The global fintech market will reach $324 billion in 2026. An impressive average annual growth rate of almost 25% has encouraged many individuals to learn about fintech. We are happy to announce our new Certified Fintech Expert (CFTE)™ Certification, launched recently on our platform. It offers a reliable fintech certification with the support of learning about financial technology. 

The lucrative career prospects in an industry that fetches around $50 billion worth of annual investments are one of the top reasons to learn fintech now. We identified the immediate need for a professional credential that can validate candidates’ skills for the future of fintech. With the new fintech certification by the industry expert Kuznetsova Tanya, you can leverage the benefits of comprehensive fintech training. Let us show you what we offer in our new fintech certification training course. 

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New Certified Fintech Expert (CFTE)™ Certification Launched

The new Certified Fintech Expert certification is the best in the market, with various learning benefits. You can use the certification training course to learn the effect of technology on the transformation of financial services. In addition, the CFTE certification helps you become a fintech-certified professional with in-depth fluency in the different subsectors alongside fintech innovation approaches. 

The new CFTE certification training course is also crucial for understanding the best practices in fintech transformation. You can choose the CFTE certification over popular fintech training programs with the assurance of comprehensive learning about financial technologies. The CFTE certification also serves as an exclusive opportunity for candidates interested in pursuing career opportunities in fintech. Apart from understanding the impact of technology solutions on conventional financial services, the certification training course also dives into fintech use cases, risks, and challenges. 

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Target Audience for the Certified Fintech Expert Certification

The most critical question in the minds of candidates before choosing a certification in fintech points to the certification benefits. How will the CFTE certification help your career? The outline of target audience groups for the fintech certification could help determine whether the certification is proper for you. Here are some prominent groups of people who could achieve crucial benefits for their career development with CFTE certification.

  • C-suite executives, senior management, and financial professionals could use the fintech technology certification for better identification and response to changes induced by fintech.
  • Fintech professionals and innovation managers can rely on the CFTE certification training course to understand the best practices in adopting creative and strategic approaches within fintech.
  • Business professionals could benefit from in-depth knowledge and skills in using tools to prepare organizations for changes due to fintech. 
  • Financial regulators or supervisors can use the fintech certification online to understand new regulations and best practices for financial service management.
  • Mid-level executives could use the CFTE certification training course to specialize in the development of broader strategic approaches toward financial service transformation. 

Basic Information about the Certified Fintech Expert Certification

The news of our latest Fintech Certified Expert certification launched recently has significant implications for tech and finance professionals. It serves as a viable tool for validating your fintech expertise and familiarizes you with industrial uses of fintech. From a broader perspective, the CFTE certification helps you learn fintech concepts and how to implement them for financial service transformation. Here are the notable learning objectives you can find with the CFTE certification training course. 

  • In-depth understanding of the effect of technology on financial services.
  • Learning about the different subdomains and best practices for fintech innovation.
  • Identifying the suitable methods for beginning fintech transformation. 

The new Fintech Certification launched on 101 Blockchains will help learners accomplish these learning objectives with different modules. You can learn about the practical implications of fintech with different topics focused on using fintech in the real world. 

  • Effect of fintech solutions and payments and lending services.
  • Uses of fintech in RegTech, InsurTech, SuperApps, and NeoBanks.
  • How digital money works and why central banks will introduce digital currencies.
  • Challenges, risks, and regulations in financial services.
  • Influence of technology and digital identity on financial services.
  • Use cases of fintech in businesses and outcomes for customer experience.
  • Fintech future trends and embedded finance use cases in payment services.

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Reasons to Choose the Certified Fintech Expert Certification

The recently introduced CFTE certification helps you become a Certified Fintech Professional with a viable understanding of the long-term potential for careers in Fintech. The scale of rapid evolution in the domain of fintech alongside emerging use cases of fintech serves promising implications for aspiring fintech professionals. However, the CFTE certification offers more than the opportunity to strengthen your career prospects. Here are some top reasons for pursuing the CFTE certification right now. 

  • Expert Training 

The first highlight of the Certified Fintech Expert certification is the assurance of training by an industry expert. CFTE is the best fintech certification delivered by an expert instructor, Kuznetsova Tanya, a corporate finance practitioner. She has over 18 years of experience in treasury management across different industries. The professional experience of Tanya also encompasses blockchain leadership in the digital transformation of financial services. On top of it, her expertise in implementing supply chain fintech solutions establishes tangible proof of her training quality. 

  • Responsive Support Mechanisms

Learners can handle being left out of a fintech certification online without access to expert advice. 101 Blockchains ensures that all learners in the Certified Fintech Expert certification training program can receive expert support. In the long run, we want every learner to build their expertise in fintech without missing links. If you have a doubt, contact our support team and wait less than 24 hours to receive the solutions. On top of it, our support team and subject matter experts help you find solutions that work for you. 

  • Convenience in Modular Learning 

The modular structure of the financial technology certification is another prominent value advantage for learners. Candidates preparing for the Certified Fintech Expert certification can access the on-demand video lectures with little setbacks. On the other hand, learners can find the modules helpful for switching from one topic to another without any confusion. The practical connection between different dots in the course topics could help learners familiarize themselves with all topics in the certification.

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Bottom Line

The final impression regarding the new certification in fintech for all aspiring professionals reflects the comprehensive coverage of fintech concepts. Certified Fintech Expert certification is an out-of-the-box credential for candidates interested in exploring new career opportunities in fintech. 

Technology use in the finance domain has been evolving with new use cases such as InsurTech and RegTech. As the adoption of blockchain and web3 in finance continues growing, finance and tech professionals must familiarize themselves with the changing trends. The CFTE certification offers you an exclusive opportunity to prove your skills in using fintech

At the same time, the certification training course also shows how fintech uses cases affect customer experiences. Most importantly, the detailed impression of challenges, risks, and regulations within fintech can serve crucial advantages.

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