Affiliate marketing is a unique method of earning money through commissions on every sale of a company’s products or services, which you promote. 101 Blockchains introduces a new Blockchain Affiliate Program for any individual interested in expanding awareness about blockchain and earning some income while they do it.

The new affiliate program by 101 Blockchains is a flexible and one-of-its-kind program in the domain of blockchain. With the launch of the new 101 Blockchains Affiliate Program, many affiliate marketers could discover a promising source of returns for their efforts in promoting the courses and certifications of 101 Blockchains. Let us dive deeper into the details of the Blockchain Affiliate Program introduced by 101 Blockchains recently. 

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About 101 Blockchains

Before diving into the details of the new 101 Blockchains Affiliate Program, let us discover some basic information regarding 101 Blockchains. 101 Blockchains is presently the world’s top online platform for enterprise blockchain learners and aspirants. The online, research-based platform offers professional and trusted blockchain research suitable for enterprise applications. The core mission of 101 Blockchains focuses on enabling blockchain professionals to enhance their blockchain expertise with practical, up-to-date information and research. 

101 Blockchains Affiliate Program

The new Blockchain Affiliate Program by 101 Blockchains is currently one of the leading affiliate marketing programs in the industry. 101 Blockchains gives due recognition to the efforts affiliate marketing partners put in promotion of its courses and certifications. With the reward of the highest commissions in the market for promotion of blockchain-based products and services, 101 Blockchains definitely has a promising affiliate marketing program. 

Why Join 101 Blockchains Affiliate Program?

101 Blockchains has earned the reputation of providing some of the top enterprise blockchain certifications and training courses. The affiliate program is simple to understand, with the most promising rewards for any affiliate program related to blockchain. Apart from the value benefits of rewards and flexibility in the affiliate program, it can help blog or website owners in expanding their growth. However, it is important to have a clear impression of the reasons to become 101 Blockchains Affiliate Partner.

So, let us find out the prominent reasons for joining the Blockchain Affiliate Program on 101 Blockchains –

  • Flexible Joining Requirements 

You don’t have to go through any complex prerequisites to promote 101 Blockchains and earn commissions. The new affiliate program on 101 Blockchains does not have any underlying conditions or requirements for participation. If you have a blog or website, then you could easily become a 101 Blockchains partner in the affiliate program. 

  • Zero Commitments for Minimum Sale

Affiliate partners in the new Blockchain Affiliate Program on 101 Blockchains don’t have to worry about minimum sale requirements. You don’t have to bother about fulfilling certain sales targets for earning a commission. All affiliate partners of 101 Blockchains get the commission amount earned on the sales they have achieved. 

  • Better Rewards 

You can join the Blockchain Affiliate Program by 101 Blockchains for the benefits of high commission rates. Affiliate partners could earn a maximum of 30% commission on each sale generated by their affiliate links. Furthermore, you could also have the assurance of better conversions with 101 Blockchains products and services. As a result, you can also earn rewards quickly. 

  • Top-class Affiliate Support

All affiliate partners in the new 101 Blockchains Affiliate Program would receive industry-best support. With a highly trained and experienced affiliate team, 101 Blockchains could ensure a flexible onboarding process for the affiliate partners. You can always look up to the affiliate team for resolving any queries or obstacles in the affiliate process.

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Steps to Join the Affiliate Program on 101 Blockchains

If you have decided to join the new Blockchain Affiliate Program on 101 Blockchains, then you must be eager to know the process. Interestingly, you can become 101 Blockchains Affiliate Partner with just a few simple steps. Interested candidates such as industry leaders, bloggers, and startups could join the new affiliate program on 101 Blockchains with the following steps.

101 Blockchains Affiliate Program

Sign Up for the Program

  • In the first step to become 101 Blockchains partner in the affiliate program, you have to access the link for signing up to the program. You can find ‘Become an Affiliate’ links on the official page of the affiliate program on 101 Blockchains website
  • The link will take you to the ‘ShareASale’ portal for creating your affiliate partner account. 
  • Enter the required details in the specific fields to sign up for the affiliate program. 
  • Follow the steps in the five-step process for joining the Blockchain Affiliate Program on 101 Blockchains.
  • Now, you can access your affiliate panel on 101 Blockchains and get started with promotions.


The next step in the journey to become 101 Blockchains affiliate partner focuses on promoting 101 Blockchains courses. Once you have accessed the affiliate panel on 101 Blockchains, you could generate affiliate links and start promoting. You would get promotional banners, coupons, and exclusive offers for promoting products and services with better chances of conversion. 

Reaping the Rewards

Once you have successfully influenced a customer to purchase 101 Blockchains products with your affiliate link, you are eligible for commission. With a 30% commission rate, you can definitely earn a substantial commission on each sale. Use the resources offered by 101 Blockchains for the promotion of courses, along with your creative inputs. Remember that the more you sell through the Blockchain Affiliate Program, the more you can earn in commission. 

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How Do I Achieve Success in 101 Blockchains Affiliate Program?

While the new affiliate program on 101 Blockchains holds a lot of promises, it is crucial to reap its rewards. You must know the important best practices for ensuring success with the Blockchain Affiliate Program on 101 Blockchains. Here are some of the valuable pointers that can help you achieve success in the 101 Blockchains affiliate marketing program.

  • Emphasize Value

When you are selling a product as an affiliate partner, you need to communicate the value to the audience. Tell your audience how the courses and certifications on 101 Blockchains could help them rather than bombarding them with emails. 

  • Be Careful with the Links

As an affiliate partner in a Blockchain Affiliate Program, you can send multiple emails to potential audiences with the affiliate links. It is reasonable to expect that if you send 10 emails with affiliate links, the recipient will click on at least one. However, you should not try to force a sale on the customer. On the contrary, look for ways in which you can inform the audience more about your products and services. 

Bottom Line 

You can easily join the new Blockchain Affiliate Program by 101 Blockchains to earn lucrative commissions. As a prolific affiliate program in the domain of blockchain, this new affiliate program offers considerable value for all partners. First of all, partners could earn almost 30% commission on each sale with high conversion rates for the products. 

With the popularity of blockchain training and certification gaining momentum in recent times, affiliate partners have a prolific opportunity. The affiliate program of 101 Blockchains can help you find a new audience for your blog or website alongside ensuring profitable returns.  If you want to achieve success as an affiliate partner, then you should join the affiliate program on 101 Blockchains