you cannot ignore the risks associated with investments even on the cheapest land in metaverse as trends may turn downwards at any point of time.

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How Can You Buy Land in Metaverse?

Irrespective of risks associated with investments in metaverse land parcels, the urge to capitalize on the hype of virtual real estate can be overpowering. Many of you need answers to “How do I buy metaverse land?” for getting your piece in the latest trend. Interestingly, you can find different promising solutions for purchasing virtual land parcels in the metaverse. Here are some recommended ways you can try in metaverse to buy land parcels of your choice.

  • Contact Metaverse Real Estate Brokers

The metaverse is a massive digital space and offers a lot of scope for real estate. Therefore, the metaverse has a personalized real estate industry including mortgage providers, agents and brokers, specializing in virtual real estate. Many brokers have been discovering their niche in the digital real estate sector, which is still in infancy. For example, the two brothers Tal and Oren Alexander have successfully conducted high-value real estate purchases in New York City. Now, the brothers are expanding their expertise towards metaverse real estate as they plan on working as brokers for luxury metaverse properties. You can work with competent agents and brokers for discovering and investing in the top metaverse virtual properties. 

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  • Cost-efficient Metaverse Mortgages

You can also find the answer to “How do I buy metaverse land?” with the help of a metaverse mortgage. The metaverse mortgage can offer a considerably affordable option for regular buyers to get their hands on metaverse land parcels. However, the ideal of metaverse mortgages is comparatively new. As a result, you can find only a few companies offering metaverse mortgages. For example, Terra Zero offers metaverse mortgages for empty parcels of virtual land on popular metaverse platforms. 

  • Buy Land in Metaverse with Cryptocurrency

The simplest method for purchasing land in metaverse involves buying virtual land parcels with cryptocurrency. You can purchase virtual land parcels with cryptocurrencies in the case of small purchases within your budget.

Here are the basic steps you need to buy virtual land parcels in metaverse platforms –

Step 1 – Access the property marketplace of the metaverse platform you have selected. The property marketplace appears more like the app marketplaces featuring software applications. 

Step 2 – Use your credentials for logging into the property marketplace. Now, you have to evaluate the location and design of the land parcels listed on the marketplace. At the same time, you should also try to find “how much does metaverse land cost” and compare the different listings. 

Step 3 – After shortlisting the different land parcels on sale in the property marketplace, you have to configure your digital wallet. Make sure that you choose a digital wallet which is compatible with the native token of the selected metaverse platform. For example, you would need a wallet which supports MANA tokens for buying land in the Decentraland metaverse

Step 4 – Now, you have to link the digital wallet to the metaverse account while ensuring that it has the required amount of crypto for the purchase. 

Step 5 – Click on the purchase or buy button for transferring the required crypto amount. You will receive ownership of the real estate NFT and become an owner of your chosen virtual land parcel. 

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Final Words

The favorable prospects for metaverse real estate emerge from the growing hype around the metaverse. You can purchase real estate in the metaverse platform of your choice with a few simple steps. On top of it, virtual land parcels in the metaverse can serve as a medium for expressing identity in the metaverse. However, the hype around metaverse real estate investing should not draw the limelight away from potential risks. 

Like in the real world, the value of virtual real estate depends on various factors including the location and the types of experiences and assets on the land. On the other hand, virtual land parcels have become an important class of digital assets. Where will real estate in the metaverse go from here? Learn more about the metaverse and find the answers right now.

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*Disclaimer: The article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. Claims made in this article do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such. 101 Blockchains shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this article. Do your own research!