Celebrations are in order as the world gears up for the holiday season, beginning on Thanksgiving Day. People gather for family dinners or meet up with their friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. However, there is something more, 101 Blockchains would like to add to your festive spirit. Yes, we are excited to announce the opening of the 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale for this year. Just like the previous year, we bring promising deals on all our blockchain courses and certifications so you can celebrate Black Friday with the benefits of education. 

Over the years since our inception, 101 Blockchains has grown into a trusted platform for blockchain training and certification. Enterprise blockchain practitioners from reputed organizations all over the world have leveraged 101 Blockchains resources for career development. We have also introduced a new interface with 25+ training courses on a wide range of topics associated with blockchains, such as DeFi, NFT, IoT, and more, in the recent year. 

This thanksgiving, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to thank you for your trust and support. As a small gesture of gratitude, we’re bringing some amazing offers for you with the Black Friday sale 2021 so you can enroll in your favorite training courses and certifications at discounts. Let’s check out what the Black Friday sale brings for you this year!

Highlights of the 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale 2021

  • Flat 50% Off on Courses and Certifications
  • Flat 60%  off on Annual Membership
  • Social Media Quiz
  • Retweet and Win Contest

Celebrate the Festive Season with 101 Blockchains 

This year’s 101 Blockchains Black Friday sale definitely has a lot in store for all of you. However, it is also important to identify the significance behind Black Friday. Why is Black Friday important? Why do 101 Blockchains or other stores offer discounts and great deals on their products on Black Friday? From the looks of it, Black Friday might sound like an ominous event in history. However, the day actually brings the complete opposite vibes. Black Friday comes after Thanksgiving Day and marks the beginning of one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. Starting from Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday is responsible for continuing a long holiday weekend, and companies come up with Black Friday offers to attract their customers.

The popularity of Black Friday sales has increased substantially over the years since 2005. Interestingly, people could continue to enjoy their Black Friday shopping spree till Monday with the arrival of the Cyber Monday trend. Retail stores have always been the go-to destinations for Black Friday sales. However, online education and certification providers have also joined in the Black Friday trend. So, we have decided to come up with some interesting deals for all of our learners for Black Friday 2021.

What does 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale Bring for You?

101 Blockchains brings the promises of exciting Black Friday deals for helping you celebrate Thanksgiving and the onset of the festive season. Our courses and certifications have appealed to blockchain enthusiasts and practitioners with quality training resources. You can purchase a training course or certification for developing your career or gift one to your friend or family member. The gift of education is a given in both cases, whether it is for you or your dear ones. On the other hand, the cost of blockchain training courses and certifications might be a formidable setback in such cases. 

Now, you don’t have to worry about the cost of 101 Blockchains courses and certifications with our Black Friday sale. You could become a blockchain expert at a comparatively lower cost as we bring some eye-catching highlights in our Black Friday sale this year. The Black Friday sale 2021 on 101 Blockchains will definitely be interesting as we plan to start the offer two days before Thanksgiving Day i.e. Nov 23 and it will last even one day after the Cyber Monday i.e. Nov 30. You can avail the comprehensive benefits of the 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale 2021 for eight days till 30th November 2021. All our learners will find adequate time to explore our courses and certifications carefully before choosing the ones they want. 

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Prime Highlights of 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale 

Apart from the fact that our Black Friday sale 2021 event would be an extended one, we have many other interesting highlights for you. First of all, we have recently introduced many new courses which offer exciting opportunities for the career development. In addition, we have an already existing array of professional training courses and enterprise blockchain certifications. We bring you some unmatched Black Friday offers on all our learning resources. Here are some of the offerings we have planned for our Black Friday sales this year.   

  • Discount on Courses and Certifications 

The good news for you is that you can get a discount of 50% on all 101 Blockchains Academy courses and certifications. Just use the coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY” on any purchase in the 101 Blockchains Black Friday sale, and you can get the benefit of the discount. 

101 Blockchains Black Friday sale

  • Offer on Annual Membership Plan

101 Blockchains has also introduced an appealing proposition for all learners in this year’s Black Friday sale. You can enroll in the annual membership plan of 101 Blockchains for $249 USD as compared to the original price of $599 USD, with a flat 60% off. Therefore, you can clearly notice how the Black Friday sale 2021 on 101 Blockchains would offer cost-effective ways to get ahead in your career. 

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  • Quiz Contest

If you thought that 101 Blockchains would offer only Black Friday deals, then you might want to think again. You can also participate in a social media quiz contest (the contest will run on all our Social Media Platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook) during the sale and get a chance to win 101 Blockchains Free Membership for 1 Month (1 Lucky Winner Every Day). 

We will announce the Quiz Contest Winners on Dec 2, 2021.

  • Retweet & Win Contest on Twitter

Another interesting highlight planned for the Black Friday sale 2021 on 101 Blockchains is the “Retweet n Win” contest on Twitter. One lucky winner in the contest could win the annual membership worth $599 of 101 Blockchains for free. 

Get Ready to Make Most of the 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale

As you can notice, Black Friday this year brings some favorable prospects for you to become a blockchain expert. 101 Blockchains has developed unique learning resources to help learners and professionals find their way around blockchain concepts. With the substantially increased demand for training and certification in blockchain-related roles, the 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale brings favorable news. 

You can enroll in the 101 Blockchains annual membership plan, individual courses, and certifications at low prices. In addition, the Black Friday sales event of 101 Blockchains also holds interesting surprises with a social media quiz contest. Do not miss out on the exciting deals for Black Friday on 101 Blockchains, and set your reminders right now!