Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have earned the reputation for offering a new type of digital asset that remains completely in the control of owners. Some reports have pointed out that the NFT market could achieve a total market cap of almost $80 billion by 2025. The consistently growing NFT ecosystem offers the opportunity to become NFT project manager or explore other career opportunities. 

OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, has a trading volume of almost $15 billion. In addition, many new projects have been gaining momentum in the modern NFT landscape. As the number of projects continues to grow, the demand for professional NFT project managers will also experience an upward trend. The following post offers you a detailed guide for pursuing a career in NFT as a project manager. 

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Why Should You Become NFT Project Manager?

The first thing on the mind of beginners before pursuing a career in NFT is the expectation of rewards. Can a career in NFT provide long-term advantages? The statistics about the NFT market and emerging projects in the NFT landscape serve as a clear impression of how NFT professionals can pursue project management. 

You should think of investing time in learning NFT project manager skills because it serves reliable opportunities to land senior roles in the NFT job market. As an NFT project manager, you can serve as a vital senior member of NFT projects. Most important of all, the skills required for NFT project managers and their performance in addressing professional responsibilities also bring recognition to the NFT community.

Another prominent reason to choose the career path of an NFT project manager is the salary estimate. For example, the average estimates for an NFT project manager salary can range from $55,000 to $75,000 per year. However, the type of project could also help in determining the salary of the NFT project manager. For example, some estimates have pointed out that the salary for NFT project managers can range between $60,000 and $160,000. 

In some cases, the salary estimate for NFT project manager jobs can range up to $300,000. You can notice how the role of NFT project manager can serve promising opportunities for career development and growth. The lucrative financial prospects of project manager role in NFT projects and the identity of a project manager are promising reasons for becoming NFT project managers.

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Why Do Organizations Need NFT Project Managers? 

Non-fungible tokens have attracted the attention of businesses, particularly for ensuring that they have an additional edge over their peers. NFT project managers could help organizations in saving time, cash, and effort for entering the NFT landscape. The primary highlight of an NFT project manager tutorial illustrates the responsibility of project managers for managing the NFT adoption process. What are the solutions offered by project managers for NFT projects? The primary role of project managers in the NFT landscape revolves around ensuring compliance with best practices for NFT project implementation. 

NFT project managers can address important tasks starting from the planning stage for the NFT project design. In addition, the answers to “What does a project manager do in NFT?” would point to ensuring the adoption of the project. The roles of project managers in NFT would also involve a review of the branding process and active participation in marketing strategy planning. Organizations that are new to the NFT ecosystem can rely on project managers as their guide to implementation of NFT projects. 

What Are the Responsibilities of NFT Project Managers?

Another vital highlight in the career guide for NFT project managers refers to their responsibilities. The awareness of your responsibilities as an NFT project manager would help you in determining the skill requirements. As a result, you can find out about the training you need for the job. Beginners should rely on a simple NFT project manager tutorial to learn about their career path.

You should know the ways in which you can use your NFT knowledge for career development advantages. What do you have to do as an NFT project manager? The primary task of NFT project managers involves managing the complete course of an NFT project, starting from planning to deployment of the project. 

In addition, it is important to understand the importance of working in direct collaboration with content creators, talent managers, and developers. The basic outline of NFT project manager skills would also focus on the need for NFT project managers to have skills for taking the initiative. NFT project managers must have the skills for developing and optimizing standardized critical paths for achieving scalable and timely delivery of NFT projects. Most important of all, the responsibilities of NFT project managers require them to have a knack for innovation and disruptive transformation with their projects. 

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What Do You Need to Learn to Become NFT Project Manager?

The basic role of NFT project managers revolves around planning and executing the NFT project. However, you need to look at the other ways in which NFT project managers have to work on their projects. The NFT project manager roadmap requires aspiring professionals to gain the required expertise for addressing the comprehensive range of responsibilities associated with NFT projects. Here are the vital skills required for NFT project managers.

  • NFT Technology 

The first thing you need to learn to become an NFT project manager is the fundamentals of non-fungible tokens. Non-fungible tokens are associated with blockchain technology and require smart contracts for coding the ownership of the NFT and other details. You can learn more about “What does a project manager do in NFT?” to find out how technical knowledge of NFTs is important for project managers. 

Fluency in technical aspects of non-fungible tokens can help an aspiring professional explore different roles in your NFT career. NFT project managers can use their technical expertise in NFTs to improve their abilities to cater to the objectives of NFT projects. For example, expertise in smart contract development can help a programmer provide vital inputs for the NFT development process. 

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  • Community Development

Another vital skill required for NFT project manager jobs is the ability to create and manage communities. Community development is the key element for NFT campaign strategy. NFT project managers must cater to the needs of community development and management. If you want to pursue the role of NFT project manager, you must be prepared to take up leadership roles. 

What is the first thing you need to do for community development? The answer would point to creating a vision and strategy for the NFT project. Do you know what separates successful NFT projects from the rest of the crowd? The vision and primary goals of NFT projects cater to a specific group of audiences, thereby ensuring a personalized association between the project and its audience. 

The list of skills to become NFT project manager emphasizes choosing a community platform for building the ecosystem of followers around the NFT project. For example, you must know how to differentiate the platforms from each other depending on the target audience. 

For example, Telegram, Twitter, and Discord are some of the top platforms for building NFT communities. Twitter is one of the promising platforms for public messaging about NFTs. Project managers must have fluency in using Twitter to initiate social media discussions about their new NFT projects. 

  • Public Relations

The ability of candidates to take care of the public relations aspects of NFT projects can contribute to branding results. You have to work on developing your identity by looking up opportunities for boosting your image alongside achieving better popularity for your project. 

Crypto media should never be the limit of NFT project manager skills for a project manager. It is important to know about the opportunities for publishing information about your project in mainstream media. For example, events and marketing activities such as question and answer sessions and contests can help in developing trust of users in NFTs.

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Best Practices to Become an NFT Project Manager

The most crucial highlight in the journey of developing a career in NFT as a project manager is the novelty. How many people pursue the role of NFT project manager today? The lack of clear guides on career paths for non-fungible token professionals can be a formidable setback for beginners. Where does your NFT project manager roadmap begin? As a newcomer to the field of non-fungible tokens, you should know about the best practices to build your career. Here are the best practices for establishing your career as an NFT project management expert.

  • Expertise in Fundamentals

The vital requirement for building your career as an NFT project manager is expertise in the basics of non-fungible tokens. You have to learn about blockchain technology and how NFTs are related to blockchain technology. The answers to “What does a project manager do in NFT?” would start with a review of NFT fundamentals. Non-fungible tokens deliver the advantage of an easier learning curve that can help you learn about them at a faster rate. You must learn how non-fungible tokens use smart contracts and the implications of tokenization in NFT development. 

  • Select Effective Training Courses

The most important resource for developing your career in NFT project management would refer to training courses. You can rely on professional training courses and an NFT project manager tutorial to identify the prospects for building a career in NFT. However, it is important to choose the training resources carefully to ensure that you can learn about NFT projects with limited confusion. 

Does the course provider offer training courses on other blockchain concepts? Do you have the opportunity to learn from best industry experts with the NFT and blockchain courses? 101 Blockchains is one of the promising choices for ensuring easy access to knowledge about blockchain technology and NFTs. 

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  • Earn Certifications for Your Skills

The basic requirement for improving your skills to become a project manager in NFTs involves a certification. Certification training courses in non-fungible tokens can help in ensuring that you can prove to employers that you know how to use NFTs. Most important of all, accredited certifications which can prove your NFT skills and knowledge in NFTs are more likely to earn the attention of employers. 

Accredited certifications serve a vital role in your NFT project manager roadmap for career development. You can receive credentials that prove your commitment to building a career in non-fungible tokens. Therefore, certifications can offer a long-term advantage for boosting your career as an NFT project manager. 

What are the ideal factors you need to look for in a certification course on non-fungible tokens? The response should help you reflect on entries, such as course content and relevance of topics to project manager roles. Can the certification help you address the responsibilities of an NFT manager? 

The Certified NFT Professional certification on 101 Blockchains can help you prove your skills for NFT project manager jobs immediately. You have to invest time and effort in learning about NFTs and specializing in their use cases. Therefore, you would have the additional advantage over other project managers in non-technical roles.

  • Practice in Project Management

The final recommendation for becoming an NFT project manager would refer to the development of practical skills. You must have the skills required for implementing project management skills in NFT projects, such as breaking down the different stages of implementation. On top of it, you would need fluency in the best practices for creating business models based on new innovative ideas. With the help of practice, you can validate your identity as an expert in non-fungible tokens. 


The career opportunities and NFT project manager salary estimates are crucial choices for helping you make a decision about a career in NFT project management. Non-fungible token project managers can earn around $70,000 to $160,000 per year and achieve higher milestones with experience. 

The responsibilities of NFT project managers provide a clear impression of how they have to work. NFTs are on the verge of mainstream adoption, with new utilities on the horizon. Learn more about non-fungible token fundamentals and methods to use them to build your own project. Choose your training courses and certifications to become a professional NFT project manager right now.

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