101 Blockchains is a renowned name in the Blockchain industry. From research to guides and training to certification, you can find everything here. Here we cover the top reasons to get the 101 Blockchains certification.

Technology does not stop for anyone. Over the years, various technological advancements have been revising the conventional notions of business. In the present times, Blockchain is one such technology with proven potential for transforming operations in various sectors. On the contrary, many individuals are still not aware of the meaning of Blockchain.

The increasing demand for Blockchain across various sectors and its various features indicate a long-term potential for career development. 101 Blockchains Certification is one of the reliable instruments for validating your expertise in Blockchain. 101 Blockchains are the leading independent research-based network for Blockchain professionals in the world. So, why should you pursue their Enterprise Blockchain certification?

This question would obviously arise in the mind of an individual beginning to explore the Blockchain landscape just now. Is a Blockchain certification worth it? The following discussion would help you explore the importance of Blockchain certification. Most important of all, you can find the potential reasons to choose 101 Blockchains as your choice of certification provider. By the end of the discussion, you can find a reliable answer to ‘why 101 Blockchains certification’.

101 Blockchains: Know a Bit About Us

First of all, let us start with the basic question, what is 101 Blockchains. As stated above, 101 Blockchains is the leading, independent research-based network for Blockchain professionals. You can think of it as a platform that can provide you a reliable understanding of the core concepts of Blockchain technology and its related ecosystem. 101 Blockchains offers comprehensive and industry-standard training on Blockchain technology.

In addition, the 101 Blockchains Certification is also a recognized benchmark of Blockchain expertise. 101 Blockchains also offers promising guidance on the implementation of Blockchain technology along with a prominent focus on business transformation with updated actionable tools. Most important of all, 101 Blockchains is a reliable source of credible research in the field of Blockchain technology. 

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Importance of Blockchain Certifications

Before reflecting on the reasons to get 101 Blockchains Certification, it is important to know the importance of Blockchain certifications in general. The skill gap in the case of Blockchain is exceptionally large. The interesting fact is that Blockchain technology is not limited only to developers. Shipping clerks, stockbrokers, receptionists, marketers, and security guards also require knowledge of the Blockchain industry.

For example, a mining company could look for a public relations executive with an understanding of recording company data on a transparent and auditable digital ledger. Accounting firms could need sales managers with skills for explaining the ways in which customer trading profits would be deposited in digital wallets in real-time.

Therefore, one can clearly notice that Blockchain is definitely making its way into different industries. So, certifications could offer you the opportunity to strengthen your reputation as a Blockchain expert. Here are some of the notable benefits of Blockchain certifications.

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  • Opportunity for becoming a part of the Digital Revolution

Blockchain is a futuristic technology and gives you the opportunity to have a technical advantage over practically the rest of the world. Estimates indicate that only 0.5% of the global population uses Blockchain today. So, you could become part of a global technological revolution by achieving a Block chain certification like the 101 Blockchains certification.

Certifications enable a candidate to learn about the working of Blockchain technology and the various Blockchain-related skills. In addition, Blockchain certifications also drive candidates to prepare with useful learning resources and utilize them for developing hands-on experience in building decentralized applications. 

  • Achieve the Right Skills for Blockchain-related Jobs 

Certifications equip an individual with the right set of skills for the various booming job opportunities in Block chain technology. Since job opportunities are one of the foremost factors driving the interest of candidates in Blockchain technology, this is a promising reason to pursue Blockchain certifications. 

  • Blockchain has Better Potential for Adoption

The global infrastructure of Blockchain and distributed ledger systems could be easily integrated into the existing systems. Therefore, any enterprise could access the Blockchain infrastructure and utilize it for their operations. The single infrastructure of Blockchain is connected to the other market, thereby improving creativity.

So, the integration of Blockchain infrastructure with existing processes is not a prominent issue at all. For example, integration of Blockchain with artificial intelligence and machine learning can offer the chances to obtain better results. As a result, the potential for large-scale adoption of Blockchain creates notable opportunities for career development in the long run, starting with a Block chain certification. 

  • Opportunities for Developing Skills in Security and Identity

Blockchain certifications like the 101 Blockchains Certification offer the chance for candidates to develop their expertise in data security and digital identity with Blockchain technology. As a Enterprise Blockchain expert, you have to take over the responsibility of safeguarding sensitive data on the Blockchain network. With expertise in Blockchain technology, candidates can explore careers in cybersecurity as well as system administration, depending on their preferences. 

  • Notable Industries are Adopting Blockchain

One of the most prominent highlights that showcase the significance of Blockchain certifications is the outline of industries involved with Blockchain technology. Apart from the finance and banking industry where Blockchain serves as the underlying technology for cryptocurrency, Blockchain has applications in many other areas.

Some of the notable industries which have started the integration of Blockchain in their processes include healthcare, supermarkets, voting, and energy resources. This is just the beginning of a long and continuous revolution and would constantly mark the uniqueness of Block chain technology. Therefore, Blockchain certifications can help candidates explore opportunities in almost any industry vertical according to their preferences.

  • Promising Salary Packages

Some of the notable roles related to Blockchain have lucrative salary packages with promising scope in the existing job market for Blockchain enthusiasts. Blockchain certifications like the 101 Blockchains Certification can help you establish a formidable claim over various Blockchain-related job roles. For example, cryptocurrency analyst, systems engineer, cloud engineers, and cryptocurrency developers are some of the roles you can explore with a Blockchain certification. 

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Advantages of Taking 101 Blockchains Certification

Therefore, you can clearly notice that Blockchain certifications are reliable tools for securing better career opportunities. So, it is reasonable for aspiring candidates to look for trustworthy certification providers such as 101 Blockchains.

Top Resasons to get blockchain certification

Now, you must be wondering what exactly makes 101 Blockchains a reliable Blockchain certification provider. Here is an outline of the top reasons to get 101 Blockchains Certification.

  • Extensive Amount of Research Information

One of the foremost reasons to pursue 101 Blockchains Certification is the abundance of research available on the platform. The extensive amount of research available on 101 blockchains in the form of guides, e-books, and infographics can strengthen the subject matter expertise of learners.

As a result, 101 Blockchains is not only a certification provider but also a repository of helpful information to learn more about Blockchain and the emerging advancements. A certification from 101 Blockchains guarantees an individual’s comprehensive expertise in Block chain technology.

  • Strategic Approach for Training

The importance of getting 101 Blockchains Certification is also evident in the strategic approach for training. Blockchain enthusiasts can achieve a detailed understanding of strategic approaches followed by large enterprises for Blockchain implementation.

As a result, candidates could gain promising hands-on experience in understanding the implementation of Block chain technology in different industries. Candidates could achieve confidence in addressing real-time performance-based tasks through the strategic approach to training on 101 Blockchains.

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  • Top-Quality Training Content 

Another potential reason to go for 101 Blockchains for achieving your Blockchain certification is the facility of top-quality content. Apart from the research content available on 101 blockchains, the 101 blockchains certification training material serves as a key highlight. The training material on 101 blockchains for its certification is tailored by notable subject matter experts with in-depth research and care.

Therefore, candidates can not only ensure thorough preparations for the certification by 101 Blockchains but also improve their conceptual knowledge of Blockchain technology.

  • Interactive Exercises and Hands-on Assignments

The next crucial reason to choose 101 Blockchains Certification is the facility for achieving detailed insights into certain use cases with interactive exercises and additional hands-on assignments. The interactive exercises under focus in training with 101 Blockchains for certification are selected on the basis of their capability for rendering practical value.

Candidates can obtain a detailed overview of the various use cases of practical value in Blockchain with 101 Blockchains. The individual approach to each use case creates new avenues for a better understanding of the technology and its practical implementations. 

  • Modular Approach for Flexible Learning

The Block chain certification training course on 101 Blockchains follows a modular approach. This is the better reason to choose 101 Blockchains Certification. For example, the certification training for Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional CEBP certification covers five different modules as follows,

  • Blockchain Technology Fundamentals
  • Enterprise Blockchain Platforms
  • Blockchain in Trade Finance
  • Applications of Blockchain
  • Blockchain Use Cases

As you can clearly notice, the 101 Blockchains training course focuses on the important aspects related to the use of Blockchain technology. In addition, the distribution of Blockchain concepts into modules helps candidates achieve flexibility in their learning. Candidates must find the modular approach helpful for learning for Blockchain certification while managing their professional responsibilities. 

  • Access to Bonus Learning Resources

The most crucial reason to choose 101 Blockchains Certification is the facility of bonus learning material. Practical insights from industry experts can strengthen the capabilities of a Blockchain beginner. The in-depth interviews of some of the world’s leading enterprise Blockchain experts can help candidates gain a general impression of the Blockchain industry. In addition, the insights of industry experts can also help you update your knowledge about the current trends in the field of Blockchain.

  • Adoption across Different Industries 

The 101 Blockchains Certification is the ideal requirement for industry professionals, business leaders, and senior managers also. It helps in ensuring the formidable development of in-depth understanding and insights regarding the impact of Blockchain technology. Senior leadership and decision-makers can improve capabilities for perceiving Blockchain industry trends and implementing relevant strategies.

Product and program managers could utilize the certification for gaining insights into the possibilities of improving product performance or program efficiency. Innovation managers and entrepreneurs could utilize the training for certification by 101 Blockchains to discover new ideas of using Blockchain.

Furthermore, advisors and business analysts could utilize the certification training course of 101 Blockchains to deliver reliable recommendations for the use of Blockchain technology on the basis of industry best practices. Similarly, business analysts could discover new opportunities for leveraging Blockchain technology to influence business decisions. 

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  • Tangible Proof of Course Completion 

Above everything else, the 101 Blockchains certification offers an official completion certificate upon qualification. Therefore, candidates can achieve an industry-recognized tangible proof of their expertise in Blockchain technology with a certification by 101 blockchains. Candidates have the option of printing a diploma that can be a promising addition to the resume of an individual.

In addition, the certification by 101 Blockchains also comes with the facility of LinkedIn accreditation. Therefore, you can clearly find better opportunities for professional networking with the recognition of LinkedIn. Potential employers would not have any difficulties in gauging your Blockchain expertise, thereby ensuring better promises for your career.

  • Expert Instructors

The two most prominent highlights that show the importance of getting 101 Blockchains Certification are the instructors of the course. The lead instructor of the course is renowned worldwide as an expert on supply chain finance and Blockchain. He is a member of the United Nations Center for Electronic Commerce and Trade Facilitation. Furthermore, he is also a regular guest speaker at popular industry events.

The senior instructor, Aviv Lichtigstein, is the next important reason to register for the certification by 101 Blockchains right now. Aviv is a thought leader with in-depth experience in the development of enterprise products by leveraging AI and big data. As the founder and CEO of 101 Blockchains, his experience, initiative, and guidance are the driving force of the credibility of 101 Blockchains.

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  • The facility of Premium Support     

The final yet the most promising reason to choose 101 Blockchains certification is the assurance of support. Candidates enrolling for the Block chain certification on 101 Blockchains could enjoy the facility of personalized guidance. Resources such as weekly training spreadsheets, along with email guidance, can help candidates prepare effectively for their certification. In addition, the responsive premium support mechanism of 101 Blockchains provides a strong boost to the preparation of candidates.

Ready to Get 101 Blockchains Certification?

On a concluding note, you can clearly observe the significance of 101 Blockchains as a reliable platform to prove your Blockchain expertise. The above-mentioned discussion showcases that majority of opportunities in Blockchain arise from the futuristic nature of the technology. The benefits of 101 Blockchains certifications include security and identity, along with a focus on a distributed digital ledger, which would continue to drive the adoption of Blockchain technology.

So, certifications from reliable platforms such as 101 Blockchains can build the ideal foundation for a career in Blockchain. The industry-standard training along with credible support and insights of expert instructors, make 101 Blockchains the ideal choice. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional CEBP certification is one of the top Blockchain certifications. Register now and take your first step in a Blockchain career right now!