Central banks have jumped into the idea of introducing their own digital money. Although the concept of central bank digital currency appeared obscure, central banks are now considering it seriously. We at 101 Blockchains brings you a completely new central bank digital currency course for developing your capabilities to leverage CBDC concepts and build decentralized finance solutions.

The Central  Bank Digital Currency masterclass has been launched in partnership with cLabs. We want to convey our thanks to Ezechiel Copicm, Partner at cLabs, and Jai Ramaswamy, Leader – Risk, Regulatory, and Compliance at cLabs, for this collaboration, that could make this great launch possible.

This new CBDC course is a distinct effort by our experts for creating interest in an emerging and highly potential domain that can basically dictate the future of money. Let us find out what the CBDC course has to offer for learners.

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Introduction to Central Bank Digital Currency Course 

The central bank digital currency course is suitable for people interested in finding out the possible future of money. In addition, the course also showcases how the future of money will influence everyone. The target audience for the course includes business owners, software developers, and consumers. Each of the target audiences can achieve specific objectives, including the development of decentralized finance solutions, improving the financial system, and better access to financial services.

Goals of 101 Blockchains CBDC Course

The objectives of the new CBDC course on 101 Blockchains are focused on hands-on experience to support the training of learners. Here is an outline of the different objectives you can achieve when you learn the concepts of CBDC with 101 Blockchains experts.

  1. Approaches for improving access to financial services through digital currencies
  2. Prospects for the public sector and private sector working together for improving the financial system
  3. Development of decentralized finance solutions having interoperability with CBDC

Modules of the CBDC Course

The course helps you learn CBDC concepts with ease and convenience over the duration of 90 minutes. You can complete the course according to your flexibility, thereby allowing you to accommodate your training with other activities. Now, let us take a look at the different modules covered in the CBDC course on 101 Blockchains,

  1. Currency creation
  2. Digital currency alternatives
  3. Use cases for different CBDC scenarios
  4. Use cases for programmability
  5. Challenges associated with interoperability
  6. Compliance risk management

Enroll Now to Learn CBDC

So, you can get a perfect chance to learn CBDC with our latest CBDC course offering. It can open up new roads for you to understand the long-term potential of CBDC alongside the challenges associated with CBDC. The approach for currently flowing money can help in understanding new approaches through which CBDC enhances financial inclusion.

Make the most of this opportunity to discover answers to many other questions related to the CBDC landscape. Register for the 101 Blockchains central bank digital currency course right now!