The last few years have been excellent for the cryptocurrencies as thousands of new coins have been introduced in the market. Some of them have garnered the attention & interest of the investor, however, others faded away too quickly. The two cryptocurrency coins that have accumulated the unprecedented success are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Their success has encouraged many enthusiasts to invent in new ICO’s in the crypto world.

Here is the list of top 5 ICOs that successfully managed to attract investors on a large scale

The list is based on the cumulative return since trading started

1. Stratis

Cumulative Return = 25,000% (Coin Age: 22 Months)

Stratis This product is being developed by U.K based startup that works mainly in C# and ASP.NET and as a result, this product appeals to many veterans. The platform lets businesses from around the world to test, create, and deploy custom applications without setting up or maintaining the infrastructure. Hence, in a way, it is blockchain for dummies. Stratis until now has recorded a max growth of 54.98% in a day and all time high of $22.66.
Website Link =
Social Media Details = TwitterFacebook, Reddit, GitHub, Telegram, YouTube
Market Cap = $357,589,938 USD, 52,550 BTC
Circulating Supply = 98,890,202 STRAT

2. NEO 

Cumulative Return =24,000% (Coin Age: 21 Months)

NEO Could Be The Strongest Cryptocurrency Of 2018

While the Ethereum is trying to overpower the Bitcoin, the Chinese cryptocoin NEO has gained attention in the world of crypto. It is considered to be one of the top ICO’s of all time. The ICO has all the reasons to get investors on the board because it has got the backing of the Chinese government and other giant organizations such as Microsoft and Alibaba. The NEO uses smart contracts that make it one of the promising ICO’s in the crypto world. The value of the coin has till now reached an all time high of $196.85 and recorded 115.88% as max growth in a day. Some other information include:-
Website Link =
Social Media Details = Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Reddit
Market Cap = $3,038,503,000 USD, 446,111 BTC
Circulating Supply = 65,000,000 NEO
Total Supply = 100,000,000 NEO

3. Ethereum 

Cumulative Return = 18,500%  (Coin Age: 34 Months)

Top 5 ICOs -Ethereum Purpose

Ethereum now holds the position of second most recognized & valuable cryptocurrency in the world.  The team who built this ICO and Vitalik Buterin wasn’t aware at the early stage that this cryptocurrency would revolutionize the cryptocurrency world. Ethereum uses the ledger technology for the development of the decentralized applications. Ethereum, recorded a growth rate of 32.19% in a day that helped it to reach an all time high of $1,432.88.
Website Link =
Social Media Details = Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, GitHub
Market Cap = $53,946,632,338 USD, 7,920,417 BTC
Circulating Supply = 99,992,646 ETH

4. Ark 

Cumulative Return = 5,600% (Coin Age: 15 Months)

Top 5 ICOs -What is Ark? The lightning-fast ecosystem of the project allows other cryptocurrencies to integrate into its project blockchain. The blockchain based decentralized project has team members from 11 countries. After a significant rise in Bitcoins, any platform that helps in integrating these technologies are bound to make money and the case is similar with Ark too. It reached an all time high of $10.92 and during its ICO, it noticed a max growth of 88.60%.
Website Link =
Social Media Details = Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, GitHub,  YouTube
Market Cap = $228,554,277 USD, 31,503 BTC
Circulating Supply = 103,113,550 ARK
Total Supply = 134,363,550 ARK

5. Spectrecoin 

Cumulative Return = 2,300% (Coin Age: 17 Months)

Top 5 ICOs - What is Spectrecoin? It is also one of the most popular cryptocurrency ICO available in the market. The privacy policy focused cryptocurrency ignited a lot of controversy in the market but it also helped this coin to win the trust of the investors. This ICO helps investors to receive and send coins from the different part of the world without revealing their identity. Due to its nature of operation, the development team behind this cryptocurrency remains underground. They are untraceable and the value of anonymity in the world of cryptocurrency is enormous. Spectrecoin ICO resulted in a growth rate of 63.36% in a day that helped it to reach an all time high of $6.74.
Website Link =
Social Media Details = Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, GitHub, Telegram
Market Cap = $5,468,686 USD, 755 BTC
Circulating Supply = 20,785,264 XSPEC


*Disclaimer:  The article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. Claims made in this article do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such. Do your own research!