In the technology-driven era, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most revolutionary technologies. The emergence of the IoT concept has made it possible to leverage a distributed network. A host of objects that are characterized by sensors, software, and connectivity elements can function within the network. Thanks to IoT technology, it becomes possible to gather and share data in a seamless manner through the internet. 

In the dynamic and competitive business landscape, the reliance of businesses across diverse industries on IoT has risen. It has made it possible for companies to explore new possibilities that can act as a source of competitive advantage. In case you have narrow knowledge of the top IoT platforms, it is time to raise your awareness level.

The information can be very handy since it can empower you to manage your smart projects effortlessly. Since companies have started realizing the significance of IoT, they are leaving no stone unturned to adopt IoT technology. Before you choose an ideal IoT platform that meets your business needs, it is necessary for you to understand what exactly IoT platforms are.

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What are IoT platforms, and why do you need them?

An IoT platform is a platform that supports seamless connectivity of devices in a remote manner. Such platforms support smooth functioning along with simple operations and simplify how business entities carry out their operations. Industrial IoT platforms serve as tools that help to bridge the gap between data networks and device sensors. Hence with the help of modern technology, you can gain insight into data that is utilized in backend applications.

In the contemporary business environment, IoT platforms are a blessing. By using these platforms, you will be able to collect data remotely, establish secure connections, and perform the execution of sensor management. That’s not all! Most importantly, with the help of IoT platforms, you can get an in-depth insight into the evolving needs of your target customers. Hence a win-win situation can be created. This is because you will not only have the upper hand over your competitors, but you can also fulfill your customer’s needs. 

Now that you have proper clarity of Internet of Things platforms, it is high time to integrate these tools into your business. However, it is essential to choose the best IoT platform that can help you meet your business goals and objectives. Read on to learn about some of the most popular IoT platforms that are ruling the business world these days. By the end of the IoT platform list, you can definitely pick out the platform that can aid you in your upcoming smart project.

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Top 10 IoT Platforms

The presence of IoT technology is expanding at a rapid pace right now. Especially in the business landscape, the use of IoT platforms has become an extremely common practice. Basically, business entities are leveraging innovative technology as a strategic weapon to gain a competitive edge over their rivals. In case you are yet to take the plunge, you do not have to worry. With the help of the IoT platform list, you can choose the perfect IoT platform for your business’ smart project.

  • Cisco IoT Platform

Cisco IoT platform is among the most popular IoT platforms. Initially, the IoT platform was developed for mobile operators. However, today it is commonly used in diverse industries and sectors due to its user-friendly attribute.  You can easily integrate the robust platform to manage your next smart project. It offers ample flexibility, which makes it an amazing solution at both industrial as well as individual levels.

With the help of the IoT platform, you can make optimum use of the available IoT hardware components. The reliable set of routers, switches, gateways, and access points will enhance your experience of using the IoT solution. You will be able to derive maximum value from your collected IoT data by using the Cisco IoT platform

  • Microsoft Azure IoT solution 

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub is a trusted IoT partner that you can ever wish for. With the help of the IoT platform, you will be able to efficiently build secure and scalable edge-to-cloud solutions. It is one of the flexible tools that are currently available in the market. You can make the optimum use of the ready-to-use elements, such as templates and tools, to create flexible business applications. 

The platform is among the best solutions since you can operate it even when you are in offline mode. The AI solutions that are available will help you to holistically leverage the platform to fulfill your business needs. Although the IoT platform is a great choice for all kinds of businesses, it is ideal in retail and healthcare. Similarly, you can also derive optimum value from it if your business operates in the energy sector or automobile industry.

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  • Salesforce IoT

In the prevailing business domain, managing customer relations is crucial for businesses regardless of the industry in which they operate. In case your next smart project is about improving customer relations, there is no better option than Salesforce IoT cloud. This tool basically enhances the customer management area by leveraging IoT technology. It is among the top IoT platforms since it can collect insightful and rich data from interlinked devices.

By integrating the Salesforce IoT solution into your business process, you can offer tailored experiences to your customers. Therefore, you will be able to build strong connections with your target audience and strengthen your customer base. This IoT platform will enable you to get a comprehensive view of your customer data. Thus, by using the insights, you can enhance their experience and gain an edge over your business rivals.

  • Bosch IoT solution 

One of the best IoT platforms examples that exist in the market today is Bosch IoT Suite. This open-source IoT solution offers middleware services to the users for performing end-to-end application development activities. One of the distinguishing features of the IoT platform is that it prioritizes the privacy of users. Hence you do not have to worry about data privacy and security.

With the help of the flexible solution, you can have seamless IoT integration without any kind of complexity. The icing on the cake is that you can use diverse devices like smartphones, tablets, or personal computers for accessibility. Since the IoT platform is capable of performing real-time analytics, you can derive maximum benefits from it.

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  • IBM Watson IoT platform 

In case you are bothered by the question – What is the most important IoT platform? the answer is simple. IBM Watson IoT platform, which is built on IBM Cloud, is an ideal solution. It acts as a scalable and flexible solution that can give a boost to connectivity options. Moreover, the secure quality of communication will ensure that your collected data is totally safe.

One of the core features of the solution that you must be aware of is direct access to the latest data. With the help of the IoT platform, you can make well-informed decisions while working on your smart project. Some of the main use cases where the solution is an ideal option include supply chain management and regulatory compliance. Similarly, it can be of immense help for building management as well as energy consumption. 

  • RTI IoT platform 

The RTI IoT solution is one of the earliest tools that has its presence in diverse industries and businesses. It is known to offer robust connectivity features along with control. Hence by capitalizing on this solution, you can optimally manage IoT systems by simplifying the communication flow. One of the major highlights of the IoT platform is that it supports simple integration of new assets with the current ones. 

The platform is one of the best industrial IoT platforms, which offers efficient as well as scalable data processing mechanisms. You do not have to worry about making frequent upgrades and integration work. It will fundamentally enhance interoperability among diverse system elements and components. The series of productivity-enhancing elements in the IoT platform can ensure that you can derive maximum worth from it.

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  • Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS IoT Core is one of the most popular IoT platforms examples that are available today. It is a leading solution that enables businesses to establish a connection between devices and AWS cloud services. The best thing is that there is no need for you to manage servers. It acts as a comprehensive solution that takes care of reliability along with security while managing a plethora of devices.

If you plan to use Amazon AWS IoT, you can utilize other AWS services as well. Since there is end-to-end conscription at all levels of connectivity, the level of security is top-notch. This IoT solution can surely give a major boost to your smart project efforts.   

  • Samsung ARTIK

Samsung ARTIK is a relatively new IoT platform. This platform basically unifies diverse elements, including software, hardware, security, and cloud, in a single place. It is capable of supporting the seamless connection of hardware components with cloud services. ARTIK offers end-to-end IoT solutions to clients. It is especially a perfect IoT platform if you want to carry out management and product development operations. 

The IoT platform supports the collection, storing, and managing of data in addition to their secure transfer between devices. The simple device management feature will ensure you can handle your smart project effortlessly. 

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  • ThingWorx

ThingWorx is rightly known to be among the trailblazers when it comes to the development of top IoT platforms. With the help of the robust solution, you will be able to have scalable and fast data processing at your disposal. Due to the flexible nature of the IoT solution, you can adapt it to meet your exact business needs. It is capable of syncing the data with the business needs. Hence you will be able to extract maximum worth from the innovative IoT solution. 

By integrating the IoT platform, you will be able to optimize the work processes of your business. The attributes pertaining to device connectivity can ensure that you can work smartly on your smart projects. 

  • Oracle IoT platform

The IoT platform by Oracle is an effective tool that can help you connect your business devices to the cloud. With the help of the solution, you may not only create robust applications but connect them to devices such as Android, iOS, etc. The ability to automatically synchronize the data streams can further assist you in your smart project. This platform is commonly used for activities such as smart manufacturing, safety at the workplace, and predictive maintenance. 

By integrating the OOT solution by Oracle, you can have higher visibility and insights. Hence you will be able to make important decisions that can guide your projects toward success. 

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IoT platforms have become a necessity these days for business entities. You can take the help of the above list to answer the question – What is the most important IoT platform? While selecting an IoT platform, you need to focus on the exact needs of your business. Such an approach will make the selection process easier for you. After you start using a suitable IoT platform in the business context, there is no looking back for you. You will be able to optimally use technology to carry out your business activities.

As numerous IoT platforms are emerging, you must carefully make your choice. In addition to focusing on your requirements, you need to prioritize the technical capabilities of the provider. After the appropriate parameters are met, you can make the final selection of an IoT platform for your business. Then there will be no one to stop you from excelling in your future smart projects and endeavors. By optimally leveraging technology, you can set an example in the business domain.

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