Non-fungible tokens created a first-of-its-kind revolution in the world of technology. We welcome you to join this new revolution with our new NFT developer course launched for all our beloved learners. The NFT development course is a technical course that helps you learn the best practices for creating NFTs. On top of it, the course also helps you learn the methods for developing NFT marketplaces.

The new NFT developer course by Gimer Cervera (Ph.D. Blockchain Engineer) helps you explore the existing state of the global NFT marketplace to understand the importance of NFT marketplaces. You can become an NFT developer with expertise in creating your own NFT marketplace with in-depth knowledge of important security considerations. This training course also features hands-on training with demos and interactive exercises alongside examples that help you become a pro in NFT development. Let us show you how the new NFT development course helps learners boost their careers.

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The NFT Development Course 

The first highlight of our new NFT Development course launched recently is the emphasis on the practical development of NFT solutions. It does not focus on the description of fundamental topics like NFT use cases or the definition of NFTs. On the contrary, this course helps you learn NFT development with the help of examples so you can create real NFT projects. You will learn about NFT fundamentals, NFT use cases, and NFT storage in one module of the NFT Development course so you get the basics right.

Another important highlight of our new NFT development training course is the focus on the ideal environment setup for NFT development. This training course helps you learn about the essential requirements for NFT development.

For example, the training course helps you learn how to set up your Metamask wallet. You will also learn the best practices for Hardhat configuration to develop NFTs. In addition, the NFT development course helps you learn about the ideal steps for setting up layer 2 blockchain networks. On top of it, this training course also helps learners familiarize themselves with best practices for NFT security. Learners can also leverage the course for an in-depth understanding of NFT vulnerabilities

The most unique highlight of the course for learners is the opportunity to learn about NFT marketplace development. It includes a detailed guide on web3 NFT marketplace development with an outline of the methods for adding listing and purchasing functionalities in the marketplace. Furthermore, the NFT Development course also focuses on training in the best practices for implementation and testing of NFT standards. This training course also covers valuable insights into the facility of lazy minting on NFT marketplaces.

Certified NFT Professional Certification

Target Audience for the Course 

The latest NFT development course launched on our platform is a promising choice for any aspiring web3 professional. It is an ideal choice for professionals who want to achieve specialization in NFT development. A clear overview of the target audience for a specific course helps in understanding how the training course will help each group of learners. Here is an outline of the specific groups of learners who are likely to benefit more from the course.

  • Software developers and engineers can learn NFT development to improve their professional portfolios with invaluable technical skills.
  • Innovation managers and entrepreneurs could rely on this training course to develop the expertise required to transform NFT-based product ideas into real solutions. 
  • Professionals who want to become NFT developers and build a career in web3 can use this course to ensure comprehensive skill development.
  • IT professionals can utilize this course to gain the knowledge required to experiment with new ways of utilizing non-fungible tokens.

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Basic Information about the NFT Development Course 

The NFT development training course is a self-paced course that helps you learn the methods and the best practices for creating non-fungible tokens. You might have doubts regarding the topics in the training course and how they can help you become an expert in NFT development. Here is an outline of the important learning objectives of our new NFT Development course.

  • Specialize in NFT development with skills for using Solidity, layer 2 solutions, Hardhat, and the best practices for incorporating NFT token standards. 
  • Achieve a comprehensive understanding of critical security considerations and the tools for generating NFT solutions. 
  • Learn the important steps for web3 NFT marketplace development and lazy minting in NFTs.

The new training course on NFT development aims to help you achieve these learning objectives with the help of detailed lessons. With the new NFT developer course launched recently, you get extensive modules covering all the important objectives of this training course.

  • The fundamentals of NFTs, NFT use cases, and storage for NFTs. 
  • Best practices for setting up Metamask wallet, Hardhat environment, and layer 2 blockchain networks. 
  • Implementation and testing for ERC-1155 and ERC-721 token standards. 
  • NFT security best practices and notable vulnerabilities in NFTs.
  • An introduction to lazy minting. 
  • Best practices and methods for NFT marketplace development. 

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The Reasons to Choose the NFT Development Course 

The NFT Development course launched on our platform is a credible tool that ensures you develop professional expertise in NFT development. Here are some of the notable reasons to choose our new NFT Development course.

  • Practical Expertise 

The first reason to choose our new NFT Development course is the opportunity to become an NFT developer with the right skills to fulfill real-world job responsibilities. You will find hands-on training and interactive exercises in this training course, which prepare you for real-world responsibilities in NFT development.

  • Think Out of the Box

This training course not only helps you learn how to create NFTs but also the best practices for creating NFT marketplaces. It serves as a reliable NFT marketplace development course with a detailed outline of methods for incorporating essential and advanced functionalities in NFT marketplaces.

  • Responsive Support 

The most promising reason to choose this training course by 101 Blockchains is the assurance of responsive support. No matter what type of question you have, our experts will reach out to you within hours or even minutes to solve your doubts. We believe that each learner should have a seamless learning experience to achieve the best learning outcomes from our training courses.

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The new NFT Development course launched recently on 101 Blockchains is a testament to our continuous efforts in delivering professional web3 and blockchain training. It is a flexible training course that helps you learn NFT development alongside effective methods for creating NFT marketplaces. The NFT Development course stands out with its broad set of modules, which cover essential topics required for creating non-fungible tokens. Explore the details of the new NFT Development Course and find out how it can help you right now.

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