Accreditation is an important requirement for testing the effectiveness of every educational institution, program, or certification. You must have come across the term ‘accreditation’ in higher education. The curiosity regarding accreditation role in blockchain certification has been growing higher as the demand for blockchain certifications continues increasing. Therefore, it is important to understand the meaning of accreditation and what it means for blockchain certifications. You should uncover the benefits of accreditation in blockchain certifications for students and the authority issuing the certification.

Blockchain is a new technology, and it continues to improve with each passing day. As the demand for new blockchain roles emerges, the rise of new blockchain certifications is imperative. Therefore, it is important to consider the value benefits of accreditation for blockchain certifications to pursue your desired career paths in blockchain. Let us learn more about accreditation and how it helps in elevating the value of blockchain certifications.

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What is Accreditation?

The first thing you must learn to find the value of an accredited blockchain certification is the meaning of accreditation. Interestingly, you can find multiple definitions of accreditation, depending on the context. The most common theme in all the meanings of accreditation in literature points to ensuring a high quality of education.

Accreditation represents the status offered to an educational institution, training platform, course, or certification that meets certain criteria of quality. Different educational institutions and programs seek accreditation voluntarily from non-governmental bodies. The authorities offering accreditation to educational institutions or programs evaluate the courses or certifications offered by the institution on the basis of different parameters.

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What is the Objective of Accreditation?

The next aspect of accreditation draws attention to its objective. Why do you need accreditation in the domain of education and professional training? The role of accreditation in certification would revolve around two distinct objectives. First of all, accreditations help provide an assurance of quality of the institution, training program, or certification. On the other hand, accreditations also help in ensuring improvement in the institution, training course or certification program.

It is important to note that accreditations are not similar to certifications or licenses. Certifications and licenses are rewarded to individuals rather than institutions or professional courses and certification programs. The review of accreditation benefits in blockchain certification also points to the scope of accreditation authorities.

Institutions that offer accreditation to blockchain certifications might be national, regional, or international in scope. The institutions focus on each institution or training platform that achieves and maintains the certification. Any specialized body that offers accreditation for blockchain certification programs to prepare them for blockchain jobs must have professional associations in blockchain and web3

Educational institutions and professional training platforms rely on accreditation through a common process. The process for accreditation begins with an evaluation of the training platform or certification program, after which an evaluation team checks the certification program. Subsequently, a central governing body would review the certification and take the final decision about the program. Interestingly, different accrediting authorities have come up with different procedures tailored to their unique circumstances. Most of the accrediting authorities utilize educational outcomes as a criterion for evaluation of blockchain certification programs.

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How Do Accreditation Authorities Evaluate Blockchain Certifications?

You can find the answers to “Which certification is best for blockchain?” by reflecting on different factors. For example, you would check whether the certification serves any value advantages, such as helping you prepare for a specific job role or enhancing your blockchain expertise. However, accreditation is probably one of the distinct highlights of a certification that might draw your attention immediately.

Accreditation authorities follow a comprehensive evaluation procedure to determine the effectiveness of blockchain certifications for learners. The review of the common pattern followed for accreditation of educational institutions, training courses and certifications shows a glimpse of the working of accreditation procedure. 

Accrediting authorities would take different characteristics of a blockchain certification for the accreditation procedure. The authorities focus not only on the educational benefits or outcomes of the certification but also evaluate other characteristics, such as its ability to contribute to the professional development of learners. You can find more insights on accreditation role in blockchain certification by exploring the ways in which accreditations also measure the professional development journey of learners.

Such types of criteria help in encouraging learners to embark on a journey of continuous professional development. Rather than ending your journey after qualifying for a blockchain certification, you can look forward to new learning outcomes in the future. On top of it, the platform issuing the certification would strive to improve the certification in accordance with emerging trends.

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Parameters for Accreditation of Blockchain Certifications

You can understand the role of accreditation in certification with a look at the different parameters used by accrediting authorities for awarding accreditation. Here are some of the notable criteria a blockchain certification must fulfill to achieve accreditation.

  • The certification must have a specific set of learning objectives. 
  • You should find the required resources with the certification course for accomplishing the learning outcomes. 
  • The blockchain certification should provide tangible proof of the fact that you have achieved the learning outcomes from the certification course. 
  • Another important criterion for an accredited blockchain certification is the assurance of continuous professional development.

Accreditation authorities encourage continuous improvement of the certification training course through periodic evaluations. The periodic evaluations could help in identifying the areas where the certification excels and potential areas that require improvements. As a result, the certification provider could create effective plans for addressing the essential improvements. It is important to note that any certification has the potential to offer more effective learning outcomes. The scrutiny of accreditation authorities helps certification providers identify their strengths and weaknesses. 

How Can Accreditation Help in Professional Development?

The most common reason to seek a blockchain certification is professional development. You would need a certification to build your career in blockchain. It provides recognition for your skills to address the responsibilities of specific blockchain job roles. However, the accreditation benefits in blockchain certification help in taking the recognition to a new level.

How? Accreditation could focus on a specific aspect of the outcomes of a blockchain certification, and that aspect could be professional development. Accredited certifications could prove that you have invested efforts and time in improving your blockchain skills. Specialized accreditation ensures that the accreditation requirements focus on specific resources in certification for professional development. 

The value benefits of specialized accreditation also involve the measurement of traits of the certification program to determine the overall quality. Any certification that has not been accredited must follow the accreditation requirements as their objectives for improvement. On top of it, professional accreditation authorities also offer the advantage of assistance for continuous improvement of the certification programs.

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What are the Benefits of Accreditation for Learners?

You can understand the value of accreditation for blockchain certification from different perspectives. As a learner, you need to explore the benefits of accreditation for your professional development. The review of the accreditation role in blockchain certification shows that it is targeted towards quality assurance and improvement of certification programs. Here is an overview of the different benefits of accreditation in blockchain certifications for learners.

The assurance of evaluation by an external authority for accreditation of blockchain certifications ensures that it conforms to the expectations in the field of blockchain. 

Learners can find the answers to “Which certification is best for blockchain?” by checking for an accreditation. It shows that the certification provider has followed pre-defined activities to ensure improvements in professional blockchain certifications.

The next important value advantage of accreditation for blockchain certifications is the continuous improvement of the certification courses. How does the improvement help learners? The enhancement of certification training courses would reflect the emerging changes in knowledge and trends in blockchain landscape.

Accreditation for blockchain certification courses ensures that they have satisfied the requirements for meeting the objectives of learners. For example, accreditation verifies that the certification course has prepared you for addressing the roles and responsibilities of certain blockchain job roles. 

The benefits of an accredited blockchain certification for learners also point to the additional recognition associated with the accreditation authority. An accredited certification would work as a prominent proof of your blockchain expertise. Most important of all, it would showcase the commitment you have invested in preparing for a specific blockchain job role or learning a special skill.

Most important of all, accredited certifications could help learners overcome their initial apprehensions about pursuing a career in blockchain. The decision to switch to a career in blockchain and web3 can be difficult for learners. However, an accredited certification provides a mark of trust that can improve the confidence of aspiring professionals. For example, the assurance of professional recognition from industry leaders with accredited certifications encourages learners to pursue their desired career paths in blockchain.

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How Does an Accreditation for Certifications Help the Blockchain Landscape?

Accreditation for blockchain certifications serves as a major highlight for improving the quality of professional development for learners. On the other hand, blockchain certification providers can also achieve benefits for ensuring continuous growth. Here are some of the most noticeable benefits of accreditations for blockchain certification providers.

The continuous scrutiny of accreditation benefits in blockchain certification ensures that the certification provider goes through self-evaluation. It helps in creating ideal strategies for improving blockchain certification courses.

The insights of the accreditation authority could also provide additional stimulus for improving the certifications. Certification providers can also capitalize on professional guidance from the accreditation authority to ensure that the certification courses adapt to emerging trends.

One of the most prominent advantages of accreditation for blockchain certification providers is the assurance of safeguards against external modifications in the course. Accreditation ensures credible recognition for the program quality, which also serves advantage for gaining an institutional reputation. On top of it, learners also prefer an accredited certification as the first choice for pursuing career development. 

The outline of the reasons that validate accreditation role in blockchain certification also points to the opportunity for participating in special programs. It can serve as a mark of excellence for professional development in the blockchain ecosystem. Employers in the blockchain and web3 landscape look up to accredited certification programs as the first indicators of excellence in blockchain skills.

Accreditations could help the blockchain landscape by setting benchmarks for professionals who want to work in different blockchain job roles. Accredited certifications would ensure that learners have passed the highest criteria of expertise in different aspects of blockchain technology. For example, an accredited certification for blockchain architects showcases that the candidate has passed stringent tests for achieving the certification. Therefore, accreditations can help in introducing the best professionals in the blockchain labor market.

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Where Will You Find Accredited Blockchain Certifications?

101 Blockchains accredited blockchain certification programs

The search for an accredited blockchain certification could lead you to 101 Blockchains. It is one of the only platforms in the world which offers accredited blockchain certifications to safeguard your professional future. 101 Blockchains offers 8 certifications which have been accredited by the CPD Certification Service, UK. Each accredited certification carries certain number of hours of CPD credit that marks your effort invested in continuing professional development. The Certified Fintech Expert (CFTE)™ Certification offers 18 hours of CPD credit while the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP)™ and Certified Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE)™ Certification offer 13 hours of CPD credit. You can avail 10 hours of CPD credit from the other five popular certifications such as,

How Will Accreditations Serve Blockchain Labor Markets in Future?

Accreditations for blockchain certifications could offer a promising boost to blockchain labor markets. Apart from the induction of skilled professionals in different roles, the role of accreditation in certification for blockchain experts would set up a new synergy. Accreditations could bring blockchain professionals, industry leaders, instructors, and learners on the same page for following the goals of professional development. On the other hand, accreditations could also provide a unified approach for improving practical skills of blockchain professionals. It can serve as a promising tool for adapting to the emerging trends in web3 and blockchains.


The outline of value advantages of accredited certifications for blockchain professionals shows that accreditation offers more than quality assurance. As the demand for blockchain certifications continues growing, it is difficult to identify the best certifications for career growth. On the other hand, an accredited blockchain certification could serve as a mark of the candidate’s effort to improve their blockchain expertise for specific job roles.

The comprehensive procedures followed by accreditation authorities and the parameters involved in the accreditation process ensure that blockchain certifications serve as credible proof of blockchain expertise. In addition, accreditations also ensure continuous improvement of the certification programs, which contribute to the career growth of learners. Find more about the value advantages of accredited certification programs in the domain of blockchain and web3 right now.

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