Planning to pursue a blockchain certification to level up your career? Here’re the top 10 blockchain questions with detailed answers that you should know before enrolling for a blockchain certification.

Blockchain technology offers a unique system for carrying out transactions without the scope for reversal or modification. Parties could engage in digital transactions on the internet with high security, albeit without the involvement of any third party. As the popularity of blockchain continues to increase, enterprises are considering the adoption of this futuristic technology.

Subsequently, the demand for skilled blockchain professionals has increased, thereby leading to increased attention on blockchain certification. The choice of certification and the potential future of your career in blockchain are quite interrelated to each other. Therefore, it is reasonable to have some clarity on certain questions to avoid any confusion at later stages. 

Apart from the fundamental blockchain questions, aspiring enterprise blockchain professionals could have many certification-related questions. The proper resolution of such questions is essential to foster the confidence of aspirants in appearing for blockchain certifications. The following discussion helps you discover the answers to the top questions you might have before taking a blockchain certification course. If you want to build your career in blockchain, then read on to find answers to your doubts. 

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Questions You Must Know Before Pursuing a Blockchain Certification

The popularity of blockchain is escalating gradually, and so is the interest of people and enterprises in the technology. Many enterprises are seeking enterprise blockchain professionals in different roles to support their digital transformation. You could also capitalize on the opportunity to become a certified blockchain professional and reap exceptional career benefits. However, there are many questions which trouble aspirants with respect to blockchain certifications. Here are some of the commonly asked questions by candidates pursuing a blockchain certification course.

1. What are the general prerequisites to enroll for a blockchain certification?

One of the first questions that come up when you want to pursue a blockchain certification deals directly with prerequisites. Candidates are generally worried about the specific prerequisites for the different certification exams. However, you don’t need to fulfill any special requirements unless mentioned for a specific blockchain certification course

With the fundamental knowledge of blockchain concepts, you can try entry-level certification courses easily. For example, once you complete 101 Blockchains free blockchain course and learn the fundamentals, you can easily enroll in the CEBP certification. On the other hand, advanced and intermediate-level certification courses might require specialized knowledge in certain areas such as decentralized applications or smart contracts. Generally, candidates are required to have fluency in the following areas to have better chances at certifications for blockchain-based roles. 

  • Distributed systems and networking
  • Data structures
  • Cryptography
  • Blockchain security
  • Distributed ledger expertise
  • Interoperability
  • Capability for driving business outcomes

certified enterprise blockchain professional

2. How will a blockchain certification help in elevating my professional career?

A certified blockchain professional could access a wide array of lucrative employment opportunities in present times. The most important thing about certification is the value it brings by communicating the efforts of a candidate directly. However, earning the certification is not a guarantee for obtaining the job role or pay stub you wanted so dearly.

On the contrary, you have to work on identifying opportunities to boost your professional blockchain career with your certification. The interesting news for aspiring blockchain professionals is the facility of digital certificate badges. Many certification providers have introduced the feature of digital credentials that people and potential employers could verify easily. 

Aspiring blockchain professionals could use the digital badge for showcasing their credentials on their CVs. The digital badge could also be integrated into the LinkedIn profile, thereby enabling better visibility of your profile. Make sure that people know about your achievement with the digital badges for your hard-earned certificates.

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3. What is the validity of a blockchain certification?

One of the most notable additions among queries other than blockchain questions in the minds of aspiring certification candidates refers to validity of the certification. Candidates want to find out the validity of the results of their efforts in achieving a specific certification. Will it be valid for a few years or for a lifetime? 

As a matter of fact, certifications are not anything like a license or a degree. We have been witnessing rapid advancements in the field of blockchain over the years. With a radically changing business environment, blockchain certifications upgrade objectives from time to time for adapting to new environments. 

The value of certified professionals is higher because of the need to work on the renewal of certifications. You have to renew your certifications at a specific interval of time to keep them updated. Lapsed certifications would basically hold no value as employers could not be sure of your capabilities for the existing job roles and responsibilities. However, the best thing is 101 Blockchains certifications come with the unlimited, lifetime validity.

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4. How will the blockchain certification enhance my CV?

The benefits of a blockchain certification for your CV are beyond any doubt. Certifications can add value to your CV by highlighting your proven expertise and knowledge in blockchain. Most importantly, certifications on your CV showcase your worth as a valuable asset for the employer. Blockchain certifications serve as critical highlights in the professional portfolio of an aspiring candidate. Certifications highlight the specific skills an individual has for addressing the business objectives of the employer by leveraging blockchain technologies. 

The next most crucial value advantage of adding blockchain certifications to your CV refers to the abilities of the candidate to explain blockchain concepts to business executives. Even if blockchain has gained prominent levels of attention in recent times, enterprise executives are still struggling with blockchain concepts. A candidate with a blockchain certification on their CV might be the best choice for such enterprises to familiarize with blockchain easily.

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5. Does the blockchain certification create value for multiple job roles?

The different types of blockchain certifications available presently are targeted towards various significant enterprise blockchain roles. At the same time, one of the top blockchain questions that come to the mind of aspirants is the value of certifications for different roles. Do you want to be a blockchain developer? You can pursue the blockchain developer certifications. Do you want to work in the domain of security? You could choose the enterprise blockchain security certifications in this case. 

However, if you are looking for more than roles in development and security, you need to know that blockchain has been crucial in transforming various conventional enterprise processes and operations. Blockchain certifications could create value for multiple job roles by strengthening your knowledge in different emerging technical concepts. Certifications could ensure that you are fluent in cryptography, distributed systems, and decentralized application development.  

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6. Does the certification program include the related training program?

Most of the blockchain certifications include an accompanying blockchain certification course to help candidates prepare for the exam. On the other hand, there are many concerns regarding the effectiveness of the certification training programs. For example, you can find the training courses for blockchain certifications on certification and training platforms such as 101 Blockchains. 

Since the platform itself offers the certification and related training program in one place, it is reasonable to expect promising effectiveness in training for the certification. However, you need to be careful in the selection of the related training program for specific blockchain certifications. 

First of all, you have to ensure that the certification training course covers all the important certification exam objectives. In addition, the training course must have expert instructors with the facility of interactive exercises and real-world practical exercises. Furthermore, the training program must also offer the support of subject matter experts at all times during your learning journey.   

7. How much time will I get to complete the certification? 

The time for completing a specific blockchain certification varies according to the certification provider. In most cases, you would get around one to two months to complete the certification. For example, 101 Blockchains offers the CEBP certification, which you can complete in 5 weeks, along with the training course. It is important to remember that blockchain certifications require specialized training for all the exam objectives. You would need to invest a lot of time in completing all the exam goals comprehensively. 

Furthermore, the time required for completing the training course also extends with the focus on practical use cases and interactive exercises. Furthermore, candidates would also need practice tests as a valuable method for determining how well they are prepared for the exam. The proper use of the time invested in preparing for your desired certification could lead to successful results in certifications.  

8. Will I get expert support for my queries after enrolling in the blockchain certification?

The concerns of support with a blockchain certification course are also one of the prominent highlights candidates would look for before enrolling for a certification. Blockchain is a new concept and a challenging one indeed. So, you would need the best expert support at your disposal at all times while preparing for blockchain certifications. It is also important to remember that the learning preferences and comprehension capabilities of people differ considerably. So, many candidates are likely to come across doubts regarding concepts that they can’t understand or the ones which are too complicated. 

In such cases, the support of a subject matter expert can play a crucial role in resolving the troubles of candidates. Subject matter experts have profound levels of knowledge in the specific domain of blockchain covered in the certification exam objectives. The insights of subject matter experts can offer some credible insights to support your preparations.

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9. What is the average salary of a certified blockchain professional?

The salary of a certified blockchain professional is one of the prominent doubts of candidates before enrolling for blockchain certifications. As of now, the lucrative salary estimates for certified blockchain professionals are one of the foremost reasons for pursuing blockchain certifications. 

It is important to note that the certification does not guarantee a lucrative salary package for the certified candidates. On the contrary, you would have to develop experience in the specific enterprise blockchain role of your choice. The breadth of experience of a certified candidate plays a crucial role in achieving prolific salary estimates for certified blockchain professionals. 

In addition, the salary of a certified blockchain professional also differs considerably according to the location of the job. Furthermore, the salary of blockchain professionals with certifications differs considerably according to the job role. For example, the annual average salary of blockchain developers is around $120,748.     

10. Is it good to go for a blockchain certification while I’m a fresher?

Almost everyone who has achieved success in their respective fields was once a beginner or a fresher. The list of blockchain questions in certification exams can be quite intimidating for a fresher. However, you can overcome your initial apprehensions and use the resources at your disposal to prepare for the exam. You should go with blockchain certifications that come with relevant and comprehensive training courses. Furthermore, make sure that you choose a training course with qualified industry experts and instructors. 

A fresher could start small by covering the fundamental topics on blockchain before proceeding towards training. The guidance of experts and the commitment to build your blockchain career can work wonders. With the right amount of effort and dedication, even a fresher could qualify for blockchain certifications with utmost ease. Just find the right platform and get started with blockchain training to tailor a lucrative blockchain career path.

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Final Words 

The different types of blockchain questions you should know before enrolling for blockchain certifications give you a credible advantage. How? You could learn the answers to some common doubts regarding blockchain certifications. For example, you can know what to do with your certification once you have earned it. In addition, you could also learn about the actual value of the certification for your career in blockchain

Furthermore, the technical questions also test the depth of your knowledge on blockchain before you try to attempt certification. Clearing all your doubts before the certification exam not only gives you a boost in confidence but also for your career aspirations. Find the best enterprise blockchain certifications tailored to your career goals with 101 Blockchains right now. The three different enterprise blockchain certifications on 101 Blockchains could give a new shape to your career. Learn more about them and reinvent your career.

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