The metaverse is a promising concept for the future of the web and social interactions among users. If you have been following news and updates about the metaverse, you must have heard of the Decentraland metaverse. Do you want to know how to access Decentraland Metaverse in a few simple steps? One of the common assumptions regarding the metaverse paints it as an immersive three-dimensional virtual world mapped to all solutions you can find on the web now. 

For example, you can visit a 3D virtual shopping store rather than explore the listings on a two-dimensional web page. Interestingly, few pioneers, such as the Decentraland metaverse, have shown the true potential of the metaverse. The following discussion dives into a detailed guide on the Decentraland metaverse and how to access it. 

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Background for Decentraland Metaverse

The majority of discussions in the tech space about the metaverse have been revolving around the vision painted by tech CEOs. On the contrary, many people searching for ways to access Decentraland metaverse may not have a clear understanding of the metaverse. The hype around the metaverse has gained momentum in recent years. 

However, the term has been around for more than two decades, as it was introduced in 1992 in a science fiction novel. Is it a video game or a three-dimensional VR experience? The metaverse is an open, shared and persistent 3D virtual world which features a combination of multiple experiences. As a virtual 3D world, it serves an interactive, collaborative and immersive world with different types of underlying technologies. 

The idea behind the metaverse basically focuses on shifting real-world experiences into VR, AR and mixed reality. In the end, the metaverse would aim to evolve as a massive decentralized, immersive and completely interoperable digital community. The Decentraland metaverse uses the basic principles of the metaverse, such as offering a boundless environment without restrictions. The metaverse is also persistent, which implies that it is impossible to reboot, disconnect or reset the metaverse. In addition, the metaverse is also more like a decentralized virtual world with its unique virtual economy alongside the provision of social experiences. 

What is Decentraland Metaverse?


The definition is an important requirement before you learn about steps to access the Decentraland metaverse for the first time. Decentraland Metaverse is basically a virtual reality platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. Developed by Esteban Ordano and Ariel Meilich, the Decentraland metaverse helps in creating and experiencing different types of content and applications. Interestingly, Decentraland also offers the option of monetizing the experiences you create in the metaverse. 

Most important of all, the primary highlight of Decentralization focuses on offering incentives to a global user network to ensure operations of shared virtual experience. The shared virtual world allows users to buy virtual parcels of land and create new experiences in them. Subsequently, users could view and inspect their virtual parcels of land or monetize them. 

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Working of Decentraland Metaverse

The working of Decentraland metaverse is an obvious highlight for anyone who wants to access Decentraland metaverse for first time. You can figure out a lot about how Decentraland works by identifying the basic traits of a metaverse. However, the distinctive highlight of Decentraland points out the two different tokens which help in governing Decentraland operations. The two tokens are known as MANA and LAND. 

Beginners must notice that MANA serves as the native utility token for the Decentraland metaverse. It is a suitable option for addressing different types of purposes on Decentraland metaverse. MANA is an ERC-20 token and must be burnt for acquiring the LAND tokens in Decentraland. In addition, MANA tokens also help in paying for different avatars, names and wearables. On the other hand, LAND is an ERC-721 token or non-fungible token, which helps in defining the ownership of virtual parcels of land in Decentraland. 

The two tokens are responsible for governance of the Decentraland metaverse. It does not feature any central authority, and the whole ecosystem is under governance by the Decentraland users. The virtual world actually operates in the form of a VR ecosystem, helping users in making the most of all experiences in the Decentraland metaverse.  

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Uses of Decentraland Metaverse 

The emerging possibilities related to Decentraland metaverse uses serve significant advantages for users. It has evolved into something more than just purchasing and selling virtual real estate or interacting, exploring and playing games within the virtual world. Now, the Decentraland metaverse serves many use cases such as development and deployment of interactive apps, in-world payments and peer-to-peer communication. As the first metaverse platform with complete ownership of the users, Decentraland does not imply any limitations on use cases. Users can purchase the LAND NFTs and customize them accordingly. 

One of the examples of customizing virtual real estate units would refer to creation of gambling services, applications and games. Users can also rely on steps to access Decentraland metaverse for creating dynamic 3D scenes. On top of it, the Decentraland metaverse also supports creation of services based on LAND for use cases in tourism, professional development and education. 

How Can I Enter the Decentraland Metaverse?

The basics and working of Decentraland metaverse help you understand what you will deal with by entering the metaverse. It has become one of the renowned metaverse projects, especially with the rising hype around web3 technologies. As a matter of fact, it is one of the top metaverse projects in terms of market capitalization. 

The interest in “how to access Decentralized metaverse” has been growing profoundly in recent times, particularly with the growing popularity of the platform. Renowned brands have shifted to the metaverse in large numbers for booking LAND NFTs in the Decentraland metaverse. Samsung is the most popular example of a brand entering Decentraland, with its virtual office in the Decentraland metaverse. How can you enter the Decentraland metaverse?   

The answer to your question can be evident in the Genesis Plaza. It is one of the important parts of Decentraland metaverse and helps in viewing the Decentraland ecosystem as a user. You can explore many activities, such as hanging out and interacting with other users for socialization. Users can find almost anything they can think of or the existing things in the physical world within the Decentraland metaverse. For example, faster transportation, theaters, skyscrapers and malls are available on different virtual parcels of land.

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Steps for Entering Decentraland Metaverse

The Genesis Plaza definitely seems like the answer for accessing the Decentraland metaverse. However, it still does not solve the question about methods to enter Decentraland. Here are some of the basic steps you need to follow for accessing the Decentraland metaverse. 

Step 1

The first step in accessing the Decentraland metaverse would start with launching your web browser. Open the official website of Decentraland on your preferred web browser.

Step 2

The welcome screen of Decentraland would pop up, offering the “Get Started” option. Click on the option and move on to the next step.

Step 3

Upon clicking on the “Get Started” option, you have to specify whether you want to access Decentraland metaverse through your browser or a dedicated application. At the same time, you would also find the “Explore on Web” option helpful in cases where you want to only explore the metaverse.

Step 4

In this step, you would have to choose between exploring the Decentraland metaverse as a guest and connecting your blockchain wallet to the metaverse. If you connect your blockchain wallet to the Decentraland metaverse, you can save all your progress on a blockchain. On the other hand, exploring the metaverse as a guest would ensure that your progress is saved locally. In such cases, deleting the local file can lead to permanent loss of all your achievements and progress in the metaverse. 

You can also go for the option of clicking on “Play as Guest” to simply view the Decentraland metaverse. If you choose the “Play using your wallet” option, you would have to connect your blockchain or crypto wallet to Decentraland. The most common choice of blockchain wallet Decentraland metaverse uses is Metamask. Users with a Metamask browser extension can just confirm the sign-in process for moving to the next step. 

Step 5

After confirming the sign-in process, you must choose your specific avatar. The “Avatar” selection section would provide you with different options for creating your digital character. You can select the color and type of dress as well as different traits of the digital “Avatar” according to your preferences. Users can go for different mix-and-match combinations for their avatars with many options for customizing. 

Step 6

Once you have finalized the type of virtual avatar you want in the Decentraland metaverse, you have to create a name for the avatar. Before you learn how to access Decentralized metaverse, it is important to know that you can change the appearance of your digital avatar anytime within the metaverse. You can access the backpack for your character through the start menu and introduce the necessary modifications. Therefore, you should not fixate too much on the color of shoes or skin tone and accessories of digital avatars. 

Step 7

Select the “Done” button after you have selected the name for your digital avatar. Now, you have everything required for experiencing the immersive world of Decentraland metaverse. 

Step 8

As you click on “Done,” you would enter the Decentraland metaverse on the next screen. You would find yourself in the Genesis Plaza, which resembles a town square. The Genesis Plaza offers access to all the experiences you want to explore in the Decentraland metaverse. You would find the digital avatars of other people swarming around in the Genesis Plaza. 

However, you don’t have to panic if you access Decentraland metaverse for the first time. Decentraland metaverse features a virtual assistant or mentor, Alice, to help all the first-time users. Alice appears on the screen immediately after you enter the Decentraland metaverse. The primary objective of Alice is to offer advice and suggestions to users for exploring the virtual world of Decentraland. 

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Interactions in the Metaverse

The overview of steps to access Decentraland metaverse shows how a computer and a basic internet connection can help you enjoy the experiences in the metaverse. However, the Decentraland metaverse does not serve any useful purpose if you don’t know how to explore the virtual world. Interestingly, you don’t have to worry about complicated controls and multiple guides for figuring out how to move around Decentraland. 

The keyboard controls for Decentraland are almost similar to majority of computer games. For example, you can direct your view by using mouse movements. You can make your digital avatar move by using the W-A-S-D keys. Decentraland users can also press the “V” key for switching between the first-person and third-person views. The “Space” key can help in making your character jump. 

In some cases, you can forget the controls and end up with confusion. On the contrary, you can find a simple solution by pressing “C” key, which can show a reminder of the controls. The keyboard controls for the Decentraland metaverse also allow you to access a chat function for interacting with other users. You can also talk to other users by pressing the “T” key and speaking through your microphone. With your digital avatar and awareness of methods for entering the Decentraland metaverse, you can make the most of its true potential. 

What Can You Do in Decentraland Metaverse?

The working of Decentraland metaverse offered a brief impression of what is possible with this platform. As a seamless virtual environment without any restrictions, Decentraland gives you an opportunity to buy and customize virtual parcels of land. One of the significant highlights in Decentraland metaverse uses would reflect on how it depends on LAND and MANA tokens. You can own LAND tokens and build virtual experiences and assets on the virtual piece of land. 

In addition, users can link their virtual real estate with that of other users to create districts. The “districts” in Decentraland metaverse open up the prospects for collaboration in creating new experiences and structures. As of now, the number of virtual parcels of land on Decentraland or LAND NFTs is a fixed number at 90,000. It is also important to note that the value of the virtual land parcels would increase with the rise in the number of users on the platform.                    

Keep in mind that you would need MANA, the native token of Decentraland metaverse. It is an essential requirement for purchasing LAND or other collectibles from the Decentraland marketplace. Access your map for the Decentraland metaverse from the start menu and click on the location you want to explore. 

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Final Words

The detailed guide on steps to access Decentraland metaverse sheds light on the potential of the top metaverse platform. Many metaverse skeptics must have pointed out various setbacks in Decentraland, such as the claim of being the first metaverse platform. Well, there’s nothing wrong with claiming you are the best when you actually are! 

The flexible steps to get started with the Decentraland metaverse leave little confusion for beginners. In addition, the clear allocation of value to the tokens in Decentraland, i.e., MANA and LAND, makes it easier for users to follow the best practices of using the platform. Start learning more about the metaverse and best ways to use Decentraland metaverse.

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