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We are thrilled to announce that we have been honored as the winner of the “Best Education Software Products” in G2’s Annual Best Software Awards 2024. It is a privilege for us to be one of the top entries in a G2 list. The G2 Reviews are proof of our consistent efforts towards ensuring user satisfaction.

“We are extremely grateful to our beloved learners and our community. You have helped us emerge as a leader in blockchain education and research. The achievement of 101 Blockchains in the best education software products list by G2 is a testament to our dedication. We invest continuous efforts towards bringing blockchain training closer to you”, said 101 Blockchains’ CEO Aviv Lichtigstein.    

He added, “The Annual G2 Awards have honored us with a position among the best education software products for offering professional courses and accredited certifications. We credit our G2 Award to our supporters and valuable team members who have helped us navigate different challenges.”

Let us explain in more detail our latest achievement in the G2 Annual Awards 2024.

G2 Annual Best Software Awards 2024

G2 announces its Best Software Awards for 2024 in the following categories,

  • Best software products
  • Highest satisfaction products
  • Fastest-growing products
  • Small business products
  • Mid-market products
  • Enterprise products

The G2 Award 2024 includes different categories of software awards, such as,

  • Best Software Companies
  • Best Software Products
  • Best Software by Function

101 Blockchains has achieved a unique feat in the list of “Best Software by Function” for the “Education Products” category. G2 emphasizes the classification of software by function for different types of products, such as,

  • Analytics products
  • Accounting and finance products
  • Collaboration and productivity products
  • Commerce products
  • Customer service products
  • Content management products
  • Development products
  • IT infrastructure products
  • Security products
  • Project management products

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The Significance of G2 Best Software Products List 

G2 is one of the most popular software marketplaces, with a massive user base of more than 60 million. The 101 Blockchains achievement in the G2 Best Education Software Products list for 2024 shows that we proved our importance in this competitive market. It is a marker of our effectiveness in delivering blockchain education and career growth for our learners. G2 is a credible online platform that helps users identify and review the best technology platforms and products. It can help users and businesses reach their true potential.

The annual list of Best Software Products by G2 evaluates the top 100 products in a specific domain. We have made it to the top of the education software products list by performing according to our market presence and weighted satisfaction scores. G2 calculates the product score for every category. 

Subsequently, G2 combines the scores to create the overall score of the product. G2 also includes the different Best Software Product reports based on the parameters of highest satisfaction, fastest growth, and segment leader. Vendors have to meet the important threshold of 50 reviews to become eligible for the best education software products list.

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What does our achievement in the G2 Best Software Products List mean?

G2 has announced the list of the Best Education Software products for 2024. The best software list includes the top software sellers and service providers listed on G2. We have achieved a spot in G2’s Best Education Software Products 2024 among the top education software sellers.

We have fulfilled all the requirements for becoming a part of the best education software list. First of all, we have been listed under the ‘Online Course Providers’ category. The categories focus on products that have been tailored to enhance the quality of a learner’s learning environment, automation of learning assessment, and the quality of curriculum distribution. 

Some of the most popular categories in the best education software products list include digital learning platforms and language learning platforms. In addition, learning management systems, learning experience platforms, and virtual event platforms have also found a place in the annual G2 Best Software list.

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The Importance of this Achievement 

The most important reason to emphasize the 101 Blockchains achievement in the G2 education software products list is the growing preference for blockchain and web3 training. We are a top performer in many G2 Reports with credible rewards to our credit, such as “Momentum Leader” and “High Performer” tags. Our rank in the list of best education software products is proof of our success in helping learners familiarize themselves with blockchain and web3 and boosting their careers.

101 Blockchains has been constantly working towards the development of new and effective training courses and certification programs on blockchain and web3. The recognition by G2 as one of the best online course providers for 2024 shows that we have become a leading provider of training courses in blockchain technology. 

The G2 Award is a step forward in our journey towards continuous improvement as a leading provider of blockchain courses and certification programs. We have been coming up with new courses and certifications with the additional benefits of accreditation and industry recognition.

Our achievement in the G2 Award 2024 has marked another accolade in the collection of our accomplishments. The recognition as one of the best education software products is based on our performance and quality of training resources.

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Final Words

We are proud to have registered our name as one of the top entries in the list of top education software products in G2. The recognition is important for our team at 101 Blockchains as it encourages us to deliver better products to our users in every scenario. The latest G2 Award in our portfolio not only enhances our reputation but also fuels our motivation to elevate the quality of our courses even further.

Within the past year, we have come up with new training courses and certifications on blockchain and web3 concepts. On top of it, we have also registered promising improvements in employee development and social outreach. Furthermore, recognition from a credible platform such as G2 also enhances the credibility of our training platform. Learn more about our training courses and find new ways to build your career in blockchain and web3.

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