Blockchain technology has skyrocketed to popularity within a very short period of time. Many blockchain platforms have emerged as promising solutions for developers seeking opportunities to create decentralized applications. Furthermore, the applications of blockchain platforms have also helped many people and institutions in managing their assets on virtual platforms. 

Ethereum is one of the widely used blockchain platforms for diverse applications in the world of blockchain. So, how can you monitor the tasks and processes happening on an Ethereum network? The answer, in this case, would point you towards Ethereum blockchain explorer

The following discussion helps you understand the significance of a blockchain explorer and its functions. Most important of all, you could also find out a vivid impression of Ethereum or ETH block explorer and the data it helps in monitoring. In addition, the following discussion would also help you find out the best Ethereum blockchain explorer.

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Why Do You Need Blockchain Explorers?

Before you start looking out for a suitable ether blockchain explorer, it is important to know its definition. Many people confuse a blockchain explorer as a tool for using applications on a specific blockchain platform. On the contrary, a blockchain explorer actually works as a search engine for all transactions related to the concerned blockchain platform. Blockchain explorers help users in accessing various details associated with transactions on specific blockchains and wallet addresses. 

In technical terms, you can define blockchain explorer as a piece of software that leverages API and blockchain nodes for drawing different data points from the concerning blockchain. Subsequently, the blockchain explorer uses a database for arranging the collected data and presenting it to users in a comprehensible format. Users could enter their query in the explorer and discover organized data from the blockchain in tabular format.

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Functions of Blockchain Explorers

In the case of most applications, blockchain explorers help in searching and exploring data about recently mined blocks. Furthermore, they also help in finding out information about recently executed transactions. An ideal blockchain explorer will help you view a real-time feed of blocks during the mining process. It can also help in finding data associated with the blocks. In addition to these functionalities, you could also use a blockchain explorer like Eth blockchain explorer for the following tasks.

  • Exploring transaction history of any wallet address
  • Exploring double-spend incidents
  • Exploring the largest transaction of the day 
  • Navigating the orphaned and stale blocks
  • Finding out the receiving and change addresses
  • Exploring the details of genesis blocks
  • Reviewing transaction details such as fees of transactions, hash rates, blockchain difficulty, along with other important data
  • Identification of person or pool responsible for creating or mining a specific block

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To know more about blockchain explorer and its usage, check out this detailed graphic here-

blockchain explorer infographic

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What is Ethereum Block Explorer?

Now that you know about a blockchain explorer, you would obviously turn to the topic of blockchain explorer in Ethereum. The Ethereum block explorer serves as an interactive portal for data on Ethereum. With the help of block explorers, you could witness real-time data regarding blocks, accounts, transactions, miners as well as other activities on the chain. 

With a basic impression of the fundamental concepts related to Ethereum, you could easily navigate the data offered by block explorers. It is important to note that Ethereum supports transparency by design in order to ensure that everything is verifiable. Block explorers can offer the necessary interface for obtaining transparent information. Interestingly, block explorers can help you uncover data from the main Ethereum network as well as the testnets. 

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Types of Data Accessible through Ethereum Block Explorers

Prior to your quest for finding out the best Ether blockchain explorer, you should have an idea about the type of data you can get with them. Here is an outline of the different types of data you can obtain from a block explorer. 


Ethereum is a widely used blockchain network with new blocks added frequently at almost every 12 seconds. A reliable Ethereum blockchain explorer could help you uncover standard as well as advanced data pertaining to blocks. The standard data includes the following details.

  • Block height
  • Number of transactions 
  • Timestamp of transactions
  • Address of miners
  • Difficulty of mining a block
  • Size of data in the block
  • Reward awarded to miners for adding a block
  • Additional data included by miners in the block
  • Total units of gas consumed by transactions in the block
  • Limits of total gas for transactions in the block

The advanced data regarding blocks in an Eth blockchain explorer include the following,

  • Hash 
  • Nonce
  • Sha3Uncles
  • Parent hash
  • StateRoot

Uncle Blocks

Two miners could also create blocks at almost the same time. In such cases, uncle blocks are evident and allow validation for only one block. A blockchain explorer in Ethereum could help you uncover the following important details regarding uncle blocks.

  • Uncle block number
  • Time of occurrence of uncle blocks
  • Miner address
  • Block height where uncle blocks are created
  • ETH reward for creating the blocks


Ethereum block explorers can offer you clear and precise information about the use of Gas in transactions and blocks. In addition, they can also offer data regarding the current gas prices of the network. Some of the other gas-specific data which you can find with an ether blockchain explorer are as follows,

  • Estimated units of gas required for safe albeit slower transaction
  • Estimated units of gas required for average transaction 
  • Estimated units of gas required for faster transactions
  • Contracts which are consuming gas
  • Average confirmation time related to gas price
  • Frequent network users spending gas actively


Ethereum block explorers could also offer adequate flexibility for managing multiple accounts. They can offer the following data pertaining to account activity on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Account addresses
  • Tokens related to accounting along with their value
  • ETH value related to a specific account
  • Total value of the ETH in the account
  • Transaction history

In addition to information about blocks and accounts, the best Ethereum blockchain explorer options will help you discover additional data. The additional information might be related to smart contracts, tokens, network configuration, and transactions. The fundamental functionalities of the Ethereum blockchain can help you find the ideal Ethereum block explorer. You could set some essential benchmarks you expect to see in the block explorer of your choice. 

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Choosing the Best Ethereum Block Explorer

Any individual with an interest in knowing about the happenings on the Ethereum network would have to use block explorers. As it is clearly evident by now, block explorers are highly useful tools for checking the state of the Ethereum network. At the same time, you could also use block explorers to find other details such as contract calls, individual transfers, and other details. When you are looking for an Eth blockchain explorer, you may come across many plausible tools available for free. 

However, the availability of block explorers without any costs does not undermine their effectiveness. Block explorers require a considerable amount of time and financial investments for maintenance and development. So, which one can be a helpful choice for your needs to monitor your applications and transactions on Ethereum? Let us take a look at the top options to find out.

      1. Etherscan


If you search for the best Ethereum blockchain explorer, then you are likely to come across the name Etherscan. It is actually the original and, most important of all, the best block explorer for the Ethereum blockchain. Etherscan helps you check almost everything with deep dive into details of mined blocks, addresses, and transactions. 

In addition, users could also explore the benefits of many other exciting features such as checkers for DEXs, gas, and nodes. Users could also get the facility of interesting charts and statistics on Etherscan effectively. The portal offers a simple and easy-to-understand interface for viewing what goes in and out of an address. Furthermore, it also helps you check status, block height, transaction cost, gas stats, and other details for each transaction. 

Etherscan is also a trusted Ethereum blockchain explorer as it offers a comprehensive list of tokens. The token list could help in the verification of different assets launched on Ethereum alongside obtaining insights into other details. The other details include volume, top holders, ICO data, price history, exchanges, circulating supply, and other information. 

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      2. Ethplorer


Another profound entry in the list of best Ethereum block explorers is Ethplorer. Developed under the Everex team, Ethplorer is an exciting ether blockchain explorer for various plausible reasons. The most striking feature of Ethplorer refers to the chart that helps in tracking the equivalent dollar price of your address balance. In addition, it also showcases the transfer volume clearly as an added detail. 

Users could explore the majority of the key information pertaining to tokens. You could easily view the token balance in your address along with the price variations. However, you would not find any descriptions or links to information about tokens. Users could find a profile for each token which allows them to check the ‘pulse’, an indicator of the price alongside on-chain transaction count. 

      3. Etherchain


Etherchain is also one of the older Ethereum block explorers capable of becoming the best Ethereum blockchain explorer. The most favorable feature associated with Etherchain is the visually appealing interface, with profound similarities to Etherscan. On the other hand, you can find some unique features in Etherchain, such as the Unit Converter. You could use it to find out the difference between Finney, WEI, and Szabo. 

Etherchain features a concise address overview offering all the necessary information. Users could easily view what they have transmitted and received over the course of time, in the form of a chart, by clicking on the ‘History’ tab. However, Etherchain has to deal with one of the most disastrous pitfalls possible for a block explorer. It does not have a token explorer. So, you are likely to be disappointed when you enter a token address to find something useful. 

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      4. EnjinX


One of the latest additions in the array of top Ethereum block explorers is EnjinX. The extremely fast and seamlessly functional blockchain explorer arrived in December 2018. The most highlighting feature of this Eth blockchain explorer is the support for Bitcoin and Litecoin alongside Ethereum tokens. However, you might have to deal with a congested address interface, which stuffs up a lot of information in tabular format. Even if such representation could be difficult to understand for some people, the address interface showcases all key information. 

In addition, it also ensures that the token transfers have a separate tab for easier viewing. The token explorer of EnjinX offers the value of exploring basic token details, transfers, and holders. EnjinX is easily one of the appealing Ethereum block explorers with a promisingly accurate and appealing ranking of 1000 ERC-20 tokens in terms of market capitalization. On the contrary, it does not feature any support for ranking tokens on the basis of a number of holders or on-chain activity. 

      5. ETHStats


ETHStats is one of the promising entries among the emerging Ethereum block explorers. Developed by Alethio Data Studios, a major Consensys project, the roots of ETHStats have a close relation with Ethereum. Although you might have some difficulties in getting used to the interface of ETHStats, it is excitingly beautiful once you come to terms with them. The address interface of ETHStats provides an accurate representation of your portfolio’s value. In addition, the Ether blockchain explorer gives a clear impression of the distribution of tokens and ETH in your portfolio. 

You could find charts for the rise and fall of ETH and your tokens. Users could also get deeper insights on the transactions with the ability to visualize even the location in the block where the transaction went. ETHStats allows users to search token addresses and obtain a precise overview of the activity, albeit without a dedicated token explorer. 

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Bottom Line

Choosing a blockchain explorer, especially for Ethereum, can be a pretty daunting task. You have many alternatives around, and you basically want to monitor your applications, tokens and assets on Ethereum. In this case, an Ethereum blockchain explorer will work as the search engine to help you know what’s going on in your Ethereum-based applications and assets. 

The top choices among Ethereum block explorers feature unique advantages tailored for different users. As the popularity of Ethereum grows with new emerging applications such as DeFi, Eth block explorers would become the need of the hour. Learn more about ethereum block explorers right now! 

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*Disclaimer: The article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. Claims made in this article do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such. 101 Blockchains shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this article. Do your own research!