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Top Blockchain Venture Capital Firms- 30 Blockchain Investors


Are you a startup founder that is looking to raise money? If yes, you have come to the right place. In today’s article, we will be listing the top 30 blockchain investors.

We will be listing them according to the value of their investment. Of Course, the amount of their investment is not the only factor that determines value. That’s why we will be giving it the second priority. Also, there is a lot of disparity in the total amount of investment done by these top blockchain VC investors as reported by different online sources.

In short, there are too many factors for a VC investor to be ranked chronologically. That’s why we will be listing these top 30 venture capital companies in no particular order. However, our Blockchain Investors list is curated according to the total investment done by them in the last couple of years.

Also, if you know any blockchain investor that deserve to be listed here, don’t forget to contact us and we will add them to the list.

With this clear, let’s get started with the list.

Top Blockchain Venture Capital Firms Investing in Blockchain

Top 30 Blockchain Investors

List of Top 30 Blockchain Investors

1. Digital Currency Group

Digital Currency Group(DCG) is our number one blockchain investor based in New York. They have invested in many startups including the popular Ledger startup. Not only that DCG has also made investments in promising startups and blockchain companies. They market themselves as the epicenter of blockchain industry and bitcoin.

CEO: Barry Silbert

Top Blockchain investments: Blockchain Inc. Ledger, Basic, and Circle.



Year Founded: 2015

2. Limitless Crypto Investments

Our 2nd top blockchain VC investor includes Limitless Crypto Investments. They are based in Houston, TX and have more than eight blockchain investment. Their most popular investment consists of Binance, Trezor, Power Ledger and more. Their investment has also been done in the form of token purchase via ICOs.

CEO/Founder: Mathew Jordan

Top Blockchain Investments: Power Ledger, Binance, 0x, Tezos, Republic Protocol, WanChain.

Twitter: None


Year Founded: 2017

3. Blockchain Capital

Blockchain capital is our third pick in the list of top thirty blockchain investors. They are located in San Francisco, CA and are entirely focused on blockchain investment funds. In 2018 alone, they have invested in more than nine startups including SOFX, Circle, and others. Their major blockchain VC investment includes Ripple, Coinbase, and Blockstream.

CEO/Founder: Bart Stephens, W Bradford Stephens

Top Blockchain Investments: Ripple,



Year Founded: 2013

4. Boost VC

Boost VC is a popular venture capital investor and is located in San Mateo, California, United States. They have invested in many different startups that powers technology This means that they have invested in non-blockchain startups including artificial intelligence and others. However, they are also very active in blockchain which makes them one of the top blockchain investors out there. They are also active as a startup accelerator. Their journey into blockchain investment started from Ripio. In 2018, they have invested in many blockchain startups including MyCrypto(their latest investment), Ledger, etc.

CEO/Founder: Adam Draper, Brayton Williams

Top Blockchain VC Investments: Coinbase, Tezos, BlockCyber.



Year Founded: 2012

5. Pantera Capital

Panthera Capital is one of the top investors in the blockchain market. They are located in Menlo Park, Bay Area. They invest in projects, tokens, ventures related to digital currency and blockchain tech in general. They have made a lot of blockchain investments in 2018 including investing in startups such as Audius, DIRT protocol and others. Their major investment includes Harbor, DMarket, etc.

CEO/Founder: Dan Morehead

Top Blockchain Investments: Dmarket, Harbor, Basis,

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PanteraCapital


Year Founded: 2003

6. Andreessen Horowitz(a16z)

Andreessen Horowitz aka a16z invests is one of the best blockchain VC investors. However, they also invest in non-blockchain projects. They have $4 million in assets and started their journey in 2009. Their first few investments including the popular Ripple project. From there, they have invested in many ideas. They are very active in the investment, and they have already made four investment in August 2018 already which was followed by nine investments in July. Their popular blockchain investment includes DFINITY and Coinbase.

CEO/Founder: Ben Horowitz, Marc Andreessen

Top Blockchain Investments: Coinbase, Harbor, Basis, DFINITY



Year Founded: 2009

7. FinLab AG

FinLab AG has invested in fewer blockchain ventures and startup compared to other blockchain VC investors. However, the investment amount is vast which makes them rank high on our list. They are based in Frankfurt, Germany and their main interest in investment is Finance companies that are working in the blockchain sector. Their popular investment includes EOS.io, Iconiq lab, Vaultoro, and FastBill.

CEO/Founder: Christian Angermayer

Top Blockchain Investments: Iconiq Lab, FastBill, Vaultoro.



Year Founded: 2005

8. Catagonia

Catagonia is a consulting and investment firm. They are leading blockchain investors located in Berlin, Germany. They have invested in many technological-related projects in past years. However, they do not invest frequently and that is quite evident from the fact that they have only invested in one blockchain project in 2018.

CEO/Founder: Ralph Eric Kunz.

Top Blockchain Investments: AppCoins, Envion, Basis, HydroMiner.



Year Founded: 2009

9. Polychain Capital

Polychain Capital have diverse interest when it comes to VC investing. They also do hedge fund and blockchain startups and cryptocurrencies. Their main headquarters is located in San Francisco, CA. Unlike Catagonia, they are very active in blockchain investment. In 2018 alone, they have invested in 14 startups until now. All of them are blockchain related. Few of their noticeable investment include DFINITY, Basis, NuCyber, and Nervos.

CEO/Founder: Olaf Carlson-Wee

Top Blockchain Investments: DFINITY, CoinList, NuCyber, Basis.



Year Founded: 2016

10. Ceyuan Ventures

Ceyuan Ventures is an early stage capital firm that is based in Beijing. Their primary interest lies in emerging growth companies and IT firms. This also includes Blockchain related projects and startups. They started their journey in 2004 and hence are one of the oldest venture capitalist firms on our list. They are pretty active in the investment scene with two investment in both April and June 2018. Their primary investment includes Trip.io, Basis, Mars Finance, and others.

CEO/Founder: Bo Feng

Top Blockchain Investments: Basis, Trip.io, Mars Finance, Nervos.

Twitter: None


Year Founded: 2004

11. Tally Capital

Tally Capital provides a great opportunity for emerging ideas in the blockchain. They are only focusing on blockchain sector and have invested in promising blockchain startups and companies. They are located in Chicago, IL. However, their frequency of investment has slowed down lately. In June 2018, they invested in two popular blockchain projects, i.e., Civic and I-Mab Biopharma. Another investment worth mentioning is Block.one, the company that is currently building the EOS.IO blockchain.

CEO/Founder: Matthew Roszak

Top Blockchain Investments: Block.one, Qtum, BTC Media, BlockStream, I-Mab Bipharma



Year Founded: 2013

12. RRE Ventures

RRE Ventures invests capital in many different sectors including finance, media, and technology. They are located in New York. They are one of the oldest venture capital firms. They started their journey in 1994, and they have invested in tons of projects until now. With over 77 exists, you can gauge, how long they have been in the market helping entrepreneurs, startups, and even companies to reach their goals.

CEO/Founder: Jim Robinson, Stuart Ellman

Top Blockchain Investments: Ripple, Abra, Gem.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RRE


Year Founded: 1994

13. IDG Capital

IDG Capital is an investment firm which helps technology startups and companies. They are located in Beijing, China. They are also operating for two decades and have a good amount of employees working under them. They also have headquarters in New York and qualify as a blockchain VC investors. They have a rich investment history, and they are very active in the market right now. In August 2018 alone, they invested in 13 startups, doing Series A, B C, D and Venture Round. They invest in both blockchain and non-blockchain startups.

CEO/Founder: Jim Breyer

Top Blockchain Investments: Marks Finance, imToken, Circle, Ripple.



Year Founded: 1993

14. FBG Capital

FBG Capital is a blockchain/crypto asset manager who invests in startups and blockchain companies. They are one of the top blockchain investors out there. Their main office is located in Beijing, China. Compared to other VC investors, they are new and started operations in lates 2017. As an investment firm, they do series A, venture, and seed investment.

CEO/Founder: Vincent Zhou

Top Blockchain Investments: Lino, Lambda Project, Ripio, Origin Protocol.



Year Founded: 2015

15. Liberty City Ventures

Liberty City Ventures is a venture firm which invests in innovative startups from different spaces including media, technology, and commerce. It’s headquarter is located in the New York Area. With two major investment in 2018, they are moderately active. They invested in Libra, a cryptocurrency project in a Series-B funding round. They have also invested in Libra in Series-A funding in 2017 as well. Other than that, they have also invested in Paxos.


Top Blockchain Investments: Paxos, Libra


Website: https://www.libertycityventures.com/

Year Founded: 2012

16. Union Square Ventures

Union Square Ventures is our next blockchain VC investor in the list. They are located in NewYork, NY. They like to invest in an early startup, growth capital and much more. Their major investment was Polychain Capital, CryptoKitties, and Coinbase. They are also very active as they have done three investment in July 2018.


Top Blockchain Investments: Coinbase, Polychain Capital, CryptoKitties.



Year Founded: 2004

17. General Catalyst

General Catalyst has a good investment in blockchain based startups. It is also one of the oldest firms out there which makes it even more unique as they saw potential in the new blockchain. They are located in Cambridge, United States. Their noticeable investment includes Bluzelle and Bitwise.

CEO/Founder: Bill Fitzgerald, David Fialkow, David Orfao, Joel Cutler

Top Blockchain Investments: Bluzelle, Circle, Bitwise.



Year Founded: 2000


JAFCO is based in Tokyo, Japan. They are an investment management firm which has invested tons of money in the market. Their recent investment includes Tech Bureau and Nayuta.


Top Blockchain Investment: Paxos, Libra



Year Founded: 1980

19. Tusk Ventures

Tusk Ventures are popular VC investors which love to invest in interesting and innovative high-growth technological startups. Their CEO Bradley Tusk started the journey in 2015, and they are helping startups to know. They are located in New York.

CEO/Founder: Bradley Tusk

Top Blockchain Investment: Coinbase



Year Founded: 2015

20. Draper Associates

Draper Associates is led by Tim Draper, a legendary venture investor. Most of the time, Draper Associates invest in startups at their early stage. Their focus is to invest in a variety of companies driven by manufacturing, technology, and healthcare. Of course, they like to fund a blockchain based startups and companies. Draper associates are probably one of the oldest investors out there with four decades.

CEO/Founder: Tim Draper

Top Blockchain Investment: Ledger, Coinbase, Ripio.



Year Founded: 1969

21. Lightspeed Venture Partners

Lightspeed Venture Partners focuses on investing in a market that deals with technology, consumer, cleantech and enterprise market. They are based in Menlo Park, California, United States. Their latest blockchain investment is DIRT Protocol where they invested $3M in the seed round.

CEO/Founder: Barry Eggers, Christopher Schaepe, Peter Nieh, Ravi Mhatre

Top Blockchain Investments: BTCC, Blockchain Inc. Basis, Saga Foundation, Dirt Protocol.



Year Founded: 2000

22. Mandra Capital

Mandra Capital is a Hong-Kong blockchain investment firm. They invest in early-stage venture investor with a focus on digital and blockchain assets. They invested significantly in OKCoin which got attention from other top VC blockchain investor as well. Their last few investments were non-blockchain startups. Other top blockchain investments include Overnest, PINTEC, and others.

CEO/Founder: Song Yi Zhang

Top Blockchain Investments: OKCoin, PINTEC, Overnest.



Year Founded: 2001

23. Galaxy Asset Management

Galaxy Asset Management is a digital asset merchant bank which offers asset management and principal investment. So, what they are trying to achieve? They are trying to invest in startups that are promising and that’s why they do their investment in the seed stage. Their notable investment includes NuCypher, Templum, StormX, and Everpedia.


Top Blockchain Investment: NuCypher, Templum, StormX, and Everpedia.



Year Founded:

24. Mosaic Ventures

Mosaic Ventures mainly focus on Series A investment in Finance related startups. They are based in London, UK. Their two significant investments from 2014 are the Blockchain Inc. and the Blockstream.

CEO/Founder: Mike Chalfen, Simon Levene, Toby Coppel

Top Blockchain Investments: Paxos, Libra

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gcvp

Website: http://generalcatalyst.com

Year Founded: 2012

25. Node Capital

Node Capital is a venture capital firm is operating from 2017. Their primary focus is on blockchain industry and hence all of their investment are related to blockchain companies and startups. Their latest investment is PalletOne, a blockchain startup. They fund projects in many ways including initial coin offering, corporate round, angel round and seed round. Their major investments include ChinaUp.com and Fengwo. They are also active and have already invested seven startups in the last two months.

CEO/Founder: Jun Du

Top Blockchain Investments: Hotnode, Ankr Network, Hub, ChinaUp.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Node_Capital


Year Founded: 2017

26. DHVC (Danhua Capital)

Danhua Capital(DHVC) is a well-known venture capital fund that deals with early-stage technology companies. They are based in California, United States. This means that they invest in both blockchain and non-blockchain related startups and companies. Their latest blockchain investment is SFOX, a cryptocurrency prime dealer. Other than that, they have invested in startups such as Libra Credit Network, Origin Protocol, and others.

CEO/Founder: Andrew Gu, Shoucheng Zhang

Top Blockchain Investments: SFOX, Origin Protocol, Libra Credit Network.



Year Founded: 2013

27. Hashed

Hashed is one of the leading blockchain based accelerator and venture capital firm. It is located in Seoul. It also has offices in San Francisco. They started their journey in late 2017 and are actively investing in new startups. Their latest investment came in the form of Terra. They invested $32 million in their seed round. Moreover, they also invested in projects such as Origin Protocol, Bluzelle, StormX and so on.

CEO/Founder: Alex Shin, Alex Shin, Seojoon Kim

Top Blockchain Investments: StormX, Origin Protocol, Terra, StormX



Year Founded: 2017

28. InBlockchain

InBlockchain is Chinese venture investment firm which only deals with cryptocurrency firm. They are comparatively new to the scene. However, that didn’t stop them from investing in the blockchain space. With over 8+ investment in the year 2018 itself, they are going strong. Their latest investment is Logos Network. Other key investments include EximChain, ONO Social, and Trip.io.


Top Blockchain Investments: AdRealm, Stream Token, Zhidian, Logos Network, Eximchain.



Year Founded:

29. Kindred Ventures

Kindred Ventures fall into the category of angel investment. They invest in early-stage startups and are founded in 2014 by Steve Jang. They are moderately active in the investment scene with their last investment was Radar Relay. Their headquarters is in San Francisco, CA.

CEO/Founder: Steve Jang

Top Blockchain Investments: Radar Relay, Set Protocol, CoinTracker, Coinbase



Year Founded: 2012

30. Earlybird Venture

Our last blockchain VC investor is Earlybird Venture. They have a global presence with offices in Berlin, Istanbul and other prominent places. They invest in all types of European technology companies including blockchain. They are also operating for the past two decades.

CEO/Founder: Christian Nagel, Hendrik Brandis, Roland Manger, Rolf Mathies

Top Blockchain Investments: Paxos, Libra

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EarlybirdVC


Year Founded: 1997

31. zk Capital

zk Capital is a Research-Focused Blockchain Venture Capital that is based in the US and Switzerland. It comprises of a team of technical and industry experts. zk Capital focuses on investing in decentralized protocols and next-generation applications and their portfolio companies include Filecoin, Blockstack, Origin Protocol, Nervos, Thundercore, bloXroute, Republic, Liquidity Network, RightMesh, and others.

Managing Partner: Mohamed Elkasstawi

Top Blockchain Investments: Filecoin, Blockstack, Origin Protocol, bloXroute, Nervos, Thundercore



Year Founded: 2017


This brings us to the end of the Top blockchain VC investors list. We only focused on the best blockchain investors out there. If you think that we missed a great Blockahain investor, then don’t forget to comment below and let us know. We are listening.

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