In today’s article, we will answer “What is Titanium Blockchain? Titanium Blockchain is one of the promising blockchain projects out there. It is a distributed ledger platform that aims to solve the current infrastructure services. Currently, there is plenty of Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers. They claim to provide excellent and reliable scalable services. 

Some of the examples include Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. But, none of them use the capabilities of the blockchain.

Titanium Blockchain aims to do just that. They want to provide virtual infrastructure to both individuals and business using blockchain.

Not only that, they aim to provide with shock-proof internet infrastructure. It will be reliable, scalable and secure. In short, they are trying to create a shockproof distributed network infrastructure.

The above solution is known as Titanium Blockchain. Titanium aims to replace the current internet infrastructure. The old infrastructure is inefficient and bloated at the same time.

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Titanium blockchain can change how the internet works. They have already completed their Pre-ICO and ICO phases.  Currently, it is being currently traded in the market. They raised $35 million in their ICO.

What is Titanium Blockchain?

As we already mentioned, it is trying to build a “better” internet. But, how will it achieve it? The idea is to connect every network device to their blockchain. That means everything will be virtualized. Things such as routers, network devices or even mining rigs will be virtualized. They will exist in the interconnected cloud.

So, what problem does it solve?

It eradicates the need for physical hardware.

To achieve it, Titanium Blockchain will offer multiple services. They are

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  2. Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  3. Company as a Service (CaaS)
  4. CryptoEscrow.
  5. TBIS Titanium Exchange

Let’s go through them one by one.

Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS): Infrastructure as a Service is a way to provide virtualization service. It acts as infrastructure that provides routers, servers, and switches. They are network-based components.

Desktop as a Service(DaaS): DaaS aims to provide an encrypted personal computing environment within the Titanium blockchain.

By doing so, it will provide its users a terminal to its users so that they can access its services. The whole connection would be completely encrypted.

They will use SHAKE256 Titanium Sponge algorithm to ensure security on the blockchain. They will also use with Titanium Hydra Ultra Fault Tolerance Suite. All these techniques are completely proprietary and unique to the Titanium Blockchain.

Company as a Service (CaaS): This service component will give the users the ability to create and manage business creation tools. The service will be fast, simple and secure.

All the business creation tools will be automated and handled using smart contracts.

A company can deploy complete business suite with the help of the Company as a Service(CaaS).  The smart contracts can be used to automate many tasks.

For example, it can be used for bank account creation, filing trademarks, hiring new employees, and much much more!

CryptoEscrow Service: CryptoEscrow will act as a payment medium for users to buy online services. The user can use any cryptocurrency to make the payment successful.

The merchant will only receive them after the buyer receives the described product or service.

TBIS Titanium Exchange: The exchange will also be the part of the Titanium Blockchain. It will be used to provide users the ability to buy cryptocurrency using major fiat currencies. Pair trading will also be supported.

BARS – The utility token to fuel the Titanium Blockchain

To make the whole blockchain work, Titanium BAR will be used. It is a utility token and will act as a currency within the Titanium Blockchain. So, if any individual or user wants to buy services, they can do it with BAR. The number of BAR tokens is limited to ensure healthy circulation.

Where does it all lead us?

Titanium Blockchain’s prospects do look exciting. The pre-ICO and ICO were successful. However, the current price of the BAR token has dropped down to all-time low.

The reason behind its drop is due to adverse market conditions and speculations surrounding the future of the project. They are under heavy pressure and currently being scrutinized by SEC.  Read more about it herehere.

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