IoT, or Internet of Things, has come up with many interesting advancements over the course of recent years. The value-based advantages of IoT devices have offered significant improvements in many sectors. For example, remote patient monitoring in healthcare and asset monitoring in supply chain management. If you want to learn the skills required for IoT engineer, you must have decided to pursue a career in IoT

However, it is important to understand the prospects for career development as an IoT engineer and resolve your doubts. Some of you might have concerns such as “Is IoT a good career option?” which can result in misconceptions. The following post helps you fight off the different types of doubts about career opportunities as an IoT engineer. Most important of all, it will help you learn the important skills required for becoming an IoT engineer.

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Why Should You Learn Skills Required for IoT Engineers?

The field of IoT might seem like an uncharted domain to beginners. The thought of complex networks and algorithms can appear as formidable challenges for learning important IoT skills. You should also learn about critical IoT engineer skills for capitalizing on the growth predicted for the IoT market. Estimates by the International Data Corporation indicate that the global IoT market could become a $1.1 trillion industry in 2023. 

On top of it, the number of IoT-connected devices could cross 15 billion in 2023. Some of the biggest industries using IoT in large-scale projects include healthcare, energy, construction, transportation and manufacturing. 

The massive scale of growth in the global IoT market creates different types of job vacancies for IoT professionals. As one of the most relevant technologies for the future, Internet of Things would open the roads for new job opportunities. The awareness of skills for IoT engineer could help you prepare an effective plan for pursuing your career development journey. 

The continuously growing number of IoT devices suggests the possibility of a rise in demand for skilled IoT engineers to develop and manage them. Over the next few years, you can expect radical growth in the number of IoT engineer job positions.

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What Are The Important Skills Needed for IoT Engineers?

The average annual salary of an IoT engineer is around $132,660 and could go up to $145,100, depending on various factors. With such lucrative salary estimates, it is reasonable to find guides on how to become IoT engineer and establish a promising career path in IoT. At the same time, it is also important to know the job for which you would learn the skills. 

How does an IoT engineer work? The primary task of an IoT engineer is to work on development, management and monitoring of IoT networks and devices. The three basic elements of IoT engineer skills required for the job role focus on data, research and technology. Here are the most popular and essential skills you need to become an IoT engineer.

  • Programming Skills

Programming skills are one of the most common yet significant entries among the requirements for IoT engineer jobs. You could consult with professional IoT experts and learn how programming experts can help you boost your IoT skills. Programming fluency helps you prove that you are a professional in the field of IoT. 

The answers to “What skills are required to become an IoT engineer?” in the case of programming would direct you towards JavaScript and Python. The two programming languages are the existing favorites in the domain of IoT. You need to work on your skills in these two programming languages to create IoT solutions. 

Python offers a high-level programming language for creating flawless application logic. On the other hand, JavaScript is useful for developing a secure and scalable backend infrastructure for IoT systems.

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  • AutoCAD

The list of skills needed for an IoT engineer also includes AutoCAD. The quantity and complexity of IoT devices have been increasing consistently at a staggering pace. Therefore, organizations involved in IoT projects need adaptable software technologies to support IoT development initiatives.

AutoCAD is one of the most essential skills required for IoT engineer jobs. It helps in addressing the requirements of different IoT engineering use cases. AutoCAD helps in introducing necessary changes in the design of smart devices and IoT products during different stages of product development lifecycle.

IoT engineers need skills in AutoCAD to ensure hardware standardization alongside personalization of IoT solutions. Therefore, AutoCAD expertise is a vital highlight in the professional portfolio of an IoT engineer.

  • IoT Hardware 

The Internet of Things relies explicitly on ‘things’ or objects which are connected to the internet. However, the ‘things’ themselves reveal many other hardware components underlying their design. The important IoT engineer skills emphasize the candidate’s knowledge of the IoT-embedded hardware system. Engineers must have in-depth knowledge about working of IoT hardware components and their placement in the overall IoT solution architecture. 

IoT engineers must also have a detailed impression of the expected tendency of IoT-connected devices and their underlying components. In addition, the skills for IoT engineer jobs should also emphasize understanding how IoT hardware components respond to different conditions. Furthermore, IoT engineers must also learn about the flow of data through IoT hardware. On top of it, aspiring IoT engineers must also have comprehensive knowledge of the Android and iOS platform ecosystems.

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  • Sensors 

The domain of IoT has been successful in catering to business objectives in different industries with the help of sensors. Sensors have emerged as a viable solution for improving the efficiency of automated IoT solutions. Sensors have the capability to exchange live data to target devices, thereby enabling better and more accurate monitoring. You cannot find answers to “What skills are required to become an IoT engineer?” without the mention of sensors. The arrival of different types of sensors in IoT networks has created transformative changes in different industries. 

As an aspiring IoT engineer, you need a fluent understanding of the design of sensors and their working. You must also know about the best practices for integration of sensors in an IoT-based architecture. IoT engineers must develop an in-depth understanding of wireless solutions alongside embedded systems and their roles in IoT networks. 

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

IoT engineers also need the skills for making IoT systems better with increasing scale of applications. The essential IoT engineer skills required in AI and machine learning prove how the two technologies are important for IoT. When IoT systems grow, they encounter increased levels of complexity. The increasing complexity implies the necessity of managing tasks and autonomous decisions through AI. 

Artificial intelligence skills can serve a massive difference in career opportunities for an IoT engineer. At the same time, machine learning algorithms could support AI systems in increasing the autonomy of IoT networks. Almost every guide on how to become IoT engineer highlights the importance of machine learning and AI as they can make IoT solutions ‘smarter.’ Most important of all, IoT engineers must have the skills to use AI and ML to improve data analytics.

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  • Node.js Development

The next addition among essential skills required to become an IoT engineer points to Node.js development. Node.js is the most important development environment for creating server-side applications and managing connected devices. Therefore, responses to “What skills are required to become an IoT engineer?” also emphasize Node.js development skills. Many companies utilize Node.js for IoT app development as it is open-source and accessible to everyone. 

Node.js also offers a stable framework with multiple features for enhancing IoT app functionalities. Some of the popular companies, such as Netflix and PayPal, use Node.js. 

  • Big Data

Another formidable entry in the list of skills needed for IoT engineer jobs refers to Big Data. The growth of IoT solutions also implies proportionate changes in the volumes of IoT data collected from sensors and connected devices. Therefore, skills required for IoT engineer roles also invite attention toward fluency in Big Data management and analytics. IoT projects need professionals capable of ensuring collection and organization of massive IoT data repositories. At the same time, IoT engineers must also ensure filtering of relevant insights from the data through analytics. 

The skills for IoT engineer in Big Data analytics should also involve working with AI to obtain faster and more efficient data insights. Employers are more likely to prefer IoT engineers with skills for developing algorithms that can facilitate effective organization of data.

  • Security 

The threats to security of IoT networks imply the necessity of skills in information security for IoT engineers. If you want to become an IoT engineer, you must have the skills to take care of the security of an IoT network or device. The IoT engineer skills required for information security have emerged as a foremost necessity in the face of security threats. For example, vulnerabilities in IoT application logic or physical vulnerabilities in IoT endpoints can create security concerns. 

As a professional IoT engineer, you need to learn how to implement the best practices for vulnerability assessment. The IoT engineer skills for ensuring information security would also include monitoring password security. At the same time, IoT engineers must also focus on balancing usability and security.

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  • Distributed Cloud Computing 

One of the most noticeable advantages of IoT networks points to edge computing or processing data near the source of generation. Similarly, centralized cloud platforms also offer comprehensive frameworks for IoT data computing. The answers for how to become IoT engineer would focus on distributed cloud computing for bringing edge computing and cloud computing together. 

An IoT engineer must have the capability to use distributed cloud computing frameworks for designing IoT networks. Distributed cloud computing can help IoT solutions adapt to the needs of processing in different use cases.

  • UI/UX Design 

The security aspect of IoT also draws the limelight towards usability, which subsequently focuses on user interfaces and user experience. You should learn IoT engineer skills required in UI/UX design to ensure that more users engage with the IoT solution. User-friendly IoT devices could also simplify the management of security settings for IoT networks. 

Therefore, IoT engineers need an in-depth understanding of best practices for responsive web design and user experience principles. Most important of all, IoT engineers should have the skills to collaborate with IoT developers to improve UI and UX of IoT solutions. 

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The essential skills needed for IoT engineer job roles showcase the scale of efforts required to work as IoT engineers. Internet of Things has come up with many interesting job roles. However, the role of an IoT engineer is probably the most comprehensive one. As an IoT engineer, you would not only develop IoT solutions but also manage and monitor them. 

The comprehensive responsibilities of IoT engineers imply the necessity of diverse skills for IoT engineer jobs. You can start learning about IoT fundamentals and develop your fluency in the essential technologies for becoming an IoT engineer. Find the most reliable learning resources and certifications on IoT and boost your career right now.

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