Are you looking for reasons to get in-person training for learning blockchain? If you do, then you have come to the right place.

The learning industry is evolving at a rapid pace. With technology, it is all about ease of use, reliability, and accessibility. But, it does come with many limitations with the removal of in-person training.

By this, we mean that in not every instance, online training can be a good idea. The same can be said when it comes to in-person training for blockchain. If you are an executive looking to learn about blockchain, it is always a good idea to choose in-person training. By doing so, you benefit immensely. 

That’s why the article will focus on ten reasons why executives need in-person blockchain training. By going through the list, you will learn the importance and hence would take in-person blockchain training, instead of taking an online course which gives you limited exposure to blockchain.

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10 Reasons Why Executives Needs An in-person Blockchain Training 

1. Engagement and Focus

Have you ever wondered why you keep getting distracted online? Well, It’s not just you. Any website that you visit is full of distractions. The same can be said true for online learning. It doesn’t matter if you are watching a video or reading an article.

Distractions are real and are not suitable for your learning experience. To overcome it, you need to be self-disciplined and focused. Even when you do this, you are bound to get distracted now and then.

With in-person training, also known as face-to-face training, you can overcome the issue of engagement and focus, and ensure that you utilize your time. When it comes to in-person interaction, you cannot afford to get distracted. Also, trainers employ many creative ways to ensure that you are focused and engaged. These strategies are important, considering that we live in an era where attention-span is a scarce resource

In the end, you are bound to get a better understanding of blockchain and have better results.

2. Do 1-to-1 when a problem arises

Online learning is impressive until you get stuck with a problem. Not every learner is the same, and this makes online learning not the ideal solution for everyone out there. 

If you are an online learner, you would know that you might have to do research multiple times during a learning session to make sense of the topic at hand. This means investing more time than you would when it comes to comparison with in-person training. It eradicates the research part. It also removes the chances where you continue learning without understanding the previous concepts clearly. 

Trainers in online courses or written guides, try their best to explain the topic. But, that explanation might not be enough for you. Considering that blockchain is a complex topic, there can be many instances in which one can be confused.

Doing in-person blockchain training is much better, and you can always ask the trainer if a problem arises. All you need to do is interrupt the trainer or ask a question when he finishes explaining the topic.

3. Discussion

Even though online courses or websites offer a way for you to discuss, they lack the ingenuity, interest, and enthusiasm around the topic. Sometimes, you might get a response, and other times, you are all alone. You might have joined online forums to discuss the topics.

Human interaction is essential, and as a learner, there can never be a substitute to it. You can discuss the topic with your trainer, or if you are learning in a group of two or more, you can discuss it with others. This opens up creative ideas and new questions. You can also learn about other people’s viewpoints and learn different perspectives. By doing so, you grab a better understanding of the topic.

In-person training gives you the ability not only to focus, enjoy the topic but also discuss to learn new viewpoints and make sense of the topic 

4. No distractions

Our attention span is reducing with each passing day. Do you remember the last time you worked without opening social media platforms or checking your phone? Yes, it is hard, and it takes a lot of self-discipline to work without distractions.

Sometimes, distractions are not in your control. You get an urgent call that you need to attend to or someone knows your doors. In any case, you lose the flow that you are used to. This can be a significant issue when learning complex subjects such as Blockchain.

Blockchain is a simple concept from the outside, but it takes careful learning to understand how it truly works.

In-person blockchain training provides you space and an environment where you can get rid of the distractions and learn mindfully.

With no distraction, your learning capacity increases, and you can retain more ideas.

5. Learn blockchain use-cases deeply

Google, “blockchain use-cases,” and you will discover tons of articles, videos, and courses that list the use-cases. But, most of the time, they do not dive deep into the use-cases.

Use-cases are practical in nature and require to be deeply understood. This way, you can utilize it during implementation purposes. These use-cases also give you a better perspective of what blockchain capacity.

Most of the time, online resources just do not care about explaining use-cases in detail. Their focus is to list as many as they can, without focusing on just one single use-case. Even though you, as a reader, learn about a lot of the use-cases, you never get to know one use-case in depth.

This is where the in-person training comes in. By doing the in-person blockchain training, you are open to better content regarding use-cases. You can even ask the teacher about the use-case and try to understand from the industry you are working in. The process is beneficial for practical learning.

6. Master the concept of how blockchain works

From the surface, blockchain is a simple concept. It is defined as a peer-to-peer network that can interact, trade, and communicate without any centralized authority. In more simple words, we can also see blockchain as a top layer to the “internet” or better an “operating system” that offers a way to run apps, services, or solutions.

But, when you dive deep into the topic, you will encounter topics such as smart contracts, cryptography, decentralized apps, consensus algorithms, and so on. Clearly, blockchain is more complex than it seems. Also, when you take the enterprise point of view, things go drastically more complex. There we have things such as scaling, integration, implementation, and so on.

There are other complexities related to blockchain, including risks — both legal and implementation. Almost every country has different laws, which makes it hard to have one legal body against the blockchain.

All these can make learning blockchain overwhelming. But if you opt for in-person training, then you have a better chance of understanding the concepts in a much better way. 

Blockchain is evolving with each passing day — new research results in new ways of how blockchain works. Learning face-to-face can open up new ways for you to make your learning better, and master blockchain in the right way.

7. Expert Teachers/Trainers

By doing in-person training, you get access to expert teachers/trainers. The trainers are equipped with the in-person skills, which means that they know how to deal with learners with different requirements and needs.

When you compare it with online courses, you also get excellent teachers and trainers, but their approach is more general. They have a vague idea of what type of learner you are, and that means that you need to go through lessons that are more customized for the general audience.

If you take in-person training, you are bound to get a customized learning experience. In-person teachers have real-world skills on how to approach learners. They can sense what the learners need and deliver the content based on it. So, if you take an in-person training, you are bound to benefit from the trainer’s experience.

In short, you get better real-world implementation guidance with the help of expert teachers.

8. Practical Knowledge

Online courses or materials lack a proper vision when it comes to practical knowledge. You read and watch a lot of stuff, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can be converted into usable knowledge. For that, you need to read case-studies.

Also, it is hard to learn and implement without guidance. In-person training can open up new venues when it comes to practical knowledge. The expert teachers can explain to you the case-studies and make better sense of it while doing so. The in-person blockchain training aims to provide value when it comes to the practical knowledge and ensure that you learn the key points of the case studies and what makes them successful.

As an executive, practical knowledge makes more sense for you. It can help you tackle projects independently and confidently.

9. Competitive Advantage

The world is a competitive place. You are not the only person who is thinking or learning blockchain. There are thousands of executives that work towards reaching their goal and grow in their career. That’s why you will find many online courses, videos, or articles. But, as we already mentioned, online resources provide an un-customized, more generic approach to learning anything, including blockchain.

If you take in-person training, you are bound to grow beyond the competition. You get tons of benefits, including the ability to discuss, understand use-cases deeply and much more. In the time, you get ready to tackle blockchain projects; your competition might be still struggling to learn the very basics of blockchain.

There is a law of choices here. The more options you have, the harder it becomes to choose and start. That is similar to blockchain. Too many options can cripple you, and that’s why it is better to stick to an in-person blockchain training.

You are also bound to learn key concepts about blockchain, including scaling, security, implementation, and so on. 

10. Go Beyond

Learning is a non-stop process. It is not limited to just one course or watching one video or one article. With something as deep as blockchain, you have to keep sticking to it, and never stop learning.

In most cases, it is the lack of guidance or structure that makes learning hard. You do not know what to read or learn next. All these problems can be solved with the help of an in-person trainer. He can guide you on what to do next based on your learning experience. For everyone out there, it is always a different way of learning, and customization is important. Online learning doesn’t offer that — which means that you might waste a lot of time trying to figure out your next step.


This leads us to the end of our ten reasons why executives need an in-person blockchain trainer. We tried to explore and explain each reason in-depth and hope you can understand the importance of having an in-person trainer, irrespective of what you are trying to learn.

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