Decentralized applications are the next big thing that will define how people access digital services in the future. The decentralization of finance is only the beginning of a revolutionary transformation in the existing technology landscape. Have you heard of web3? It is a revolutionary principle that can create a decentralized internet where users would have control over their assets and data. 

As dApps would serve as the foundational blocks of web3, it is important to find tools for accessing them. A reliable dApp browser could help you interact with the ecosystem of decentralized applications. Interestingly, you can use the Trust crypto wallet for the exact purpose with its dApps browser functionality. The following guide offers an outline of the different methods for activating decentralized application browsers on the Trust crypto wallet. 

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What is the Trust Wallet?

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As the name implies, Trust is a crypto wallet application for receiving, storing, and management of cryptocurrencies on your phone. One of the interesting features of Trust refers to the need for signing in to their wallets alongside ensuring its management on mobile devices. Before you find out how to enable the dApp browser on Trust wallet, you should develop a fundamental understanding of the context of both topics. 

Trust is the official creation of Binance, the popular crypto exchange, and uses the power of Ethereum to safeguard the crypto assets of users. Remember that it has not been designed specifically for browsing decentralized applications. However, access to such functionality through your mobile devices, particularly iOS devices, is definitely a favorable indication. 

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Definition of dApp Browsers

The next important aspect you need to learn before enabling the decentralized app browser is its definition. A decentralized app browser offers a flexible, interactive tool for accessing and navigating decentralized applications on your device. The facility of the Trust wallet dApp browser serves as an ideal opportunity for users to use their Trust app account to tap into the potential of web3. One of the main objectives of dApp browsers is the facility of a robust decentralized ecosystem that can help users activate, connect, access, and search new dApps. 

What are the applications you can access by using the dApps browser on the Trust app? PancakeSwap Exchange is a promising answer to prove the potential of the Trust app decentralized applications browser. As of now, it is one of the most renowned applications accessible on the dApps browser of the Trust crypto wallet. 

It works in the form of a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade or hold their crypto assets through different mobile devices. How does the dApps browser serve any use for PancakeSwap users? PancakeSwap does not offer support for fiat currency, thereby calling for a decentralized app browser. 

Methods for activating dApp Browser on Trust Wallet

The understanding of basics regarding dApp browsers and Trust crypto offers the foundation for moving towards methods for enabling dApp browsers on Trust crypto wallet. However, you must download the crypto wallet app on your mobile device before you look for how Trust wallet dApps browser enables access to dApps. 

You could look for the crypto app on Google Play Store or the iOS App Store from the search bar. Once you have downloaded the app, you can create an account and connect to it to enable access to the decentralized application browser. Let us take a look at the methods for enabling the dApps browser on the Trust crypto wallet for different devices.

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Enabling dApps Browser on Android Devices

The good news for Android users is that you can enable the dApps browser on Trust crypto wallet easily in comparison to iOS users. You can activate the dApp browser Trust wallet has to offer on Android devices through three simple steps. 

  • Access Trust Wallet on Your Android Device          

After downloading and configuring the necessary settings for the Trust crypto wallet on your Android device, click on the Trust app icon. Use your credentials for connecting to the Trust crypto wallet account before enabling the dApps browser functionality.

  • Access Settings

You must scroll down in the app interface to find the navigation bar at the bottom. Now, click on ‘Settings’ and wait for a menu to emerge where you must search for “Preferences.” Once you find the result, tap on it. 

  • Enable the dApps Browser 

The final step for activating the Trust wallet dApp browser is to use the toggle option on the page to the left. 

After the dApps have been activated on Trust, you can notice the dApps browser menu on the bottom bar of the main page of the app. As you can notice, there is no interesting trick behind enabling the dApps browser on the Trust app for Android devices. 

Enabling dApps Browser on iOS Device

The methods to enable the dApp browser on Trust wallet for iOS devices could become trickier. However, you should follow the best practices to ensure that the tricky process becomes easier. What is the complexity of enabling dApps browser for the Trust crypto wallet on iOS devices? Unfortunately, the Trust crypto wallet had to remove the dApps browser functionality in accordance with App Store guidelines. You can check out the official page of the Trust crypto wallet for the notice regarding access to dApps browser functionality on iOS devices. The website claims that iOS users could not have direct access to dApps browser of the Trust crypto wallet.

However, you can solve the problem only by using a common web browser such as Safari or Google Chrome. Here are the steps to help you enable the dApp browser on the Trust crypto wallet app for iOS devices. 

  • Access the Safari Browser

The Safari browser is an in-built browser on your iPhone. You can use it to enable the dApps browser on your iOS device without breaking any rules. After opening the Safari browser, you must type “trust://browser_enable” in the URL bar. 

  • Enable Trust for the Browser

After entering the URL, you will find a pop-up message on the screen. It would signal a message highlighting “Open this page on Trust?” and you must continue by clicking on ‘Open’ on the pop-up message. Remember that you could also click on the “Cancel” button on Safari to reverse the complete operation.

  • Use the Wallet to enable the dApps Browser

The final step in activating the dApps browser on Trust wallet for iOS devices involves the use of the application itself. Return back to the Trust app on the iOS device, and you can find a “Browser” option at the bottom of the app. 

You can notice how you can enable the dApps browser on the Trust crypto wallet for iOS devices in a few simple steps. In addition, you can look for alternative methods to enable the dApps browser.

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Enable dApps Browser through PancakeSwap

Some users could try to use the Trust wallet dApp browser enable methods for primarily focusing on emerging DeFi services. PancakeSwap is one of the top contenders for dApps on the dApps browser for Trust. 

  • Access the PancakeSwap website directly from the Safari browser and connect to it with the necessary credentials. 
  • Now, you would have to select “WalletConnect:” rather than choosing “Trust Wallet.” 
  • It would lead you to a pop-up message from where you could tap on Trust app icon and then on “Open.” 
  • Finally, click on “Connect,” and you can enable PancakeSwap through your Trust crypto wallet on your iPhone device. 

These two methods have proved effective in enabling dApp browsers on Trust wallet, irrespective of the type of iOS device. When you cannot access the dApps browser directly on the Trust app with iOS devices, you can try alternative solutions. 

How Does Trust Crypto Wallet Change dApps Accessibility?

One of the basic assumptions about the Trust app would refer to the fact that it is a crypto wallet. Any individual without awareness regarding cryptocurrencies could identify a Trust crypto wallet as a digital wallet for storing, sending, and managing cryptocurrencies. Trust is a non-custodial wallet, thereby assuring users that it would not take control of their private keys or assets. Now, the use of a dApp browser on the Trust crypto wallet is rightly evident in the functionality for accessing dApps. Users could not only store their crypto assets in the wallet but also use them to earn interest on their crypto deposits. 

What makes Trust app a better choice than other multi-currency wallets? The methods to activate the Trust wallet dApp browser have shown a glimpse of its additional functionalities. On top of it, the Trust crypto wallet delivers better benefits in comparison to other wallets, such as simplicity of use. In addition, the support for more than 33 blockchains, which contain almost 250,000 different assets, is a promising advantage. 

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  • Resolving the Problem of dApp Accessibility 

The primary concern of mainstream users interested in accessing dApps revolves around accessibility. With the help of dApp browser Trust wallet offers a seamless transition to the dApps ecosystem for users. However, people have been ignoring one of the most common causes of conflict in accessing dApps, i.e., lack of awareness. 

As of now, the emphasis of most of the decentralized applications has been targeted at financial services. Therefore, the best way to resolve the problem of dApp accessibility would be to help mainstream users familiarize themselves with the benefits. For example, dApps could help users earn interest or yield on their crypto deposits.

Decentralized applications serve as an efficient approach for exploring all the necessary tools for crypto, such as earning, marketplaces, insurance, play-to-earn games, and NFTs. The Trust wallet could enable users to pay salaries or trade in different assets apart from many other functionalities with dApps. 

With the help of the Trust crypto wallet, you can enjoy a promising level of coverage for purchasing crypto. Users could purchase crypto directly within the app, which relies on different providers for seamless transactions. As a wallet, it can definitely support all dApps interactions seamlessly.

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  • Decentralized Access for Exchanges

The Trust crypto wallet also offers the benefit of decentralized access to crypto exchanges. You can enable dApp browser on Trust wallet and also access the functionalities of dApps without any complexities. If you attempt to swap tokens within the Trust crypto wallet, it leverages Uniswap as the technical background. The technical power of Uniswap helps users to avoid any complexities. 

Now, you have a crypto wallet that enables you to access an interface for natively swapping the token. Trust crypto wallet has packed up all the tricks and techniques for using dApps in a single interface. You don’t have to bother about the protocol you use behind the scenes as you would interact with the app natively. 

Why Is Trust Wallet Important for the Future?

The distinct abilities of the Trust crypto wallet for enabling dApps browser on different devices offer a prominent advantage. Decentralized applications based on financial services as simple as borrowing and lending crypto assets to liquidity protocols in Defi have become significantly popular. You can learn about the world of dApps more closely by interacting with them on a practical basis.

Trust wallet dApp browser offers you the flexibility to access dApps while also storing and managing the necessary funds for utilizing the apps. The Trust crypto wallet is a critical element for the future of crypto as it could ease the transition of crypto users to dApps. As the world moves towards web3, tools like the Trust app could offer a vital bridge into the new decentralized tech landscape.

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Final Words 

The final impression regarding dApp browser on Trust wallet points to how a crypto wallet can improvise with additional functionalities to access dApps. You can utilize the app directly from your mobile device, and it provides easy accessibility for dApps. It is important to note that flexibility in accessing dApps could resolve one of the biggest problems in the mainstream adoption of dApps. 

The review of different methods for enabling the dApps browser on the Trust crypto wallet app shows that type of device does not serve as a barrier. You should look for many other tools which bridge the gap into web3 solutions. Learn more about web3 and build your professional career as an expert in a revolutionary field.

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*Disclaimer: The article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. Claims made in this article do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such. 101 Blockchains shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this article. Do your own research!