Has the holiday shopping spirit set in yet? If you are eager to make the most of this year’s shopping weekend following Thanksgiving, then 101 Blockchains has just the right thing for you in-store. We are very happy to announce that you can get amazing deals on our courses and certifications with the 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale. 101 Blockchains has been a game-changer in blockchain education and research with the support of industry experts.

This year, we wanted to give our customers something special to cherish and make the most of their holidays. Choose to buy one for yourself or as a gift for your friends; 101 Blockchains courses and certifications come with exciting value for all. Let us show you the details of our Black Friday Sale this year and what you can get with your valuable investments.

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Significance of Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Before moving towards the 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale description, let’s reflect on the specialty of Thanksgiving and Black Friday. As the name suggests, Thanksgiving is that time of the year that calls for extending a token of gratitude. With the Christmas season just a month away, Thanksgiving Day heralds the early phase of the holidays!

Families gathering at one place, sharing sumptuous dinner at a table, and exchanging gifts have always been the prime highlights of Thanksgiving. The day following Thanksgiving Day bears the title of ‘Black Friday’, presumably intending to show the melancholy after a festive day. However, the day of ‘Black Friday’ does have more to it than it appears superficially.

Black Friday bears a lot more promises in contrast to its eponymous meaning. Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday weekend and accompanies many attractive offers and discounts by various stores. Retail giants jump into the game with huge discounts and lucrative deals, and we are also in this year.

There is little room for ignoring such offers with the weekend in place, and the Black Friday trend has gradually built up over the years. Apart from retail stores, many e-commerce stores and e-learning platforms have caught up in the trend. As a result, you can find many Black Friday Sales on the online course provider websites.

The interesting thing is that the surprises with Black Friday Sale don’t stop until the corresponding Monday. The joy of shopping continues over the weekend and lasts till Monday, thereby establishing Cyber Monday’s trend. So, starting from Thanksgiving and continuing with Black Friday across the weekend till Monday, shoppers can have a gala time.

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101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale

101 Blockchains has introduced Black Friday Sales this year for celebrating the spirit of Thanksgiving and holiday shopping. As a renowned e-learning provider in blockchain technology, 101 Blockchains certifications and courses are very popular among Blockchain enthusiasts.

However, if you have been putting off your plans to purchase 101 Blockchains courses and certifications, then the 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale is the best for you. The most interesting highlight of the Black Friday Sales of 101 Blockchains is that it starts earlier and lasts longer.

We are starting the Black Friday Sales two days before Thanksgiving (26th November), i.e., on 24th November, and it will continue till one day after Cyber Monday (30th November), i.e., 1st December.

We wanted our customers to avoid the hurry and take their own time to choose their favorite learning resources. You can sit back on your laptops or phones and make well-thought decisions about the training courses and certifications that you want with all the extra time.

What will You Get in 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale?

We will provide a flat 40% discount on all our certifications and training courses in our Black Friday Sale this year. 101 Blockchains has constantly been striving to introduce new learning resources to help enterprise blockchain practitioners and aspiring blockchain professionals in skill development.

The comparative lack of blockchain education and certification providers creates setbacks for learning more about different specializations in the blockchain. However, we have successfully catered to the trust of more than 11,000 enterprise blockchain professionals with our diverse assortment of training courses and certifications. On the Black Friday Sale, we bring you an exciting flat 40% discount on the following certifications,

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certification
  • Certified Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE) certification
  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) certification

Also, you can get a flat 40% discount on all the following 101 Blockchains professional blockchain training courses,

  • Enterprise Blockchains and Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Blockchains and Trade Finance
  • Enterprise Blockchains Actionable Templates and Tools

We also have good news for our customers that we offer a 40% discount on our newly launched courses. You can apply the exciting Black Friday discount on the following new courses we have launched recently,

  • How to Build Your Career in Enterprise Blockchains
  • Introduction to DeFi- Decentralized Finance Course

Furthermore, you can also enroll in our free Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals training course as usual to begin your blockchain training journey.

The rising importance of blockchain technology has brought a prominent revolution in technological certification and training. We want to help our community of learners and enterprise blockchain practitioners capitalizes on blockchain’s emerging career opportunities. The Black Friday deals on 101 Blockchains would support people who want cost-effective solutions to blockchain education and training.

Final Words

The 101 Blockchains Black Friday Sale is our unique initiative to foster blockchain education and training. This holiday shopping season, we want to expand our training resources and certifications to the maximum number of learners. Renowned industry experts craft our learning resources with years of experience in blockchain practice and diverse enterprise projects.

Therefore, we can provide the assurance of ideal platforms for developing your blockchain skills. Black Friday’s deals on 101 Blockchain also give you a lot of time to think before buying. Customers can carefully evaluate all their options before finalizing the choice of courses or certifications they want to buy. So, set your clocks and get ready for amazing Black Friday deals on 101 Blockchains right now!