Artificial intelligence or AI serves as a major trend in the domain of technology with capabilities for simulating human intelligence in machines. It involves the combination of different types of techniques, such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. The top AI applications could help you understand the potential of artificial intelligence and how it could help in transforming digital transformation.

Businesses want to leverage AI to make intelligent decisions and automate their daily tasks. However, it is important to know about the different applications of artificial intelligence across multiple industries for exploring new ways to implement AI in real-world scenarios. Let us learn more about the top applications of AI and some of the popular apps in the domain of artificial intelligence.

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Why Should You Learn about AI Apps?

Artificial intelligence is a fast-growing sector and could present promising opportunities for improving the usability of digital technology. The best AI apps could help in expanding the AI landscape, and revenue from the global AI app market could reach almost $126 billion by 2025. Gartner has pointed out that almost 37% of organizations have utilized AI in some form, and more organizations have planned to adopt artificial intelligence.

On top of it, the prevalence of AI apps would grow to an extent where almost 95% of interactions with customers would be powered by AI. It is important to note that developing AI apps requires in-depth knowledge of AI fundamentals, data management, AI development tools, deep learning algorithms, and cloud computing. 

You should learn about the popular AI applications as they could help you understand how AI is a useful tool for different sectors. Artificial intelligence has found applications in different fields for obtaining insights into user behavior and making data-based suggestions. Large corporations want to leverage AI for personalizing the customer experiences with their brand. Some of the popular applications of artificial intelligence include self-driving cars, smart assistants, and virtual chatbots.

The applications of AI could not only revolutionize technology but also transform society. Artificial intelligence applications could address different types of complicated issues in sectors such as healthcare, education, banking, and entertainment. Therefore, it is important to learn about AI apps and how they could transform different types of conventional processes and systems.

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Top Applications of Artificial Intelligence 

You can understand the importance of learning about AI apps and the value advantages contributed by AI for different sectors. Artificial intelligence provides the opportunity for automating different systems and tasks. It also helps in extracting insights from massive volumes of data for making business decisions. AI has become an important tool for improving efficiency and comfort in daily lives of general users. Here is an outline of the different ways in which AI applications could transform digital ecosystems.

  • Healthcare

Healthcare institutions want to leverage the applications of artificial intelligence to change the ways of delivering healthcare services. AI systems could help in automation of daily administrative activities such as maintaining organized file systems and scheduling meetings.

Natural language processing could help in transcribing medical notes for organizing patient information. It is also important to notice the possibilities for using AI in robotic surgery and drug development. Furthermore, artificial intelligence apps could help in ensuring comprehensive health monitoring by tapping into wearable devices.

  • E-commerce

The applications of AI in the e-commerce industry can lead to radical improvements in competitive advantage. Consumers utilize AI for finding related products alongside checking for variations of brand, color, and size. An effective artificial intelligence app for the e-commerce sector could help in ensuring personalized shopping experiences.

On top of it, virtual shopping assistants powered by AI could also help in improving the online experiences of consumers. Therefore, brands could always interact with their customers and serve them in real-time with tailored customer experiences.

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  • Agriculture 

The world needs to produce more food due to the growing levels of consumption. At the same time, agriculture also requires effective allocation of resources to ensure that the industry can flourish amidst emerging challenges. The answers to “What is the most popular AI app?” in the field of agriculture would reflect on how AI could help farmers make the most of their resources. For example, Blue River Technology has created the See & Spray robot, which leverages computer vision technology for spraying pesticides on cotton plantations.

  • Marketing 

Artificial intelligence applications in the field of marketing have helped in achieving new benchmarks. AI could help in making automated decisions on the basis of data about customers. Artificial intelligence could help in creating marketing campaigns within a limited time. The popular AI applications in marketing involve behavioral analysis and pattern recognition for delivering highly personalized ads.

Furthermore, AI can also help in targeting viewers at the right time, thereby ensuring better outcomes for marketing campaigns. Artificial intelligence could help in ensuring effective collection and tracking of real-time tactical data alongside helping with marketing decisions. 

  • Social Media 

Social media is one of the fastest-growing industries capable of driving new channels for revenue. However, the most valuable asset on social media is data, and intelligence could serve as the first reason for businesses to focus on social media. The new generation of AI apps could help in monitoring unstructured user comments through different techniques to offer tailored experiences. On top of it, artificial intelligence also helps in creating content through evaluation of user activities and other parameters of the target demographics.

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Most Popular Apps Powered by Artificial Intelligence 

The discussions about artificial intelligence applications could lead you to information on the use cases of AI in different industries. However, you must learn about the best AI apps that showcase the working of real-life implementations of AI. Here is an overview of the top ten artificial intelligence apps that you should take note of right now.

1. Alexa 

 Alexa Amazon Alexa is probably the most common example of a virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence. Alexa was used first with Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers and Amazon Echo. Now, you can find the artificial intelligence app across different platforms, including iOS and Android.

Alexa utilizes voice queries, natural language processing, and machine learning to offer natural interactions with users. Another important aspect of Alexa is that it utilizes the Wolfram programming language. Almost 68.2% of smart speaker users utilize Amazon Echo, thereby indicating the formidable popularity of Alexa.

2. Bing AI 

microsoft bing ai Microsoft announced the new version of Bing search engine in February 2023. It could qualify as an important response to “What is the most popular AI app?” as it leverages the GPT-4 transformer model. You can find support for ChatGPT in the Bing AI chat feature, which could provide access to the internet and information on latest events.

The OpenAI integration with Bing has helped in increasing web traffic by almost 15.4%. Users can find an interactive chat interface with the AI chat app. Most important of all, Bing AI is available for everyone, and the number of daily active users of Bing has reached 100 million. 

3. Socratic 

socratic The next addition among the popular artificial intelligence apps includes Socratic. It helps students with their homework in Maths and other subjects. Google had announced the acquisition of the app in 2019. Socratic is one of the reliable applications of artificial intelligence for students as they can take pictures through their phone camera.

The AI app would then help in providing visual explanations for important concepts included in the curriculum of students. Socratic leverages text and speech recognition alongside supporting multiple subjects. With over 10 million downloads, Socratic is a popular AI tool for students and also enjoys a higher rating on Apple App Store.

4. Magic Design 

magic design The popularity of Canva as an important tool for creating presentations and visual content has created a formidable target audience for the tool. It has established the foundations for Magic Design, which can find its way to the list of top 10 AI applications with its prominent advantages. Magic Design is still in the beta stage, and the app offers a collection of pre-defined templates for visual designs without advanced expertise in design or coding.

Magic Design leverages AI to learn from a vast collection of images, templates, and different graphic elements on Canva for creating intuitive visual designs. Users can also start with a blank presentation and let Magic Design work its magic for creating custom designs according to user preferences.

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5. Netflix 

netflix The most prominent addition among businesses that have adopted AI is Netflix. Netflix is a popular online video streaming platform that has a global presence with almost 160 million members. The platform depends on artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience alongside improving end-to-end service for Netflix consumers. 

It is not a dedicated artificial intelligence app, as Netflix utilizes AI for the recommendation engine. Netflix utilizes AI to analyze the viewing habits and search history of users to offer personalized recommendations for users. Interestingly, the AI recommendation engine of Netflix helps in saving almost $1 billion every year.

6. Otter AI 

otter AI The popular additions among AI apps in the market right now would also include, which leverages artificial intelligence for speech-to-text transcription. is a popular AI app for documentation of meeting notes with the benefits of real-time transcription and audio recordings.

Another prominent highlight of points to the flexibility for collaboration between multiple users for discussions. also offers a business plan that can help in connecting OtterPilot with Microsoft and Google calendars. It could also provide benefits of capturing meeting slides automatically for generating meeting summaries. 

7. ChatGPT 

chatgpt The whole world is discussing the wonders of ChatGPT and how it has grown at an exponential rate within a limited time. It is one of the easiest answers to questions like “What is the most popular AI app?” and you can verify the same in facts about its user base.

The generative AI tool garnered 100 million users within two months of its launch. It also leverages natural language processing to help you write emails, essays, poems, or a simple app. ChatGPT has been trained with a massive dataset featuring textual data from the internet and could provide immediate responses to your questions.

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8. Siri

siriThe popular virtual assistant by Apple, Siri, is an obvious addition to the list of artificial intelligence applications. Siri has gained popularity for its effective utilization of AI that can help in utilizing voice queries through a natural language user interface. 

Almost 84.2 million people in the US are likely to utilize Siri as their voice assistant by 2024. It is one of the popular AI applications that captures almost 36% of the voice assistant technology market. Siri utilizes AI to ensure faster adaptability to language, preferences, and search history of users.

9. ELSA Speak

elsa speak Another notable entry in the list of artificial intelligence apps is ELSA Speak. It can help in learning the best practices for speaking English. Users could learn how to speak English and pronounce words through short dialogues. Artificial intelligence powers ELSA Speak by offering instant feedback. 

The app utilizes speech recognition technology and has been trained on voice data with people speaking English in different accents. You can classify ELSA Speak as one of the popular artificial intelligence applications, as the website claims it has been downloaded over 50 million times.

10. Google Assistant 

google assistant Google launched its AI-powered virtual assistant in 2016 in the form of Google Assistant. It is the latest addition among AI apps in the category of virtual assistants. Google has collaborated with different companies, thereby ensuring availability of Google Assistant on different types of devices and appliances.

Google Assistant offers different types of services, such as voice-activated device control, voice commands, and searching for information online. As of now, Google Assistant is available in almost 50,000 smart home devices by over 10,000 renowned brands.

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Final Words

The outline of the top 10 AI applications shows that the world is readily embracing artificial intelligence. It is time to take AI adoption beyond the assumptions that paint AI as a luxurious choice for businesses that want to leap towards the future. However, you can find AI apps everywhere around you, and examples of such apps prove how AI can become an integral part of our lives. Learn more about the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and its impact on different industries now.

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