When the internet came to light people became mesmerized. Back then it was just a way of publishing documents in a new way. People played with the complicated and weird looking network made with C or C+++. The internet evolved with time and became a gigantic web of data. The blockchains and the ICOs made quite the similar hype like Netscape made with the IPO launching in 1995. So, how similar are they, or how are they even connected? Stick with the article to know everything on blockchain vs internet.

The Big Debate: Blockchain vs Internet

Before we start the topic, you should know the flaws of the of the traditional internet.

The 3 problems with the Internet


1. Controlled by Third Parties

When the internet came to light, people thought it will be completely regulation free and people could use it without any kind regulation and supervision. Well, now we know it isn’t. The government and the big names in the industry has kept a sharp to all the behaviors and extremely restricted.

2. Lack of Transparency

They control what will be available for the public eyes and what will not. This very thing made the technology a bit “crafted” while it was supposed to be free in a true sense.

3. Cyber Attacks and Threats

Moreover, we can see the cyber-attacks and cyber terrorism thriving in the world. The commoners are looking to sabotage the websites and information of the wealthy class as well as the governments and banks.

People even believe consider the hackers like the outlaws from a western story. Internet solved hundreds of problems of our life. Yet you cannot say it a truly open medium for commoners.

All of the personal data is kept hidden from us stored in various known and unknown locations. What if all the data centers crash down. You will lose all your sensitive information just like a snap.

People have already seen Facebook’s information being leaked to the third parties and being used like puppets. For the controlling parties, we are nothing more than consumers. Something had to be changed. Something had to be done.

The Blockchains: A World of Endless Possibilities!

Blockchain Advantages

There are numerous advantages of the blockchain technology which makes the debate of Blockchain vs Internet viable.

1. Decentralized!

When Satoshi invented the blockchain technology, a new door opened. People stared visualizing newer possibilities. For the first time ever, the idea of “the new and open internet” came to our minds.

The blockchain is a truly decentralized and open technology. First, the plan was to use it just for a digital peer to peer cash system which got a new meaning after the Ethereum took the technology in a new height.

2. Innovating Techs

Ethereum invented the technology named DApp, more like the decentralized app. It could also be a database like the traditional servers. But the main key difference is the servers are not located in a particular space rather all the data are distributed among the nodes of the network. All the connecting dots would work like a small database.

It has two major advantages – one, no one can hack or shut it down as there is no single database to shut it off. Two, the databases are not corruptible or beyond the point of manipulation. If anyone tries to tamper with the system, the system itself rejects it. It is beyond the possibility of tampering.

3. New Organizations!

Moreover, the DAO is a new kind of organization. Such organization doesn’t have a single leader who has authority over the others. Rather, the member of the organization works together to achieve a collective goal. When the goal is achieved, the organization disbands automatically.

People are relentlessly trying to shape up the new internet. Smart Contract, Smart Economy is here for the betterment of business and the mankind itself.

All these and more innovating technologies are coming to life using the power of blockchain. The revolution is almost the same that we experience when the internet came into being. Moreover, the blockchain technology is re-shaping the internet taking off the negativities of the internet as we know.

Final Thoughts

Blockchain also solves countless problems regarding the older transaction system and business models. It will re-shape the way we do business or used to do business. That’s what fuel the debate of Blockchain vs Internet.

Its high time we changed the older way of doing business. The world going through the information age, not the industrial age. New possibilities will emerge just like the technology of the blockchain. Only time can how much further it can take humanity, only time can tell!