Enterprise Blockchains workshop is the place where your team will learn about blockchain, its real-world use-cases, and examples that reflect upon your learning. 

By booking the blockchain workshop, your team will be able to grasp blockchain knowledge and utilize it in your business process or real-world implementation of enterprise blockchain.

This is one of the best ways to get started with blockchain!

Blockchain Workshop

Why book 101 Blockchains Workshop?

Our blockchain workshop covers important aspects of blockchain that you should know!

It is an ideal workshop for enterprise executives as it lets them dive deep into the very foundation of blockchain and learn about it. As an enterprise executive, you may find yourself lagging behind when a new blockchain project arrives. This workshop can give you the basic foundation to handle the project with utmost confidence.

To ensure that you understand the value of our 101Blockchains workshop, let’s go through the reasons why you should book it?

Hands-On Experience: The blockchain workshop will offer unique hands-on blockchain experience. You will be able to learn about unique real-world use-cases that work. We will cover these uses-cases in detail. 

Strategic Approaches: By going through the workshops, you will have a clear understanding of strategic approaches that big corporations take to make their project successful.

Understanding Use-Cases: Each use-case is different and needs to be approached differently to get a better understanding. We go through compelling use cases that provide value and learning to you.

Private Sessions: Our blockchain technology workshop is delivered by private sessions. These sessions will be provided to enterprise-grade professionals only. This way, you can learn how to solve unique enterprise problems. Private sessions also give you the chance to interact directly with the instructor and clear your doubts more freely.

Top-Notch Content: Our blockchain technology workshop content is of the highest quality, created with excellent research and care. 

More about Our Enterprise Blockchain Workshop

Blockchain’s impact on the current market just cannot be ignored. It has changed every sector and how it works. Businesses are now keen to take full advantage of blockchain but lack the knowledge to do so.

In the blockchain technology workshop, we will be diving deep into the meaning of blockchain technology. We will learn what makes it tick. We will go through its core model.

Blockchain Training for Executives

Also, our workshop is mainly aimed at enterprises and executives who want to learn about blockchain’s impact on traditional business. Currently, blockchain has impacted every sector, including government, healthcare, finance, supply chain, and trade.

The challenge, however, is to understand the process of implementing blockchain. Leaders and executives are struggling to understand blockchain and implement it. That’s where the workshop will help you!

We cover blockchain using top-notch content that is aimed towards professionals. Our approach is simple as we convey our workshop on the blockchain is easy to understand language.

The Enterprise Blockchain Workshop Topics

Alright! You are now interested in learning which topics we will cover. 

We have ensured that our workshop on blockchain contains all the essential topics of that it falls under the category of blockchain design workshop and blockchain training workshop.

Let’s list them below.

Introduction to Blockchain technology

Here, we will cover the blockchain technology introduction. The introduction will cover important topics such as below:

Blockchain Fundamentals: Dive deep into the core of blockchain. What makes it work? What is the key principle behind it? 

Blockchain Glossary: Don’t know about the key blockchain terms? Do not worry as we will cover all the popular blockchain glossary out there. 

Blockchain History: Who invented blockchain? What is the state of blockchain in 2019? Everything about blockchain history will be covered here!

Blockchain Types: Blockchain has evolved rapidly than we thought! And, that’s why there are multiple types of blockchain out there. We cover all blockchain types here and help you understand the difference between them.

Smart contracts: Smart contracts are legal bindings in the blockchain world. We cover it in detail!

DLTs: Distributed ledger technology is an umbrella term that compasses all ledger technologies in distributed form. 

Enterprise Blockchain Platforms

Enterprise blockchain platforms empower the whole industry by providing blockchain-related frameworks, services, and solutions. Here, we learn about the major enterprise blockchain platforms and explore each one of them in detail.

Hyperledger: Hyperledger is an open-source initiative by Linux Foundation that started in 2015. It has multiple projects running under it.  We cover its fundamentals, features, design architecture, use cases, frameworks, tools, BaaS vendors, and its long-term vision.

Corda: Corda is financial blockchain distributed ledger solution. We cover its business principle, architecture, the global Corda network, BaSS vendors, Corda consortiums, and much more!

Enterprise Ethereum: Enterprise Ethereum is a private implementation of public Ethereum. We cover its benefits, architecture stack, use-cases, BaaS providers, and real-world companies using it!

Quorum: Quorum is the brainchild of JP Morgan is aimed towards financial systems. We cover it in detail!

Design Thinking and Innovation

Design Thinking and Innovation is the part where we move to more creative aspects of blockchain.

Blockchain Digital Transformation: Learn how blockchain digital transformation. Here we discuss the digital impact of blockchain. 

Popular Business trends: Learn more about blockchain by going through popular business trends.

Web 3.0 and Internet: Web 3.0 is here with blockchain. We explore its impact on Web 3.0 and more exciting concepts about it!

Enterprise Use Cases: We choose the best enterprise use cases to show blockchain potential.

Enterprise Blockchain Companies: Learn about the enterprise blockchain companies working towards a bright future!

Implementation guidelines: We go through the blockchain implementation guidelines. 

Risk assessments: Risk assessments are where we learn about the risks involved in blockchain.

Access to Course Material

You will get full access to course material, including 100+ pages of presentation slides, course books, and any other resource that can help you engage yourself with the Workshop content.

Who should you book our Blockchain Workshop?

Our Blockchain Workshop is a one-stop workshop for professionals who want to kick start their enterprise blockchain journey.

Designed for the non-technical executives working in management, you can book the workshop and get the proper knowledge to work on advanced blockchain projects.

This means that it can be booked by CTOs, CIOs, CEOs, Strategic Directors, Innovation Managers, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Decision Makers, and VPs.

Certificate of completion

Yes, you will receive a certification of completion on successful completion of the workshop.

Anyone who participates or completes the enterprise blockchain workshop will get the 101 Blockchains Certificate of Completion.

About the Instructor

Aviv Lichtigstein is an experienced leader and entrepreneur who has vast experience in building enterprise-grade products utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. He is also the CEO and founder of one of the world’s leading resource portals for blockchain – 101Blockchains.com.

As Aviv is a senior-level executive for over 12 years, he now has extensive experience in various fields where he takes part in business, operational, and technical oriented roles. Moreover, he is efficient in launching, growing, and running programs and projects using numerous business models. With Aviv’s brilliance and wit, he drove many renowned startups to Fortune 500 companies to their success and glories.

Other than all these, Aviv shows an immense level of expertise in developing and managing teams to develop businesses and products. Moreover, Ironman triathlete and a passionate traveler.

So, book our blockchain masterclass now and learn from one of the very best in the industry.

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