Blockchain has transformed the conventional perspectives on the future of trade, the global economy, and ownership in the last decade. If you look closely, the concept of blockchain revolves around creation of a distributed ledger. Another popular example of distributed ledger technology, i.e.,  Hedera, has been gaining traction in recent times. To keep you updated, we’re adding another valuable learning resource to our collection of learning resources on 101 Blockchains

The new Hedera fundamentals course launched recently on 101 Blockchains is a great tool for anyone who wants to learn distributed ledger technology beyond the scope of blockchain. The Hedera hashgraph has been a popular layer 1 distributed ledger focused on driving the future of crypto adoption. Let us show you the details of our new Hedera course and why it is important for every individual interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

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Why Should You Learn about  Hedera?

The first thing you need before choosing a Hedera basics training course would be an overview of the significance of  Hedera. Transaction data remains in a specific string of blocks verified by nodes on the network in a blockchain. All the recorded blocks in a blockchain must be associated with the previous block. 

It is important to note that invalid copies of the chain are excluded, thereby resulting in a single biggest trusted chain for transaction history. On the other hand, Hedera fundamentals would show you that the popular Hedera Hashgraph works as a Directed Acyclic Graph network. Therefore, the hashgraph consensus mechanism enables free and random communication among the nodes, thereby creating a graph of transactions. 

The working of Hashgraph involves functioning as a consensus algorithm and a data structure with the facility of two distinct types of nodes. You can find two distinct types of nodes, such as mirror nodes and consensus nodes, in the Hedera Hashgraph distributed ledger. The necessity to learn  Hedera becomes evident in the fact that it aims to become a multi-faceted solution for businesses, individuals, and governments. You must also note the role of consensus nodes in the Hedera network, which offer credible access to transactions and fair mechanisms for sequencing timestamps. 

Hedera Fundamentals Course

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The new Hedera Fundamentals by Kranthi Kalagara (Data Expert & DLT Enthusiast) and Yuri Ostapchuk (Software Engineer) is an indication of our initiatives for helping our learners with an updated learning resource. You can develop a detailed insight into the  Hedera distributed ledger and identify an in-depth explanation for the working of  hedera. 

The course is presently available as a Members Only course on our website and offers a beginner-level content. Another interesting highlight of the course refers to the duration of the course, amounting to just over 3 hours. Here are the important learning objectives you can achieve with our new Hedera training course launched recently. 

  1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of Hashgraph and how it works.
  2. Building the necessary skills and knowledge for communicating the details of hashgraph to your colleagues, clients, and senior executives.
  3. In-depth impression of different use cases, applications, and governance implications pertaining to Hedera Hashgraph.
  4. Establish your identity as a Hedera Network Services expert. 

Our new Hedera course is open to any individual interested in learning about an alternative to blockchain networks. As a member of 101 Blockchains, you wouldn’t have any trouble accessing the training course. You don’t have to fulfill any specific prerequisites for joining the new Hedera Fundamentals course launched by 101 Blockchains. 

However, prior experience in blockchain technology and familiarity with basic blockchain terminology can support your learning experience in the course. Professionals, senior executives, decision-makers, innovation managers, and a wide range of other individuals could enroll in the course on Hedera Hashgraph

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Topics Covered in  Hedera Fundamentals Course

The new Hedera basics course is a trustworthy choice for anyone who wants to know about  Hedera. Here is an outline of the different topics we have covered in our new course on basics of  Hedera. 

  1. Explanation of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and related terminology
  2. Overview of the Hedera Hashgraph distributed ledger
  3. Coverage of Hedera Governance and Applications
  4. Ecosystem and use cases of Hedera Hashgraph
  5. In-depth assessment of Hedera Hashgraph services

Other than these topics, our new Hedera fundamentals course launched for you also features additional learning resources. You can also notice the facility of hands-on labs for helping learners familiarize with the concept of  Hedera. 

How Can  Hedera Fundamentals Course Help You?

Our new course has been tailored to help you learn  Hedera with better learning outcomes. We can help you familiarize with more than just the basics of  Hedera with the following value advantages. 

  • Top-of-the-Class Training

The first advantage for learners in our latest Hedera fundamentals course launched for you is the assurance of an expert instructor. Our new training course on Hedera Hashgraph features insights by an industry expert, which help you learn about Hedera Hashgraph without any technical jargon. You can familiarize with the topics and their meaning effectively before diving into technicalities. 

  • Additional Learning Resources 

The facility of additional learning resources in our Hedera training course gives you the opportunity to improve your learning experience. Our course also entitles you to webinars and conferences, which can help you learn the important topics you need during the course. In addition, the hands-on labs also contribute plausible improvement in how you learn about the concepts of  Hedera. 

  • Expert Support

Apart from the expert instructors, you can also have expert support personnel ready to answer your doubts anytime. You don’t have to worry about being stuck on a specific lesson for long as our subject matter experts respond to your queries in a timely manner.

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Bottom Line

The new Hedera fundamentals course launched on 101 Blockchains is your gateway to new and distinct learning opportunities. How? It offers insights into a distributed ledger technology other than blockchain networks. On top of it, the learning outcomes and content of the course serve critical value advantages for anyone interested in learning  Hedera. 

The new course gives you an opportunity to learn everything about  Hedera, including the fundamentals of distributed ledger technology. You can develop your knowledge about the ecosystem of Hedera Hashgraph and Hedera Hashgraph services. We provide the assistance of expert instructors and support personnel alongside the benefit of flexible learning to all learners. 

Come and explore the details of our new course on Hedera Fundamentals on 101 Blockchains now. 

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