The happiest time of the year is about to arrive. Christmas is just a few days away from us, and within no time, we will be welcoming a new year. On this occasion, 101 Blockchains is excited to bring you some exciting surprises for Christmas. The 101 Blockchains Christmas Sale 2021 will be live soon, and if you love learning about blockchain and everything related to it, we have a lot in store. 

The Christmas Sale on 101 Blockchains will bring credible blockchain learning resources to learners and aspiring professionals at affordable prices. You can also find cost-effective opportunities to become a professional member of 101 Blockchains in this year’s 101 Blockchains Grand Sale. We welcome you to take a look at the details of our grand year-end sale and make the most of this opportunity. 

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What Will You Get In the 101 Blockchains Christmas Sale?

Without wasting a moment of your time, let’s dive right into the details of the Christmas Sale on 101 Blockchains. First of all, you need to note one particular detail to avoid confusion. Are the Christmas Sale, Grand Sale, Year End Sale, or Sale of the Year different events on 101 Blockchains? No, the 101 Blockchains Grand Sale is the same Christmas Sale, Year End Sale, and Sale of the Year. 101 Blockchains will host its Christmas Sale this year from 24th December to 30th December. Now that you know about the dates of the Christmas Sale, you might be wondering about the details of the event. 

The foremost question on anyone’s mind when they hear about a sale would be about the deals offered in it. So, what can you expect in the 101 Blockchains Year End Sale in 2021? The Christmas Sale this year will be a unique experience for everyone who wants to enter the domain of blockchain. Here’re the highlights of the sale:

Affordable Membership Plan

You can take the advantage of an interesting offer on our Annual Membership Plan through a coupon in this year’s 101 Blockchains Christmas Sale. Just use a coupon code “XMAS20”, and you can get a 20% discount on the 101 Blockchains Annual Membership Plan


Discounts on Courses/Certifications

Apart from offering a cost-effective approach for achieving professional membership of 101 Blockchains, the Christmas Sale also introduces another lucrative deal. You can avail of a straightforward 40% discount on purchases of any 101 Blockchains courses or certifications. With the coupon code “XMAS40”, you can avail of the discount on any combination of courses or certifications of your choice. 

Christmas Sale

Social Media Quiz

Another striking highlight in the 101 Blockchains Sale of the Year shows that it will also include interesting games. The Christmas Sale on 101 Blockchains attempts to bring the spirit of enthusiasm and celebration apart from discounts on courses, certifications, and membership plans. Enjoy your Christmas holidays playing a social media quiz during the 101 Blockchains Year End Sale in 2021. 

The social media quiz for the Christmas sale on 101 Blockchains would be live on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for the seven days of the sale. One lucky winner each day will get the reward of one-month professional membership on 101 Blockchains. Get ready, you could be one of the lucky winners in the social media quiz during the Christmas Sale of 101 Blockchains. 

We will announce the Quiz Contest Winners on Jan 3, 2022.

Should I Participate in the 101 Blockchains Christmas Sale?

Yes, we are offering discounts on our membership plans, courses, and certifications. So what? Isn’t that mean you should participate in the 101 Blockchains Christmas Sale? 101 Blockchains has served as a vital medium for many blockchain practitioners in developing their careers. Furthermore, the radical growth of 101 Blockchains as a favorable choice for blockchain-related training in small businesses and enterprise teams also provides solid proof for our credibility. We have developed from the grassroots with a focus on blockchain education and research only. As a result, we have been able to introduce comprehensive and professionally relevant training resources related to blockchain. 

101 Blockchains has earned the trust of many enterprise blockchain professionals over the years, alongside engaging with many reputed names in the enterprise world. Over the years, we have honed our course content and certification resources alongside introducing new instructors and mentors. 

101 Blockchains has also garnered good scores in customer satisfaction and credibility in the most recent G2 Winter 2022 Reports.

Grid Report

We have earned the “Momentum Leader” and “High Performer” badges for achieving high customer satisfaction rate with a relatively smaller market base. In addition, we have also earned the trust of customers with the “best support” badge and “users love us” badge. 

All of these factors can give you enough clarity about whether to participate in the 101 Blockchains Grand Sale this year. 

Value-based Advantages for You in the 101 Blockchains Christmas Sale

The 101 Blockchains Sale of the Year is not just another year-end sale with lots of discounts on courses and certifications. You should look for the specific ways in which the offers in this year’s Grand Sale on 101 Blockchains can bring you value. 

Become a Certified Blockchain Professional by Paying Less

101 Blockchains includes enterprise blockchain certifications that can help you take your blockchain career aspirations ahead. The 40% discount on courses and certifications in the 101 Blockchains Christmas Sale gives you the opportunity to access certifications and related training courses at a low cost. Choose any certification of your choice and avail a discount of 40%. 101 Blockchains offers the following three enterprise blockchain certifications. 

Expanding Into New Domains

We are trying to introduce new courses with an effort to guide learners in emerging concepts related to blockchain such as DeFi, NFT, ZKP, IoT, and Business Model Innovation. You can realize the true potential of blockchain technology only when you are updated about the latest advancements. Most important of all, they are easily available to you at low costs in our Christmas Sale this year. 

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Get Ready for 101 Blockchains Year-End Sale

The 101 Blockchains Grand Sale starts on 24th December 2021 and will last till 30th December 2021. You can get Flat 40% Off on all courses and certifications and 20% discounts on the 101 Blockchains Annual Membership Plan. 

Furthermore, we will also host a social media quiz on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn during the course of the sale. Seven lucky winners will get one month of free access to professional membership on 101 Blockchains. 

With so many amazing highlights, we hope that our Christmas Sale this year puts a smile on your face. You can also make your loved ones happy by surprising them with the unique gift of learning. Let’s savor the gifts of learning this Christmas and New Year’s Eve!