Cryptocurrency is not a buzzword anymore but the biggest thing ruling the world. If you are aspiring to build a career in cryptocurrency,  follow this definite guide and learn how to start! 

Cryptocurrencies have been all over the news since 2017, following the ICO boom. Developed in 2009, cryptocurrencies have spurred a wide range of alluring benefits in different sectors. Digital currencies have gained an unbelievable amount of traction in recent times with major transformations in the way people perceive crypto. 

The global crypto market is all set to reach a value of almost $4.94 billion by 2023. Therefore, a career in cryptocurrency definitely seems like one of the favorable propositions for any individual right now. The following discussion helps you outline career prospects in cryptocurrency alongside a few suggestions on achieving your career objectives. 

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Popularity of Cryptocurrencies

One of the first things you need to consider before seeking options in cryptocurrency careers is the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Is it feasible to pursue a career related to cryptocurrencies? Well, PewResearch suggests that almost 86% of Americans know about cryptocurrencies. The interest in cryptocurrencies is growing at a massive scale, with different types of crypto investors joining the fray. 

In addition, surveys have suggested that the average crypto investor earns around $111,000 annually. Well, cryptocurrencies seem to have a lot of advantages and are quite popular among the general public. These are substantial reasons for considering the possibilities for increasing demand for crypto experts.

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Are Cryptocurrency Jobs Real?

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency without any existence other than in code. Beginners may wonder about the types of jobs they can have working with virtual currencies. As it happens, you can explore a wide range of cryptocurrency jobs coming up in recent times. Before diving into details about some of the notable jobs in the crypto sector, let us find more about the demand for crypto jobs

According to a recent LinkedIn report, the demand for crypto jobs increased by almost 395% in the US only during the period from 2020 to 2021. Similarly, an earlier report by employment website Indeed suggested growth in crypto job postings by almost 118% in mid-July 2021.

Therefore, you can notice how the demand for crypto jobs is increasing by radical margins. However, it is also important to note that you cannot access entry-level cryptocurrency jobs as easily as you may have assumed. You must develop a clear impression of the different types of jobs available in crypto before you make up your mind. 

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Types of Crypto Jobs 

If you want to become a crypto expert, then you must start from somewhere. Considering the rapid growth in popularity of cryptocurrencies and crypto jobs, any beginner would want to capitalize on the opportunity. However, any beginner should start with a niche for finding the job which suits them. You need to understand that every crypto job title relates to a specific set of requirements, qualifications, and roles. Here are some of the notable jobs you can try out for establishing your career in crypto. 

  • Crypto Developer

The first choice for starting your career in cryptocurrency would obviously refer to the role of crypto developer or blockchain developer. Blockchain developers are practically the highly demanded professionals in the crypto industry right now. The Global Blockchain Employment Report in 2021 established possibilities for annual growth in the worldwide demand for blockchain developers by almost 300% to 500% in a year. 

Interestingly, the annual average cryptocurrency salary estimate for development stands at around $123,750. However, you must need proficiency in hard programming with languages such as C++, Go, Python, C#, Solidity, and JavaScript. Some of the entry-level cryptocurrency jobs for blockchain developers include roles of a junior developer, junior full-stack developer, and graduate software developer.

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  • Venture Capital

The prospects for working in crypto venture capital can also serve as vital opportunities for cryptocurrency careers, especially for people with an inclination toward the financial implications of crypto. Venture capital firms in crypto serve as the driving forces behind the operations of many popular crypto startups. However, the roles in this sector can be quite competitive, albeit with the most lucrative salary estimates in crypto. Some of the entry-level job opportunities in this sector include roles of venture capital intern, investment analyst, and research associate. 

  • Crypto Marketing

You can also explore many promising opportunities for a career in cryptocurrency marketing. Crypto marketing professionals work on interacting with different social platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. At the same time, crypto marketing professionals also work with crypto businesses and publication networks. 

  • Mining

Another promising area for seeking cryptocurrency jobs would focus on mining. Crypto mining companies are great platforms for anyone seeking a more practical and tech-oriented career in crypto. You can discover a massive collection of job opportunities in crypto mining, especially for the maintenance of data centers and mining farms. 

In addition, mining farms also require crypto professionals in different roles such as marketing and administration. Therefore, mining companies can offer the best foundation for starting your crypto career from entry-level jobs. The notable entry-level cryptocurrency jobs you can find with crypto mining companies include roles of mining process engineer or junior marketing assistant. 

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What Do You Need to Get the Best Cryptocurrency Jobs?

The promising opportunities for jobs in the domain of cryptocurrencies create the immediate urge to identify the skills you need. A clear overview of the different skills you need to become a cryptocurrency expert can provide a vital boost to your crypto career. Here is an outline of the skills you would need for capitalizing on the most promising job opportunities in crypto. 

  • Cryptography

When you think of cryptocurrencies, the first thing that comes to the notice is ‘crypto’, which is an essential foundational-level skill. The most common skill every crypto professional needs is an in-depth understanding of cryptography. Well, you don’t have to become a world-class cryptographer for landing with cryptocurrency jobs of your choice. However, you must have a clear idea regarding the essential highlights of cryptography required in cryptocurrency usage. 

  • Cybersecurity

Encryption is a significant yet only a small part of the massive ecosystem of cybersecurity. You must develop a broader understanding of security concepts for ascertaining the value of encryption in cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, you can find many resources for improving your knowledge of cybersecurity. As a matter of fact, the time and efforts you invest in your security education can draw promising dividends for your cryptocurrency careers in the long run.

  • Programming Knowledge

The most in-demand job role in the crypto industry, i.e., crypto developers, requires hard programming skills. Web development and coding are basic skills you need for tapping into technical roles in the crypto landscape. Many aspects of cryptocurrencies, such as user interfaces and smart contracts, require programming knowledge. 

Therefore, you must develop skills in creating and implementing web-based applications alongside ensuring the accessibility of websites. Keep in mind that you don’t need to become a full-stack developer for entry-level cryptocurrency jobs, albeit programming skills offer versatility to your crypto career paths. 

  • Economics of Crypto

If you want to capitalize on the opportunities for a career in cryptocurrency, then you must have a strong command of the economics underlying cryptocurrencies. The second half of cryptocurrencies basically deals with currencies, and cryptocurrencies have truly presented some new definitions of money. 

While you don’t need to be a financial analyst, a basic overview of market theory and finance concepts can help you. You can develop your knowledge about the economics of crypto by taking note of articles on crypto and the market trends. An overview of crypto trading in the public domain alongside their implications on financial markets worldwide can deliver a solid impression of the economics of cryptocurrencies. 

  • Blockchain Expertise

The most critical requirement for landing your favorite cryptocurrency jobs would focus on developing your expertise in blockchain. Blockchain is the foundation for cryptocurrencies, and you can master the domain of crypto only with blockchain expertise.

Starting from the concepts of decentralization to the value implications of immutability and transparency on crypto transactions, you need to learn how blockchain is relevant to the crypto landscape. You can develop a clear idea of the ways in which blockchain plays a vital role in ensuring the basic functionalities desired of cryptocurrencies.

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How Can You Get The Cryptocurrency Jobs You Like?        

The detailed insights into job opportunities in the crypto sector alongside the skills required for crypto jobs can encourage beginners to start seeking the best options. However, is it easy to land a crypto job of your choice? Is there any particular training course that can help you get all the crypto jobs in the market? Beginners seeking a career in cryptocurrency are more likely to encounter many other similar doubts. In most cases, beginners don’t have a clear idea about where to start their crypto career. Here are some steps and best practices you can follow for building your career in crypto. 

  • Plan Your Career Goals

The first thing you need for pursuing cryptocurrency careers is a clearly outlined plan. You can start by setting some of the notable career objectives you want to achieve. For example, you can choose the type of job role you want to pursue in the domain of crypto. The outline of your career goals should include short-term, mid-term, and long-term objectives. Make sure that you include the requirements for achieving the objectives and the necessary actions for the same. When you start out with a plan, you are more likely to follow a precise direction in your pursuit of crypto jobs. 

  • Set a Routine for Skill Development 

You have to create your own path toward the cryptocurrency jobs of your choice. Once you have developed a clear plan for your cryptocurrency career, you can move towards skill development. The outline of skills required for the crypto jobs of your choice can be quite comprehensive. However, you can earn them through dedication and commitment to learning about blockchain. 

Look for the best training courses on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Explore some fundamental-level courses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies to develop a strong foundation of knowledge. In addition, look for reliable career guidance on pursuing the right courses to proceed in the right direction towards your career objectives. You can also work on developing your skills in various concepts related to crypto for broadening your knowledge base. 

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  • Choose a Suitable Certification

Irrespective of the skills and knowledge you have for entry-level cryptocurrency jobs, employers would need some proof of the same. What can you do to prove that you know the crypto skills required for a specific job role? In such cases, the only answer for you is a reliable and industry-recognized crypto certification. Interestingly, you can explore many enterprise blockchain and crypto certifications, which can open up many promising career opportunities for you. Certifications not only prove that you are a cryptocurrency expert but also your dedication to the field of crypto. 

  • Professional Networking

Finally, you must go the extra mile to land with crypto jobs of your choice. Crypto certifications can only prove that you are an expert. However, they don’t guarantee that you will get the jobs you want. You need to use professional networking as a tool for navigating job prospects and reaching out to potential employers. 

Build your profile on professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn and develop your identity as an expert in everything about cryptocurrencies. Reach out to participants in online crypto communities to interact with like-minded people. Who knows, you may meet your future employer or business partner in these communities! 

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Bottom Line 

The quest for cryptocurrency careers can be quite challenging. However, the promising future for cryptocurrencies, alongside the growing demand for crypto experts, fuels the career prospects in crypto. You can start your journey as a crypto professional with the flexibility of choosing from diverse job roles. The notable skills you need for building a career in cryptocurrency include blockchain, cryptography, programming, and knowledge about economics in crypto. 

Furthermore, you must follow a clearly defined path toward the crypto jobs you want. The outline of best practices for finding crypto jobs can support any beginner in their journey toward desired jobs in the field of cryptocurrency. Learn more about cryptocurrencies and start building the foundations of your crypto career.

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