We’re glad to bring another entry into the blockchain courses and certifications for our beloved learners with our AWS Blockchain as a Service course. The Getting Started with AWS Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) training course is here to introduce you to a whole new world of career possibilities. Blockchain is everywhere, and so is the cloud! 

What if you can use the power of both together? Predictions suggest that corporations all over the world would spend almost $20 billion annually on blockchain technical services. In addition, the end-user expenses on public cloud services showcased a growth of almost 18.4% in the year 2021. So, let us take you on a tour of our new course on blockchain as a service on AWS.

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Getting Started with AWS Blockchain as a Service Course

Getting Started with Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) on 101 Blockchains is a fundamental level course to help you understand the different blockchain services you can find on AWS. Basically, it can help you gain in-depth insights into what is Blockchain as a Service and how blockchain works on AWS. Since AWS is a leading cloud provider, it is reasonable to find better prospects for deploying blockchain applications on containers or virtual machines. 

Candidates for the course could learn BaaS with detailed coverage of EC2 alternatives, Managed Blockchain service, AWS Blockchain Templates, and the AWS Blockchain Partners Marketplace. Since it is a fundamental level course, you don’t have to worry about any specific prerequisites to get started. 

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Target Audience for AWS Blockchain as a Service Course 

Now, let us take a look at the target audience for our new blockchain as a service course. The AWS Blockchain as a Service training course is ideal for the following individuals.

  • Aspirants looking for a scope to enhance skills and knowledge about Blockchain as a Service or BaaS
  • Professionals seeking new opportunities for development, deployment, and management of blockchain frameworks for enterprises
  • Blockchain practitioners interested in developing expertise for setup and configuration of services on AWS
  • People who want to gain more information about different alternatives on AWS for tasks related to blockchain
  • Individuals who want to improve their skills as an enterprise blockchain professional alongside expanding the scope for their professional development in a technical blockchain-based role

Basic Information about BaaS on AWS Fundamentals Course

A detailed understanding of the objectives of our new BaaS on AWS course could also clarify its functionality. The Getting Started with Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) course could help candidates in achieving the following objectives. 

  • Understanding of the fundamentals of Blockchain as a Service or BaaS
  • A detailed comprehension of the fundamentals of AWS and AWS services alongside AWS Blockchain services
  • Learning about deploying various blockchain applications on AWS
  • Developing expertise and knowledge for making the right decisions regarding blockchain applications like professionals

The course will follow an online delivery format with real instructors providing an explanation for different topics in the course. The total duration of the course is more than two hours and offers profound flexibility in learning.

Learners could easily make the most of the course presentation to access the learning materials such as videos in the course. As a result, you can have unlimited access to the course materials for better learning. Subsequently, the duration of the course provides a formidable advantage to learn BaaS quickly.

What Will You Get in the Blockchain as a Service on AWS Course?

Apart from the basic details, the most important information to know about our new BaaS on AWS course is the course content. The blockchain as a service course on 101 Blockchains will help you cover the following concepts and topics.

  • Comprehensive conceptual understanding of blockchain as a service
  • An in-depth explanation of AWS basic concepts such as IAM and virtual machines
  • Expertise in methods for blockchain deployment such as Hyperledger or Ethereum on AWS
  • Understanding of issues in BaaS such as billing and pricing
  • A detailed impression of various alternatives for blockchain on AWS
  • Noticeable insights regarding Managed Blockchain services on AWS
  • Fluency in the different options among AWS Blockchain Templates

Learners could also find additional lectures and bonus materials with the Getting Started with Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) course. The additional lectures in the course could serve as the ideal resources for enhancing the practical blockchain knowledge of learners.

At the same time, the course also features bonus materials such as extended interviews with industry experts in the domain of blockchain technology. Learners could not only understand the theoretical underpinnings of blockchain as a service on AWS but also the impact it has in practical contexts. Furthermore, the course also includes access to exclusive online events of 101 Blockchains like the live blockchain webinars.

Why Choose Our New AWS BaaS Course?

101 Blockchains has been continuously trying to elevate the benchmarks of blockchain education and training. We have introduced the new blockchain as a service course to help aspiring blockchain practitioners discover the functionalities of blockchain on AWS. Now, you must be wondering about the value that you can get with this course. Here are some of the prominent reasons for choosing our new AWS Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) training course.     

  • The First of Its Kind  

Our new “Getting Started with Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)” course is one of a kind that reflects on blockchain applications on cloud platforms. The uniqueness of the course presents a promising approach for blockchain professionals to widen their skillset.

  • Access to Industry Expertise and Knowledge

Industry experts with prolific experience in working with BaaS solutions across various fields have crafted the course. As a result, you can find out trusted learning materials to improve your knowledge about AWS services for developing, deploying, and managing blockchain applications.

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Final Words

So, it is quite clear that our new course on Blockchain as a Service on AWS has promising potential. Learners could depend on the course for improving their specialization as a blockchain developer or solutions architect. The use of BaaS could help developers in optimizing their resource usage alongside improving cost efficiency. 

Therefore, you can capitalize on various promising career opportunities if you learn BaaS. Over the years, we have developed a strong portfolio of blockchain courses and certifications to empower learners and aspiring blockchain practitioners. In the long run, we aim to introduce new courses that can help you discover the unique things you can do with blockchain. Register for our new blockchain as a service on AWS training course right now!