The development of blockchain without smart contracts seems like an impossible dream. However, smart contract security is one of the most burning issues for the blockchain community. 101 Blockchains brings you the opportunity to learn smart contracts security fundamentals and the best practices with a professional training course.

According to the Global Web3 Security and AML Report 2022, the blockchain field witnessed more than 167 notable attacks. The financial burden of the attacks amounted to almost $3.6 billion, which is nearly 47% higher than the previous year. 

Some of the notable vulnerabilities in blockchain include user vulnerabilities, data vulnerabilities, and API or Oracle vulnerabilities. However, smart contract vulnerabilities stand at the top regarding security risks for blockchain and web3. Let us show you how our new smart contracts security training course on smart contract security can help you.

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Smart Contracts Security Course 

Smart contracts are the foundations for many blockchain and web3 solutions. The new smart contracts security course by Gimer Cervera (Ph.D. Blockchain Engineer) helps you learn about the best practices to safeguard vital assets from security risks. You can take the example of the DeFi sector to determine the necessity of learning about smart contract security risks.

One of the biggest DeFi exploits in 2022 was that of the Binance Bridge, which resulted in a loss of $570 million. Smart contracts are also responsible for facilitating different types of crypto transactions. Therefore, smart contract security has emerged as one of the top priorities in the world of blockchain and web3.

Smart contracts are nothing else but code, which opens them to vulnerabilities due to errors in syntax or logical errors. The new smart contracts security training course could help you familiarize yourself with other notable vulnerabilities of smart contract security. For example, you can learn about flash loan attacks, reentrancy attacks, and oracle manipulation.

The training course gives you practical insights into using tools and frameworks to evaluate smart contract development workflows. Upon completing the training course, you will learn how to create web3 applications with more substantial security infrastructure.

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Target Audience for the Course

Is the new smart contract security course the right pick for you? Any individual who wants to learn the best practices for blockchain smart contract security should choose this course. On top of it, the smart contracts security course also serves as a valuable learning resource for other learners. Here is an outline of the target audience groups for the new smart contracts security course by 101 Blockchains.

  • Software developers or software engineers working on projects featuring smart contracts should choose the smart contract security training course. 
  • The course can also prepare IT professionals for smart contract security in digital transformation projects which leverage smart contracts. 
  • Entrepreneurs and innovation managers can learn smart contracts security principles and practices for creating new ideas to safeguard blockchain and web3 solutions.
  • Web3 and blockchain developers should also choose the smart contract security course for developing secure applications.

Certified Blockchain Security Expert

Basic Information about Smart Contracts Security Course

The smart contracts security course is a self-paced, professional online course to help you prepare for the development of secure smart contracts. How does it help learners? The learning objectives of the smart contracts security training course could help you find the answer. Here are the essential learning objectives of the smart contracts security course.

  • In-depth knowledge of critical smart contract vulnerabilities and security threats.
  • Specialization in the use of vital tools and frameworks to evaluate the best workflow for smart contract development projects.
  • Learning the skills for web3 application development with better security infrastructure. 

Another important highlight in the new smart contracts security course launched on 101 Blockchains is the list of topics covered in the course. The training course offers lessons in different modules, demos, and hands-on videos, which help you connect the dots effortlessly without missing any topic. Here is an outline of the modules covered in the smart contracts security course.

  • Fundamentals of Ethereum
  • Smart contract vulnerabilities
  • Best practices for developing secure smart contracts
  • Smart contract security testing tools
  • Fundamental concepts of smart contract audits

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Reasons to Choose the Smart Contracts Security Course

The increasing demand for web3 and blockchain security professionals is one of the prominent reasons for choosing the smart contracts security course. As the interest in web3 adoption continues growing, professionals will seek adequate training resources that will help them specialize in smart contract security. Let us look at the reasons to choose our new smart contracts security course.

  • Unique Training Course

One of the most convincing reasons for choosing our new blockchain smart contract security course is that it is the first course on smart contract security, along with demos and hands-on videos. You can explore the fundamentals of Ethereum and smart contracts alongside familiarizing yourself with the best practices for secure smart contract development. On top of it, the course also features insights into auditing and testing tools for smart contracts.

  • Expert Training and Support

The new smart contracts security course will help you learn how to secure your smart contracts with lessons from experts. On top of it, learners can also present their queries to experts for quick responses to doubts regarding topics in the course. The assurance of responsive support helps learners with an uninterrupted learning experience. 

  • Flexible Learning Experience 

Another prominent feature of the smart contracts security training course is the benefit of flexible learning. You can complete the training course at your own pace without the fear of adhering to deadlines. As a result, you could understand each concept in the course with attention to the most intricate details.

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Bottom Line

The new smart contracts security course is a vital tool in your web3 and blockchain skill set. In this course, you will find lessons on smart contract security that have been tailored to help you specialize in the development of secure web3 solutions. Most importantly, you will learn smart contracts security with the help of practical demonstrations and real-world examples. As a result, you would find the best opportunities for implementing your smart contract security skills in real use cases.

Learn more about smart contracts security and its value advantages by enrolling in the smart contracts security course.

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