If you have been searching for a great enterprise-grade blockchain platform, you must have come across the name Hyperledger. In reality, Hyperledger is an enterprise blockchain project, and Linux foundation is behind it.

However, it’s only an umbrella project, and there are many blockchain projects in work under it. Among them, Hyperledger Sawtooth happens to be one of the popular ones. Additionally, many enterprises are already using this incredible new platform.

So, to help you out, today, I’ll be talking all about Hyperledger Sawtooth platform.

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Table of Contents

Chapter-1: What is Hyperledger Sawtooth?
Chapter-2: Elements of the Hyperledger Sawtooths Architecture
Chapter-3: Hyperledger Sawtooths Development – Architecture Description
Chapter-4: Hyperledger Sawtooths Offering Live Demo Applications
Chapter-5: Hyperledger Sawtooths At Work
Chapter-6: Hyperledger Sawtooths Course: Training and tutorial
Chapter-7: Concluding Thoughts


Chapter-1: What is Hyperledger Sawtooth?

Hyperledger Sawtooth is an open-source blockchain project under the enterprise blockchain company Hyperledger. It’s a perfect solution for developing networks and distributed ledger applications.

In reality, they intended to make the design super flawless so that it’s more than safe for enterprise use.

Well, according to the Hyperledger Sawtooth documentation, it actually simplifies the whole process of application design. In reality, the application domain is wholly separated from the core system. Thus, it makes it simpler to try out applications without affecting the core system in any way.

Moreover, you can also use any programming languages to develop the application as well. But you won’t need to know what the actual design of the core system really is.

Another great deal about this platform is that it’s highly modular. More so, it helps the enterprise make the right decisions about the overall policy of the network. Needless to say, the Hyperledger Sawtooth course is suited mostly for consortia or similar environments.

Additionally, you’ll be able to choose permissions, transaction regulations, consensus protocols, and many more according to your needs. So, you are getting a flexible environment for any kind of business.

So, what’s not to like about that, right?

Anyhow, the project is practically open-sourced, so you can get your hands on it without any issues. More so, before you do that you need to learn more about Hyperledger Sawtooth course first.

hyperledger sawtooth

A Distributed Ledger Technology

Blockchains fall under the distributed ledger technology category. And similarly, Hyperledger Sawtooth course also falls under it. More so, there isn’t any central authority in the network. So, it’s fully distributed among all the nodes.

More so, no can alter the database and hack his/her way through the network. So, once a transaction gets added, it stays there.

Signs of all the identities makes sure any new transaction is valid. And this how the network keeps everyone in check.


Features of Hyperledger Sawtooth

  • Application Development Friendly

It provides the application development a more easy ground by separating the application domain from the core system. According to the Hyperledger Sawtooth documentation, the sole purpose of this separation is to ensure that no core feature is ever affected for any new additions ion the application layer.

Moreover, it means that when you are on the application layer developing dApps, it will take up resources, but others using the core system won’t be affected by it.

Thus, there’s no slowing down or low-efficiency issues here.

That’s why this platform is suitable for developing apps. Another great thing according to the Hyperledger Sawtooth documentation is that an application can be anything. Furthermore, native business logic can easily coexist with another smart contract VM.

Thus, it creates more flexible grounds for Hyperledger Sawtooth course.


  • Permissioning Features

You have to know that Hyperledger Sawtooth is a permissioned platform. Moreover, not anyone can just get an entry to the network. That’s why this platform is suitable for the enterprise environment. According to the Hyperledger Sawtooth documentation, you can also gear it for a public environment as well.

For example, you can use the same technology for your internal networking system and for customer interactions as well.

In reality, this type of flexibility if the enterprise blockchain platform is quite rare. As in most cases, they are either public or private. Anyhow, with the help of an identity management protocol, you can pre-select the nodes that can enter the platform.

You can learn to separate the two in the Hyperledger Sawtooth course.


  • Private Network

Hyperledger Sawtooth course exists to solve all the issue that comes along in private or permissioned network. Moreover, according to the Hyperledger Sawtooth documentation, anyone can deploy a cluster of nodes within a separated channel in the network.

And this process would create a private session for those nodes specifically. On the other hand, the enterprise does need to have private environments. There are many elements within a company that shouldn’t be out in the open for the prying eyes.

Moreover, as there isn’t any centralized authority, no one can just take a peek at the sensitive information you stored on the platform. But you need to remember that, even if you are within a private channel, the transaction values will cease to exist in the ledger. Although no one will be able to see it.


  • Execution of Parallel Transaction

According to the Hyperledger Sawtooth documentation, the platform uses a different approach for transactions. In a typical case, the blockchain for enterprise platforms use a serial transaction process. But when too many users’ starts using the platform, processing every single transaction becomes relatively hard.

So, instead of being a fast one, it slows down gradually. But to ensure that Sawtooth doesn’t lose the efficiency, they execute all the transactions in parallel to each other. It means that multiple transactions can be executed at the same time.

In reality, it saves a lot of time and promotes a faster output. As a result, scaling up is easy for this platform.


  • Modular Structure

The modular structure is actually one of the biggest features of all Hyperledger platforms, and Sawtooth isn’t an exception to that. According to the Hyperledger Sawtooth documentation, the modular structure creates a different kind of flexibility for the enterprises.

With the help of this feature, developers are free to use any type of consensus algorithms or any kind of feature they want. It’s a plug and play scenario, and it’s super easy to do. More so, you’ll learn a lot about it from their Hyperledger Sawtooth course as well.

Another big plus point is that at the same time, multiple consensuses can work in multiple parts of the same platform. So, you can choose the best combo that goes with your industry.


Chapter-2: Elements of the Hyperledger Sawtooth Architecture

Event System

With the event system, the Hyperledger Sawtooth supports broadcasting and creating events. So, this feature allows –

  • Nodes to subscribe to all the events that are happening on the blockchain. For example, when a new block is getting added or if the network is switching to a different fork.
  • To subscribe to other application events that came from the transaction families.
  • Broadcasting the information to all other nodes on the channel without storing the final state in the state storage.



How are events extracted? In reality, they are extracted from other data structure formats, such as transaction receipts or blocks. In an event where they need to make sure to treat it accordingly, the EventExtractor interface takes note of every single vent source on the platform.

Another thing this interface does is to list out all the EventSubscriptions and then will only cover the events that have the most subscribers.

Well, to count the subscriptions, the interface needs to see whether the events event_type matches with the subscriber’s event_type.


Transaction Receipts

Another point of Hyperledger Sawtooth smart contract is the transaction receipt. With the help of this element, the clients can get information about their transaction, but these aren’t stored on the state stage.

For example –

  • Information about if the transaction is valid or not.
  • What events happened during the transaction execution?
  • How the transaction execution changed the state?
  • Any transaction family-specific execution information.

However, the transaction receipts can also offer additional information about the transaction to the validators for proper verification. And it will stop them from re-executing the transaction.


Ethereum Contract Compatibility with Seth

Well, one of the best features of Sawtooth is the Ethereum Contracts compatibility using Seth. Moreover, it creates a new milestone for the Hyperledger Sawtooth smart contracts. The Seth or Sawtooth-Ethereum Integration Project will create a link between the two platforms.

So, using the EVM, you can deploy smart contracts within the Hyperledger Sawtooth environment.

But how did they manage to pull it off?

In reality, to ensure that they worked with Hyperledger Burrow and took their EVM implementation. So, using the Burrow EVM, the Sawtooth integrated the environment within Sawtooth as well.

Another main objective of this feature is to help make the DApps and other EVM smart contracts be easy enough to port into the network. So, for that, they replicated the Ethereum JSON RPC API.


Components of Seth

Anyhow, Seth mainly comes with three different kinds of components –

  • Seth Client
  • Seth-RPC server
  • Seth-tp transaction processor

However, you need to know that Seth is not a full implementation of Ethereum. Obviously, the platform did make some changes that go best with the platform. So, for those modifications, the system is a bit different than original Ethereum. While most of the EVM smart contracts can run on the platform here are some differences –

  • Instead of a 32-byte block hash as an identifier, the Sawtooth blocks use 64-byte of header signature. In case of running any BLOCKHASH instruction, only the first 32-byte hash signature is used.
  • Ethereum mainly depends on economic incentives to limit overall resource usage. However, Seth only works with permissioned model. So, the use of ‘gas’ is limited, and the use of permissions is for every kind of node.
  • In case of transaction execution, the Seth is modularized so no transaction can have any knowledge of getting executed on the network. But in Ethereum, the transactions depend heavily on timestamps, hashes, and numbers.

In reality, the changes actually make the Hyperledger Sawtooth smart contracts more lucrative than ever.


Pluggable Consensus Algorithms

With Sawtooth, you will get a different kind of consensus protocol altogether. One of the best features of this Hyperledger Sawtooth architecture is the use of different plugging in consensus methods. Another great part is 5he fact that it will allow you to run multiple consensuses at the same time in the platform.

At the time of setting up the network, you can easily select the one you wish to use. Moreover, you can change it later and even while transacting.

Anyhow at present, it comes with 5 different consensuses for you to select. They are –

  • Devmode

This consensus is mainly suited for development purposes. It will allow you to test drive the platform with one validator node. So, as you can see, it’s definitely not suited for production purposes.


  • PBFT

This one is actually a leader based consensus algorithm. Unfortunately, you can’t fork PBFT. But on the plus side, you are getting a Byzantine fault tolerance algorithm. In reality, this one is more suited for smaller environments and definitely not the best one for any consortium type environments.


  • PoET CFT

Another name for this one is PoET simulator. In this one, there’s an SGX kind of simulator environment that allows these algorithms to run freely. However, it will offer crash fault tolerance like output similar to other platforms.

But you need to have poet-validator-registry TP. Moreover, you can run this on any kind of processors. However, it’s not Byzantine Fault Tolerance, and that means it’s only CFT.


  • PoET SGX

In this version of PoET, it will use the SGX. And with the help of SGX, it can offer Byzantine Fault Tolerance similar to PoW. However, it only needs a relatively low amount of CPU power.

Anyhow, this is one of the algorithms that need to have specific hardware to run properly. This consensus protocol is absolutely necessary for Hyperledger Sawtooth smart contracts.


  • Raft

In this one, the algorithms need to have a leader for a selected amount of time. Moreover, when the timer runs out, the leader will automatically get replaced. In reality, Raft is way faster than PoET; however, it only offers CFT and is not Byzantine.


What about Other Consensus Algorithms?

Well, it does support pluggable consensus algorithms, and for Hyperledger Sawtooth smart contracts it would be absolutely necessary to add more. At present, the primary idea is to add all the set of consensus that can offer efficiency.

Other than these other SDKs of consensus is on their way. So, it would be a great plus point for the Hyperledger Sawtooth smart contracts.


Unpluggable Consensus

Another great feature of Sawtooth is the support for unpluggable consensus. Now you are thinking, what’s that? Well, typically, unpluggable actually means that you can change the consensus protocol on the go anytime.

So, to change a consensus, you won’t have to stop the validators, users, or other nodes on the network. Moreover, you won’t need to get a new genesis block every time you change it. In reality, this kind of process is called Dynamic consensus.

Thus, the new feature makes Hyperledger Sawtooth smart contracts even more lucrative.


Sample Transaction Families

Well, in simple terms, a transaction family is a group of transaction models or operations that you can use on the ledger. In reality, think of them as a different approach to APIs. In many cases, the network may need a programmable smart contract structure.

So, for that, you can easily use the EVM transaction family using the SETH. We’ll talk about it in a while.

In many cases, the enterprises actually seek a fixed process for the transaction because that limits the risk to a great extent.

So, for those cases, you can simply use the ones we offer or even model one on your own. Thus, this makes the transaction family an integral part of the Hyperledger Sawtooth architecture.

For example, one of the families called Integer Key actually offers only 3 kinds of operations such as set, decrement, and increment. So, with only these 3 parameters, it’s relatively hard to make any mistakes or hack into the system.

But why did Hyperledger Sawtooth introduce them in the first place?

Well, in Hyperledger Sawtooth architecture, the developers wanted to make sure that businesses can just pick the versatility that they wanted. So, in short, they help to extend the flexibility of the network.

There are some interesting facts about the transaction families –

  • You can use any language to write a new one.
  • There are SDKs available for C++, Java, JavaScript, Go, Python, Rust, and many more.
  • All of them run separately from each other in a parallel space, thus giving the network scope for upgradability.

Anyhow there are some common transaction families in the Hyperledger Sawtooth architecture. Let’s see what they are –

  • BlockInfo Transaction Family

One of the most common features of this family is to offer the ability to reference other information while the nodes are in transit. Well, for example, in the EVM the platform actually defines a BLOCKHASH, which in short helps the processor to get access to the hash function of the previous blocks.

So, that helps the processor to hash the new one accordingly.

In reality, the Blockinfo actually offers a way to store any information about configurable historic blocks.


  • Identity Transaction Family

This transaction family helps to manage all the identities within the system. In case of any on-chain permissions, a validator key and transaction key is absolutely necessary. Moreover, both of the parties need to have proper authentication permission to do that.

But all of these complex information becomes a hurdle to manage. However, with the help of an identity transaction family, it is extremely easy to manage them.


  • IntegerKey Transaction Family

Another family within the Hyperledger Sawtooth architecture allows the users to set, increment, or decrement the value of entries of the state dictionary.

All of the options are set in a way that ensures the most output and does not tolerate any kind of bad node attitude.


  • Validator Registry Transaction Family

Well, with the only validator, the system could crumble down when there are far too many users within the network. So, to help out in that matter, the Validator transaction family offers a way for adding up new validators in the network.

This process actually helps a lot and ensures a proper scale-up situation.


  • Settings Transaction Family

Oaky, there’s a lot of things that go on the channel and if they are properly stored the whole un-hackable environment if blockchain would fall apart.

That’s why the Settings transaction family helps to maintain a method that ensures the storage of on-chain configurations. In reality, on-chain and off-chain configurations can vary without affecting one another.


  • Smallbank Transaction Family

Well, you created a new framework. But now you have to see how it really performs. Now how will you do that? In reality, the Smallbank transaction family allows users to benchmark the framework and see how they are performing.

More so, it will offer a series of test and have a standard to compare with.

  • XO Transaction Family

I have to see this transaction family is one of the lightest one within the Hyperledger Sawtooth architecture. But why? Well, this one will allow you to play a game of tic-tac-toe with another user.

The coding system within this family helps developers see the reference structure for the transaction family.


Chapter-3: Hyperledger Sawtooth Development – Architecture Description

  • Global State

One of the significant elements of Hyperledger Sawtooth development is the use of a global state. And for that, there needs to be a distributed ledger among all the participants. In reality, to make sure that all the ledger copies among the nodes within the Byzantine consensus are a robust quality of blockchain itself.

Thus, to maintain that, Sawtooth takes all the transaction families within a single instance called Radix Merkle Tree. Moreover, the validation of blocks in every validator of the same transaction produces the same state and same results.

Also, the state gets split into other namespaces to make sure that all the transaction family will share, define, and reuse the global state data of the transactions.


Radix Merkle Tree

Hyperledger Sawtooth development includes an addressable Radix Merkle Tree for storing all the transaction families. For example, the tree is actually a Merkle tree that can save the copy on write data from leaf to root.

So, for a number of transitions connected to a block can help generate a single root hash for that specific transaction. What the platform does here is to place that root hash on the block header of that transaction block.

So, when a validator’s transaction ends up in a different has address than the Merkle one, then that block will not be valid.

And this is how they tend to reach consensus without relying on sole witnesses. It’s definitely a great approach.


  • Transactions and Scheduling

You can modify a state only if you create and apply for a transaction. Moreover, for transactions, the client needs to create a transaction, and then he/she can submit it to the validators. After that, the validator will apply transaction, and that would cause a massive change in the state.

Another Hyperledger Sawtooth development quality is that transactions will belong to a batch. Every transaction of a single batch would state together. But in some case, no state at all. And so, batches are one of the first change of unit for the state.

Usually, the structure of a batch includes transactions, TransactionHeader, BatchHeader, and Batch.


Public Keys, Signature, and Header

Usually, the TransactionHeader will have a transaction header frilled that would determine the serialization of them. Moreover, the header will have to contain the signer’s private key. Obviously, the header_signature will store the resulting signature.

In reality, you will see that the header would also have a serial and it would depend on the exact bytes of the signature on the transaction.

But how do they generate the header_signature? Well, during the verification process, the key in the signer_public_key generates the bytes.


Transaction Family

You already know about the transaction families. But another cool think about Hyperledger Sawtooth development is the use of transaction families to determine any form of transactions. So, when setting up, you can create your own custom transaction that you want.

Moreover, many tutorials would let you know just how you can write them in specific languages.


Scheduling Transactions

One of the major plus points of this platform is the support of parallel and serial scheduling. In reality, you can specify the scheduler using the command line argument. On the other hand, you can also leave it to the validator configuration when you start the validating process.

In both cases, you will get the same results, so you can choose anything you are comfortable with.

In reality, the parallel processing of transactions would help your performances. Because in this one you can simultaneously process transactions at a single time. So, in a nutshell, it saves a tremendous amount of time.

Also, the transaction processing of each one varies greatly. So, the overall combination of faster and slower transactions could enhance your network performance.


  • Journal

Another significant element of the Hyperledger Sawtooth development is the Journal. But what is the use of it? In reality, a Journal actually helps to extend and maintain the Blockchain for the validators.

So, the element would handle evaluating valid blocks, validating candidate blocks, make sure they have the proper chain head and also create new blocks for the chain.

Also, the Journal will consume any batches and blocks that come to the validators. Furthermore, all the batches or blocks arrive using the REST API or gossip protocol. So, when the Journal gets the blocks or batches, it routes them throughout the validators.

Also, there are multiple parts that need special processing. So, for that, the Journal divides up the tasks for each transaction and puts them in different pipelines.

Once a block generation completes, it would slide to the Chain controller for further validation. After that, they go to the BlockPublisher for last validation and then get into a block. The Hyperledger Sawtooth designed all the Journals to be asynchronous so that they can be processed in parallel if needed.

So, even when the incoming rate is too high, the BlockPublisher can easily claim blocks. Furthermore, it’s flexible so you can add more consensus algorithms to streamline the process.


  • Validator Network

Validator Network is another element to the Hyperledger Sawtooth development. In reality, the network layer is responsible for ensuring the communication within the validators. It also includes peer discovery, connectivity, and message handling.

During startup, the validators start listening to a specified interface and other ports for any kind of incoming connections. Furthermore, once the connection happens, the validators can exchange messages according to the rule of gossip protocol.

The main target of the network is to keep the network layer as self-sustained as possible. In reality, the network layer doesn’t get any information about the application layer messages or any data on the application layer. So, the payload is relatively reduced on the network layer, and peer connectivity is real fast.



According to the docs, they have three kinds of states between the validators. These are –

  • Connected: Here, any kind of prerequisite connection is needed for peering.
  • Unconnected
  • Peered: Here, a bidirectional form of connection happens, and they can use it for relaying messages.


Discovering Peers

In reality, the bidirectional peering from neighbor peer to neighbor peer results in suitable connectivity among the nodes. And in 99% of the time, they are successful. Anyhow, a node is free to select any peering node to establish the first connection. But in every case, they need to be neighbors.


  • Permissioning Requirements

Permissioning requirements are the extended list of capabilities, requirements, and other stories related to a user that helps form the permissioning lists.

It’s the last element of Hyperledger Sawtooth development. Anyhow, there are some permission groups within their docs, and these are –

Validator key permissioning: In this one, it controls which nodes will get access for connecting to validator nodes.

Transactor key permissioning: In this one, the nodes will get privileged based on who controls the batches and transaction of signing keys.


Both of these are later broken down into specific capabilities. And for each one there’s a short description of what is needed and which nodes can perform that. But you would think why there is a need for user stories?

Well, within an enterprise company, every employee has different work tasks. And without a specific tagline there no one know which employee does what. It’s kind of similar in the network as well.

Every node within the system has specific tasks to do, and that’s why they need specific permissioning as well.


Validator Network Scenarios

There are some certain scenario models for helping you choose the perfect network requirement. Let’s see what they are –

Public Network

For a public network, all forms of connections are allowed on the channel. And every single person can sign transactions and batches.

For ensuring that a public Sawtooth can take off, you would need an incentive system beforehand. It would ensure that there are no security concerns of the public network.


Private Network

For a private network, only the predefined validators can enter the validator network channel. More so, no one other than the validators can participate in consensus.

Again, if a client has permission for requesting transactions only, then the validator will accept the request. Or else, the validator will reject the client’s request, and the transaction would be invalid.


Consortium Network

With the consortium type of environment, there are only some specific validators that can join the network and use the transaction feature. However, any client can submit a transaction, and the validators would have to accept them if they are valid.


Chapter-4: Hyperledger Sawtooth Offering Live Demo Applications

At present, there are some live demo applications from the Sawtooth developers for you to try out. I’ll talk more about them here. Let’s see what you can get in these applications.


Supply Chain

With Hyperledger Sawtooth database, you’ll get to try out their supply chain live demo application. Not only it exhales at revolutionizing the supply chain, but it also saves a lot of time. Anyhow, at present as a model they are offering seafood traceability.

In reality, for that, they are bringing accountability and traceability with the help from Hyperledger Sawtooth database.


What’s The Modern Approach to Supply Chain?

The platform takes a modern approach to merge the physical and digital world under the same network. Furthermore, you’ll be getting the overall journey of seafood from the moment it’s caught to the table.

For this live demo, they will attach IoT sensors to help track all the foods after it was caught. More so, with the help of IoT sensors, you can easily check their real-time motion, humidity, temperature, tilt, and shock.

Also, it would help to tackle any ownership agreement and possession along with their geographical location at all times. The best part is that you can see everything from the platform itself.

In reality, as everything will log on to the immutable ledger system, the buyer can easily trust the data. Thus, the final buyer can use Hyperledger Sawtooth database as the proof he/she needs before he buys the product.


Why Introduce This Live Demo?

Well, in reality, the problem regarding the supply chain is huge. There are certain issues that the supply chain is dealing with right now. These are –

  • Manual record-keeping gives a rise of errors, so it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s false.
  • With real-time investigation,, there’s no way of knowing whether the food is stored at a perfect temperature. And in large supply chain management, it becomes difficult to manage.
  • Due to the loss of regulations and proper tracking system, there are a lot of illegal products within the supply chain.
  • There’s also the scope for fraudulent activities among the employees.
  • Most of the products lack quality and security when it comes to supply chains.
  • The system does not promote sustainability but rather waste a lot of resources.
  • Also, the lack of consumer trust and vendor action harms the brand value of many enterprises.


Hyperledger Sawtooth Example: How It Works?

  • Firstly the fisherman catches the seafood and then tags them with IoT sensors.
  • Next, all the sensors start transmitting information back to the network with the location of the seafood.
  • It goes through many distribution channels and the platform track each one of the sites.
  • Before the buyer buys the seafood, he/she can use the platform to check the fish’s provenance.


Is There Any Advantage?

  • Extreme transparency runs throughout the whole process of supply chain
  • Automated process saves a lot of costs and time
  • Gets rid of man-made errors and creates a streamline of correct information
  • Connects with better suppliers and promotes consumer trust.


Other Use Cases except for Food Supply Chain

Well, the food supply chain is just a demo. You can easily customize the solution to go with your specific supply chain niche. In reality, no matter what customization you do, it would still offer the same benefits.


Asset Settlement

The next one is Asset Settlement live demo Hyperledger Sawtooth database application. With the help of Hyperledger Sawtooth database, you can enable efficient and secure bond settlement. In reality, it can be a great way for financial institutions to take matters into their hands.

Also, it allows the user control that they never had. So, to make sure that the process of transferring bonds is streamlined, the platform offers a user interface. With the help of the user interface and specially created transaction family, you can easily transfer and track bonds.

Moreover, you can also sell, buy, create, or even settle any kind of bond just on the network. Even though they only customized a transaction family for issuing bonds and settling them, you can customize them for several niches. Thus, the financial investment will once and for all be decentralized.


Why Introduce This Live Demo?

Well, in reality, the problem regarding asset settlement is huge. There are certain issues that the asset settlement is dealing with right now. These are –

  • Every institution has different methods of record keeping. That’s why it becomes difficult to settle bonds within two institutions. In reality, the process is more expensive and a waste of resources.
  • The typical way can easily fracture the historical bond ownership data, and sometimes, they are incomplete.
  • Due to the centralized data management solution, most of the offerings are monopolized.
  • In reality, it has more single point of failure.
  • Anyone can alter data as there is no security force at work.


 Hyperledger Sawtooth Example: How It Works?

  • First of all, the platform creates a participant.
  • Secondly, they create a bond.
  • After that, they can issue quotes.
  • Next, they are free to settle and create orders depending on the need.
  • Lastly, they can view portfolio before buying or selling.


Is There Any Advantage?

  • Ensures a data consistency among all the financial institute
  • Offers accurate, ordered, immutable, and comprehensive historical ownership information
  • Provides hardware configuration and secures sensitive data
  • Gets rid of monopolies and ensures trust


Other than using this demo for asset settlement, you are free to customize and use for other financial activities a well.


Digital Asset Exchange

Another great Hyperledger Sawtooth database live demo application is Digital Asset Exchange. Now with the popularity of digital assets among the world, there needs to be a way for issuing secured digital assets.

However, with the help of Hyperledger Sawtooth Database, you can easily do that. Managing your own digital asset can’t get any easier than this. In reality, it would also help to navigate different marketplaces and create more assets using the platform.


Why Introduce This Live Demo?

Well, in reality, the problem regarding digital asset exchange is huge. There are certain issues that the digital asset exchange is dealing with right now. These are –

  • The ecosystem is quite fragmented, that’s why managing and distributing them is a huge headache.
  • There no such things as secondary market control. And that’s why it can be extremely difficult to verify whether they are counterfeit or genuine.
  • In reality, the record-keeping process of the sellers is extremely inconsistent within different sellers.
  • Centralized management of the system is too biased and induces conflict.


Hyperledger Sawtooth Example: How It Works?

  • First of all, the user would use the platform to create digital assets.
  • Secondly, he/she would create an offer on digital assets.
  • Any buyer can then accept the offer according to the asset.
  • After mutual agreement, the buyer can then sell the asset and transfer it to the account.


Is There Any Advantage?

  • Offers consistent data across all the sellers
  • Provides immutable storage that enables trust and security
  • Other smart contracts ensure easy transfers of digital assets without any issues


Anyhow, other than only using this live demo for digital asset exchange, you can come up with other real-world scenarios.


Chapter-5: Hyperledger Sawtooth At Work


Let’s start with Hyperledger Sawtooth example. In reality, T-Mobile is using Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake for their solution. At present, they tend to use it for their access and identity management solution named Sawtooth Hyper Directory.

Moreover, it would run on the Proof of Concept, and they are getting technical backup from intel. With the help of Hyper Directory, you can address any issue of identity management. As you know, the identity management industry deals with a lot of problems, and identity theft is quite prominent.

Anyhow, they made sure that the UI is quite easy to navigate and is web-friendly. Other than this, they are also introducing a smart contract feature for the auditing issues.


State Bank of India

Another Hyperledger Sawtooth example is the State Bank of India. Yes, you read right, blockchain reached India as well. Apparently, they are using Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake for their consortium platform BankChain.

In reality, the State Bank of India founded the platform. For their technological backup, they are working with Primechain because they are specialized for consortium platforms. Anyhow, at present they have over 27 members on their platform. Apart from banks and other financial institutions of India, there are other Middle East companies as well.

Furthermore, they are using this platform for their Know Your Customer feature that also includes Counter-Terrorism Financing. And the Sawtooth platform is fully capable of backing up their feature.



Another cool Hyperledger Sawtooth example is the company PokitDok. With the help of Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake, they are gaining transaction at a rapid rate. For their technological backup, they are using Intel. Anyhow, their healthcare traction platform is called DokChain.

Moreover, they offer very big steps for the development of smart healthcare contracts the hospitals can use without any issues.

According to them, with the help of the platform, they can get a higher number of security, speed, and power. Moreover, it can open up new dimensions for their project.

Unfortunately, Change healthcare recently acquired all of the assets of PokiDok’s project, and now they are currently pursuing the solution.


Dot Blockchain Media

Well, another great Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake use is the company Dot Blockchain Media. For their project, they announced that they are going to use Hyperledger Sawtooth. In reality, the music industry deals with a lot of problems, such as copyright issues and unfair rights.

So, for that, the company would use Sawtooth and record all the contents along with their rights to properly track every single online activity. With the help of the platform, they can easily brink more transparency and clarity in this industry.

Thus, all the publishers, artists can register their content on their project and get the fair treatment they deserve.

Moreover, the PoET consensus of the platform would be perfect for it.



ScanTrust is actually a SaaS company that is using Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake. In reality, they offer different products that help their consumers connect to the internet with the help of unique identification.

Furthermore, they also offer copy proof QR codes that bring in more transparency, trust, and traceability for any supply chain management system.

And what can be a great platform for it other than Sawtooth, right?

Anyhow, with the use of the platform, they will operate a traceability feature of their existing applications. It would ensure that no one can misuse their technology in any way. Many companies are already using their solution, and consumers can even tip the suppliers based on the provenance.


Wind River

Wind River is fueling their SParts project with the help of Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake platform. In reality, they are using this platform for their Software Parts Ledger platform that can track any software component right from when the manufacturer develops devices and products.

You will get many benefits for knowing where all the open-source component comes from such as –

  • Makes sure that all manufacturers can secure and identity all the licensing of software form the source.
  • Ensure more security for open source vulnerabilities.
  • Provide identification for cryptography technologies.
  • Offer a higher level of open source reports with accurate information for better judgment.


University of Nevada, Reno

University of Nevada, Reno is actually using Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake for their autonomous vehicle and road infrastructure technology. Well, in reality, the autonomous vehicles are just a tested concept, but the University is doing everything in its power to make it happen.

With the help of Filament’s Blockchain IoT solution that uses Sawtooth to interact machine with infrastructure and exchange data, it can be possible.

Other than this, Filament’s Blocklet technology will go in the vehicle to support the project. Furthermore, with the immutable ledger, the vehicles can log in the right information without any tampering.


Daimler Trucks

Daimler trucks are actually going through a big transformation and adding in a new mobility system. With the help of Sawtooth platform, they are creating an ecosystem of transparent, trusted, and generated data.

The project would cover more streamlines and driverless solutions. The ecosystem is huge, and it would also include many manufacturers, suppliers, energy businesses, and insurance companies.

So, as you can see, the blockchain would be perfect to power all of these different industries in one place.

Anyhow, for their technical support they are using Filament’s Blocklet kit. With this kit, they can connect the vehicle to the system at ease.



The project is actually an Electronic Health Record worldwide and highly secure. In reality, it will definitely change the way healthcare deals with provider records and patient information. Thus, it will evidently increase security and portability.

Anyhow, the project will use Hyperledger Sawtooth to back up its platform. Moreover, with the help of the platform, you will get an efficient management system.

But along with the Sawtooth, they would also use Ethereum Smart contracts to streamline the payment process of the healthcare industry. Anyhow, it’s a great example of Sawtooth use.



Another cool Sawtooth example is company IntraEdge. With the help of Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake, they are gaining GDPR compliance needs at a rapid rate. For their technological backup, they are using Intel. Anyhow, their retail solution will surely help change the typical ways of the marketplace.

Other than this, they are also introducing a smart contract feature for the auditing issues. By connecting consumers with their retailers, they can streamline the retail process without any issues.

According to them, with the help of the platform, they can get a higher number of security, speed, and power. Moreover, it can open up new dimensions for their project.

Thus, it would be just the beginning of a more diverse change.


The Vanig Solution

The Vanig Solution is fueling their project with the help of Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake platform. In reality, they are using this platform for their supply chain and eCommerce solution that can track any component right from when the manufacturer develops devices and products.

The eCommerce project will also include auditing feature to make sure that all the product is authentic.

You will get many benefits for knowing where all the products come from such as –

  • Makes sure that all manufacturers can secure and identity all the products from the source.
  • Ensure more security for vulnerabilities.
  • Provide identification for every item.
  • Get rid of counterfeit issues.



Farmobile is actually a different kind of company that is using Hyperledger Sawtooth example. In reality, they offer the creation of ROI for farmers. With their unique farming data exchange platform, it’s evident that they would offer a more secure niche.

Furthermore, they also offer FARMOBILE DataStore℠ that brings in more transparency, trust, and traceability. With the help of their interactive buyer portal, you can easily select any land you want to buy for farming.

At present, there are over 1,000,000+ acres available for you to get your hands on. Another great feature is that you can choose to remain anonymous while you are selling your land.


Chapter-6: Hyperledger Sawtooth Course: Training And Tutorial

Hyperledger Sawtooth Training

Well, for Hyperledger Sawtooth training you are getting a lot of support from the company. According to them, they want to offer advanced skill for blockchain developers worldwide. So, with Hyperledger Sawtooth training, you are getting the full hands-on training facilities.

Other than this you will also get a professional certificate in Hyperledger Sawtooth training. And if you are working on a blockchain project based on Sawtooth, they would also foster open-source education and resources.

Anyhow, for the Hyperledger Sawtooth training they are actually offering professional assistance from Linux foundation. So, for the developers that want to get the best of the best training, they can certainly get it from here.

Another great thing is that at first, they are only offering two different courses to get you started. These are –

Blockchain: Understanding Its Uses and Implications

In this one, you’ll learn about what the blockchain actually is and how it can really transform the typical ways of the world. In reality, you’ll be evaluating how the different use case affects the platform and how an enterprise or other business can use this platform. Anyhow, this course is free to enroll.


Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies

This is a primer for every Hyperledger project. So, with this course, you’ll learn how specifically Hyperledger blockchain works and how can you develop or customize it.



With the partnership with Linux foundation, they’re offering a professional certification once you finish their Hyperledger Sawtooth training. At present, you’ll be a Certified Hyperledger Sawtooth Administrator (CHSA).

In the Hyperledger Sawtooth training, you’ll learn how to build the platform efficiently. You’ll also get multiple Hyperledger Sawtooth training on commercial deployment. This would include configuration, installing, managing, and other troubleshooting sessions.


Hyperledger Sawtooth Tutorial

Well, another great news for you is the Hyperledger Sawtooth tutorial. The enterprise blockchain platform Hyperledger would definitely amuse you for this. On their docs, they offer different kinds of setting up tutorials.

Basically, they would offer Hyperledger Sawtooth tutorial for setting up virtual development scenarios for the distributed ledgers VirtualBox and Vagrant. So, at the end of Hyperledger Sawtooth tutorial, you’ll be running a validator network and know exactly what your role is.

Moreover, you can run any kind of command in the Hyperledger Sawtooth tutorial using a Git Bash on Windows, Terminal.app on macOS, etc.


Hyperledger Sawtooth Tutorial Tools

But you’ll need some tools for the tutorials. These are –

  • VirtualBox (5.0.10 r104061 or later)
  • Vagrant (1.9.0 or later)

For Windows, you’ll need –

  • Git for Windows


Other than these you’ll also get access to tons of materials such as webinars, presentations in the Hyperledger Sawtooth tutorial. In reality, you can get these materials from their working group that’s for learning material development.

Obviously, all of the materials are updated frequently.

Moreover, you’ll get access to tons of videos and many other materials to help you with your learning curve. These videos are really helpful, and they show you step by step every single thing.

So, with the help of these videos, you can easily learn how the system works.


Chapter-7: Concluding Thoughts

Hyperledger Sawtooth definitely opens up a lot of new opportunities for the blockchain industries. Moreover, with the help of this platform, any enterprise can rapidly jump-start their blockchain platform.

With so many enterprises already using this platform, it’s definitely a fruitful project. With lighting fast setup and customization, it’s on a whole different level. Also, among all the Hyperledger active project, this one offer PoET, which is a robust consensus algorithm.

So, it’s much faster than other platforms out there. Anyhow, hopefully by now, you know everything about Hyperledger Sawtooth. As it’s a rising star on the market now, you should definitely give it a shot.