The sporadic growth of artificial intelligence has created multiple opportunities worldwide across different sectors. For example, AI is responsible for the benefits of automation for labor efficiency and accurate healthcare diagnosis. However, the use cases of AI have created ethical concerns. We have launched the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence course to help you learn the best practices for ethical AI implementation.

What is ethical AI, and why has it become an essential concern for modern technology? According to a 2021 survey by IBM, around 85% of consumers believe ethics are essential in AI use cases for fighting against societal issues. On the other hand, less than 20% of executives believe that their company practices and initiatives for ethical AI align with their values and principles. 

Awareness regarding the importance of ethical AI has emerged as a prominent necessity for organizations interested in AI. The new Ethics of AI course by Joe Holbrook (Senior Instructor) gives you an ideal training resource for familiarizing yourself with the essential requirements to implement ethical AI. Let us show you some more information about the Ethics of AI course and its value advantages for learners.

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Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Course 

The advantages of ethical AI have been one of the notable factors underlying the demands for adopting ethical AI. However, ethical or trustworthy AI can do more than earn the trust of stakeholders and mitigate risks. Around 75% of senior executives believe that ethics can serve as a promising instrument for competitive differentiation. In addition, about 67% of businesses believe that ethical AI could help them ensure better social responsibility and sustainability. 

The new AI ethics course launched on 101 Blockchains offers valuable insights that’ll help you understand the significance of ethical AI. On top of it, you can use the course to familiarize yourself with standard ethical frameworks and principles for AI implementation. Furthermore, this course helps you understand the implications of bias, security concerns, privacy issues, accountability, and governance in AI. Most importantly, this training course also enables you to specialize in the critical considerations for policy design and regulations associated with ethical AI.

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Target Audience for the Course 

The Ethics of AI course helps you familiarize yourself with the principles and best practices for ethical AI implementation. You will learn ethics of artificial intelligence with a comprehensive understanding of best practices for data collection and use of AI tools. Anyone interested in learning about the importance of ethics in AI could choose the training course for becoming an expert in ethical AI implementations. On the other hand, the Ethics of AI training course can also deliver promising benefits to the following groups.

  • Business owners and decision-makers can rely on the AI ethics training course to identify ethical avenues to AI adoption.
  • IT professionals and senior executives could use the Ethics of AI training course to identify the essential areas for improving trust in their AI solutions and AI transformation initiatives. 
  • Compliance and regulatory personnel can utilize the Ethics of AI course to understand the evolution of ethical principles for AI. 
  • Beginners in AI should also use the Ethics of AI training course to learn how ethics work for AI implementations. 

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Basic Information about the Course

The Ethics of AI course is a self-paced professional training resource that could help you specialize in one of the crucial aspects of real-world AI implementations. You can use the AI ethics course launched on 101 Blockchains to understand important elements of ethical AI comprehensively. Here are the primary learning objectives of the new training course on ethics in AI.

  • In-depth understanding of the significance of ethics in AI, ethical principles, frameworks, and pressing challenges.
  • Comprehensive awareness of concerns regarding bias, security, governance, transparency, privacy, and accountability in AI.
  • Knowledge regarding the important implications and future development of policy and regulations associated with ethical AI.

The basic information about the new Ethics of AI course launched on 101 Blockchains creates curiosity regarding the lessons. What are the topics you would learn in the Ethics of AI course? Interestingly, 101 Blockchains has included a broad set of topics and concepts regarding ethics in AI with the following modules.

  • Fundamental concepts of AI ethics, ethical frameworks, principles for responsible AI, and challenges. 
  • Development of responsible AI with accountability, transparency, governance, fairness, and lack of bias.
  • Ethical data management with AI risks and mitigation strategies and responsible data collection and usage.
  • Impact of AI on society and ethics in job displacement and automation. 
  • Ethical AI leadership and important elements for developing ethical AI policies. 

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Reasons to Choose the Ethics of AI Course 

The impact of AI on society and the global economy serves as a major reason to learn ethics of artificial intelligence and its practical implications. You can choose the Ethics of AI course for the following value advantages.

  • Learning with Experts

The foremost reason to choose the new Ethics of AI course is the guidance of an expert. You can use the Ethics of AI training course to learn about responsible AI development from the perspective of an experienced instructor. The real-life examples, demos, and hands-on videos cited by the instructor, alongside their interactive approach toward every lesson, improve your learning experience. 

  • Effective Support Mechanism

We are always prepared to solve learners’ problems in the ethics of AI course. You can ask any question about the AI ethics training course through quickly accessible channels to find the correct answer. The support mechanism of 101 Blockchains is highly responsive, and you don’t have to be stuck on one doubt for days.

  • Comprehensive Course Design

The most noticeable advantage of the ethics of artificial intelligence course is the design of the course. The course has different modules focused on the primary learning objectives, such as an introduction to AI ethics and responsible AI development. In addition, the course also includes lessons on privacy and security in AI alongside the social and ethical implications of AI.

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Bottom Line

The rising levels of AI adoption across different industries have led to debates about the ethical concerns of AI implementation. You can rely on the Ethics of AI course launched recently on 101 Blockchains for learning the skills required to implement AI responsibly. On top of it, the training course also helps you in reviewing the social and ethical influence of AI. The Ethics of AI training course also enables you to familiarize yourself with the essential parameters for policy development and the future direction of AI.

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