The internet played a huge role in helping people all over the world connect with each other. Many years later, we are wondering about the possibilities of the Internet of Things or IoT, a massive network connecting different devices together. In view of the increasing popularity of IoT and continuous requests from learners, here we bring the new IoT fundamentals course. 

The new course aims to help learners get in touch with all the basic concepts regarding the Internet of Things or IoT. At the same time, the course is a gateway into the practical examples of IoT implementations across various sectors. The following discussion helps you discover all details about the new IoT fundamentals course. 

As of now, there are over 10 billion active IoT devices, and estimates indicate that the number would easily cross the 25.4 billion mark in 2030. In addition, IoT solutions have the capability to generate almost $4 trillion to $11 trillion worth of economic value by 2025. With so much potential associated with the IoT landscape, we decided to come up with a course to help you learn all the IoT basics effortlessly. 

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Introducing IoT Fundamentals Course

The new IoT Fundamentals course on 101 Blockchains has been created specifically for introducing learners to the world of the internet of things. Internet of Things is transforming enterprise applications in a completely new way, never imagined before. With the introduction of the Internet of Things, many businesses and individuals were able to discover seamless possibilities for improving conventional processes. 

Now, the possibilities of integration between IoT and blockchain technology also create notable prospects for blockchain professionals to leverage IoT. This course not only helps you learn IoT but also supports you in identifying the business value contributed by IoT. Most important of all, learners could familiarize themselves with the real-world applications of IoT along with the interplay between blockchain technology and IoT. 

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Target Audience for the IoT Fundamentals Course

If you want to learn internet of things, then this course is a suitable pick for you. A detailed impression of the suitable audience for this course could help you measure your readiness for this course. Here are some of the eligible categories of individuals for this course.

  • Individuals who seek a detailed understanding of the fundamentals of Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Professionals who want to discover the in-depth implications of IoT for business in various industries
  • People who are eager to know and understand the opportunities, challenges, risks, and requirements associated with IoT implementation
  • Blockchain professionals aspiring to improve their skills in IoT development for expanding the scope of their technical knowledge
  • Individuals focused on the creation of new and innovative IoT solutions based on the capabilities of blockchain 
  • People seeking new avenues for professional development with expertise in the basics of IoT

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Objectives of the IoT Fundamentals Course

The basic information regarding the course on IoT basics for beginners on 101 Blockchains could help learners in familiarizing themselves with course objectives. The new training course could help you learn the internet of things easily by focusing on the following objectives.

  • In-depth understanding of the fundamentals of IoT basics        
  • Detailed overview of practical examples of IoT implementation in different industries and use cases
  • Comprehensive understanding of opportunities, prerequisites, challenges, risks, and possibilities associated with the world of the Internet of Things
  • Insightful learning of the interplay between blockchain technology and IoT

The course helps in learning IoT basics for beginners alongside offering a viable platform for them to leverage IoT benefits. Learners could go through the different fundamental concepts of IoT alongside its applications in enterprise use cases. 

What will You Get in the IoT Fundamentals Course?

The IoT Fundamentals training course is a reliable instrument that can help all learners explore different lucrative career opportunities related to the Internet of Things. Here are some of the notable aspects covered in the new IoT training course on 101 Blockchains.

  • A detailed explanation of the Internet of Things fundamentals
  • Insights into the opportunities, possibilities, challenges, risks, and requirements for IoT implementation
  • Practical examples of IoT applications across various industries
  • In-depth understanding of the technology stack needed in the development of IoT-based applications
  • Illustration of IoT application opportunities on the basis of smart products as well as data collection for crafting relevant and productive IoT enterprise applications
  • A comprehensive reflection on the concerns of security and data privacy related to IoT applications
  • An in-depth overview of the association between blockchain technology and IoT

Learners could find many other resources to learn the internet of things with this course, such as complimentary lectures and videos. The demo videos could help you understand the practical examples easily. In addition, engaging, interactive exercises by a professional instructor with industry experience in IoT ensure the delivery of quality training. 

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Why Choose the IoT Fundamentals Training on 101 Blockchains?

101 Blockchains has emerged as a prolific player among other platforms involved in technical training and certification. The initiative of 101 Blockchains for introducing the new course on basics of IoT can provide the following value advantages.

  • Understanding of the Value of IoT

Learners could get a detailed understanding of the value of IoT for business applications through this training course. The course offers unique ways to understand how IoT applications can transform conventional business processes. Most importantly, learners could know about the opportunities and risks associated with IoT applications directly. 

  • Engaged Learning Experience

The foremost advantage of choosing 101 Blockchains to learn IoT would point towards the comprehensive and interactive learning experience. You could learn from an industry expert in IoT. Most important of all, our subject matter experts are always ready to support you at all times with your doubts. 

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Bottom Line 

If you are trying to find a suitable course for learning about the IoT (Internet of Things), then you should try out the new IoT Fundamentals training course on 101 Blockchains. The course is not just a fundamental-level course for learning IoT terminology and basic concepts. 

As a matter of fact, the course offers promising insights into different ways of using IoT for business value. In the long run, the Internet of Things would become a dominant force in the world of tech. Therefore, professionals with IoT expertise can be valuable assets for an enterprise. Start learning more about the Internet of Things to know how it relates to blockchain!