Are you thinking of something unique to start your career in technology? Blockchain could be the best possible solution for candidates looking at a futuristic, long-term, and revolutionary career. The arrival of blockchain technology has been a promising intervention that has the potential for long-term disruptions in various sectors. The increasing demand for blockchain expertise has also led to a substantial rise in the need for the best free blockchain course.

Many of you might wonder, ‘why free?’ and it is reasonable to have this doubt, especially with the availability of premium blockchain training courses. Free blockchain courses are the ideal choice to ease in into the world of blockchain technology. The following discussion reflects on the need to learn blockchain with a free course and the scope of a career in blockchain. Most important of all, the discussion points out two of the best free blockchain course options along with their benefits.

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Blockchain technology has been capable of garnering the attention of almost every individual worldwide. Blockchain brings the concept of a distributed ledger system for better transparency and faster transactions. The blockchain technology has the capabilities for recording and management of transactions of enterprises.

All records in a blockchain are stored in blocks of information with the details of time and type of transaction. Therefore, the data has promising safeguards against unwanted manipulation. The recording of each transaction on the blocks of a blockchain with encryption provides the assurance of security. So, it is evident to notice the transformations it can bring about in the world of technology.

Why Should You Learn Blockchain?

However, are the features and benefits of blockchain technology enough to learn blockchain with free course? There are many other reasons for which students are aspiring to learn about blockchain and pursue a career in the field. One of the first factors about blockchain is its adoption among top companies all over the world.

The notable names showing interest in blockchain technology include JP Morgan Chase, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft. Most important of all, blockchain technology applications are not limited only to cryptocurrencies. The use of blockchain across different sectors such as oil and gas, retail, telecommunications, and the healthcare industry presents promising opportunities for all aspiring candidates.

The gradual interest of government agencies in the adoption of blockchain for the transformation of legacy infrastructures is also spurring opportunities for blockchain education and training. Furthermore, financial institutions are also considering the adoption of cryptocurrencies in alongside the use of blockchain for digital wallets. The industry applications of blockchain create promising reasons for new candidates to learn about technology.

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Why a Free Blockchain Course, in particular?

So, many beginners are slowly showing interest in the blockchain industry for capitalizing on the lucrative career prospects. However, the blockchain landscape is quite massive despite being in the initial stages, and beginners could face various difficulties. Beginners are completely new to the world of blockchain and would definitely face confusion in learning about the technology.

The best free blockchain course can help candidates navigate the basics easily and set up a promising career in blockchain technology. Beginners do not have to invest in premium blockchain courses right away. Once you learn about the fundamentals of blockchain technology, you would easily understand the basic concepts for pursuing different career roles in the blockchain.

In addition, free courses also take away pressure on beginners about learning new technology. Now, the important question that anyone would ask is, ‘which is the best blockchain course available for free?’ and the answer to this can be a huge value contributor for your blockchain career. The answer is 101 Blockchains!

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Why 101 Blockchains?

101 Blockchains is a trusted platform for blockchain education and research. Recognized by leading industry blockchain practitioners, 101 Blockchains brings a new perspective on training for blockchain careers. 101 Blockchains free blockchain courses are credible instruments to give a perfect start to your journey in the blockchain sector.

The unique approach of 101 Blockchains in its learning resources, along with the involvement of industry experts in the 101 Blockchains team, ensures promising advantages for all beginners. The two notable blockchain training courses on 101 Blockchains for beginners include the Free Blockchain Course and the Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals Course. Let us take a look at the highlights of the two free blockchain courses on 101 Blockchains.

Free Blockchain Fundamentals Course

The “Free Blockchain Fundamental Course” is the first best free blockchain course on 101 Blockchains. The course includes five distinct modules for a simpler organization of the fundamental topics in the course. Beginners can consider this course as a crash course with five distinct lessons emphasizing various aspects of blockchain basics. The different modules in the free blockchain fundamental course by 101 Blockchains are as follows,

  • An in-depth understanding of blockchain technology and its definition
  • Mandatory enterprise blockchain terms that every beginner should know
  • Fundamentals of smart contracts
  • Digital transformation with the support of blockchain
  • Potential of blockchain for transforming the world

The prominent benefits of the free blockchain course by 101 Blockchains are evident in the features of the course.

  • The 101 Blockchains free blockchain course follows a strategic approach for understanding the practical deployments of blockchain. 101 Blockchains provides trustworthy content in the course of the free blockchain to help candidates learn the fundamental concepts as well as the relationship between them.
  • The facility of insights on practical use cases of blockchain with information on transformation tools can help beginners strengthen their practical knowledge of blockchain. Therefore, candidates have the best free blockchain course to kickstart their knowledge of fundamentals in the blockchain.
  • The mark of trust of more than 11,000 professionals is also a prominent indicator of the benefits with this course. Furthermore, the credibility of the free blockchain course by 101 Blockchains is also evident in the trust that employees at notable organizations show in it. Employees at Oracle, KPMG, LSE, IBM, and Cisco trust, 101 Blockchains free blockchain course, and it is reasonable for every beginner to do the same!

Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals Course

The second mention in free blockchain courses by 101 Blockchains is the Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course. This is the best free blockchain course structured with four days of duration into different modules. The course is ideal for any individual aspiring to take the next big leap in their professional career.

The Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course is a helpful alternative for improving your skills in blockchain and gain a promising position in the corporate sector. The course helps you develop a detailed understanding of blockchain technology fundamentals, its working, and its role in boosting your career opportunities. The Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course is the ideal free blockchain fundamentals course after completing the free blockchain course by 101 Blockchains.

While the free blockchain course helps you know the basics, the Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course helps you learn more about the technology. The aim of the course focuses only on strengthening the blockchain skillset of candidates while opening up new avenues for beginners. The Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course is suitable for blockchain beginners in the following roles,

  • Software developers
  • Innovation managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business analysts and advisors
  • Decision-makers and senior leadership

Beginners could find five modules in the best free blockchain course by 101 Blockchains. The modules are strategically organized for helping students improve their knowledge of blockchain fundamentals. A detailed reflection on the objectives of the five different modules of the Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals training course can help in understanding its benefits for beginners.

  • The first module of the Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals training course is suitable for people who have basic knowledge regarding blockchain technology. In addition, it also helps expert individuals to develop a better understanding of the definitions and assumptions regarding basic elements of the course. The best free blockchain course starts perfectly by giving a perfect understanding of the working of blockchain.
  • The second module of Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals improves the knowledge of candidates of terms such as consensus mechanism, permissioned blockchain, and others. Beginners could learn about the common terminology of enterprise blockchain easily and develop the foundation for the rest of the course.
  • The third module deals with smart contracts, one of the important components for enterprise adoption of blockchain. Candidates can reflect deeply on the working, advantages, and limitations of smart contracts in this module easily.
  • The fourth module emphasizes on understanding the business use cases and dynamics related to blockchain technology. It introduces beginners to the practicalities of blockchain and its necessity in the present time.
  • The final highlight of the Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course presents a unique benefit for beginners. The special feature by 101 Blockchains in this module helps beginners in understanding the potential of blockchain technology.

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Final Words

So, you can clearly notice how the best free blockchain course by 101 Blockchains can help beginners. The facility of different benefits with the courses apart from the support of competent lecturers and course structure is prominent highlights of 101 Blockchains. Beginners can trust the free blockchain courses to know about basic concepts in blockchain technology and gain additional support from 101 Blockchains.

The presentation of fundamental courses in a modular approach along with updated content provides assurance of credibility. Most important of all, the availability of the courses for free provides flexibility for beginners to learn without any pressure. Start learning the fundamentals of blockchain right now and build a promising career ahead with the free blockchain courses!   

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