Artificial intelligence has become a powerful force of change in the world, and its transformative impact is evident across different industries. Therefore, machine learning engineering has been gaining popularity as a promising choice for career development as AI professionals. You might have multiple questions about ML engineer salary in US, as machine learning engineering is one of the fastest-growing fuels for career development.

Machine learning engineers help design and develop complex algorithms that help organizations make the most of AI. Machine learning engineers are the reason for easier access to a wide range of AI-powered solutions for different tasks, such as natural language processing and predictive analytics. Do you ever wonder how much you can make as a machine learning engineer? Let us find the answer with a detailed guide on ML engineer salaries in the US.

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What is the Work of Machine Learning Engineers?

Machine learning or AI engineers are the backbone of the rapidly growing AI ecosystem. Before you look for predictions or estimates about AI engineer salary in US, it is important to learn what you would have to do as an AI engineer. Machine learning engineers design and create algorithms to help machines learn from data and come up with smart decisions.

The primary responsibility of ML engineers involves working with larger datasets for identification of important patterns, development of ML models, and deploying machine learning algorithms. Machine learning engineers must also focus on maintenance of AI systems to ensure that they work accurately and deliver relevant results. 

The responsibilities of ML engineers could also include data pre-processing, feature engineering, model selection, and evaluation and deployment of models. The estimates for machine learning engineer salary per month also draw attention to skills required to work with different types of technologies such as Python and machine learning libraries such as TensorFlow. On top of that, the work of ML engineers also involves collaboration with other professionals, such as data scientists, business analysts, and software developers.

What is the Average Salary of a Machine Learning Engineer?

A simple search on the internet would show you different estimates for ML engineer salaries on different platforms. The answers to “What is the salary of a beginner machine learning engineer?” would depend on different factors, such as skills, location, the organization you work with, and experience. Interestingly, machine learning engineering is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world.

Popular professional job portals, such as Glassdoor and PayScale, report that the average base salary of machine learning engineers ranges between $78,000 and $154,000. You can also earn up to $280,000 with more experience in machine learning engineering. The benefits of a career in machine learning engineering also include bonuses, profit-sharing, and stock options in bigger companies. 

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Impact of the Growth of Machine Learning Industry on Salary

The salary of machine learning engineers in the US can serve as an appealing invitations to pursue a career in ML engineering. However, it is important to find out whether machine learning engineering jobs would offer promising prospects for growth. Forbes has pointed out that jobs in AI and machine learning will grow by almost 40% in the next decade. 

Therefore, you can expect substantial growth in entry-level machine learning engineer salary estimates in the future. Market research reports have pointed out that the global machine learning market capitalization might cross $36 billion by 2028. On top of it, the machine learning industry is one of the most powerful catalysts for change in almost all business domains, including financial services and healthcare.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become integral parts of our everyday lives. For example, AI and ML drive the functionalities of virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri and offer personalized content on social media feeds. As businesses generate more data, they would need professionals to help them utilize data to improve AI systems. Therefore, the demand for machine learning engineers would grow with companies being ready to pay more salaries than other roles. 

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How Does Experience Influence the Salary of ML Engineers in the USA?

The experience of an ML engineer is the most crucial factor that has a formidable influence on their salary. Talented developers or engineers transitioning to a career in machine learning would notice promising improvements in salary. On the other hand, you can earn more salary with more experience in the field of machine learning. 

The variations in ML engineer salary in US on the basis of experience also draw attention to the specialized skills of experienced professionals. Let us find out how much you can earn as a machine learning engineer at different levels of professional experience, alongside an overview of skills required at each level.

  • Salary of Entry-Level Machine Learning Engineer

Any candidate exploring career paths in machine learning engineering for the first time is likely to start with entry-level roles. Many companies want beginners to train them in the use of their AI systems and workflows. However, you can be eligible for an entry-level machine learning engineer salary with professional training in machine learning. You must also have a certification to prove your machine learning expertise. In addition, you must also have command over use of AI systems and software engineering.

The salary of entry-level ML engineers can vary from $70,000 to $132,000. It is important to note that the lower end of the salary scale is higher than the US median personal income. Therefore, you would definitely need special skills at the fundamental level for mastery over data science. 

You must have skills in data modeling, big data analytics, and image processing, as well as the ability to use machine learning tools and frameworks. Candidates with a strong foundation in Python programming, mathematics, and popular machine learning frameworks are the best fit for entry-level roles. 

  • Salary of Mid-Level Machine Learning Engineer

According to PayScale, the average salary of mid-level machine learning engineers is $144,000. A mid-level machine learning engineer has around five to ten years of experience in the domain of machine learning. The estimates for mid-level AI engineer salary in US can vary between $99,000 and $180,000. However, the growth in salary also demands better skills from machine learning engineers. At this point of time, you should have many other skills beyond the fundamental requirements for machine learning jobs.

Mid-level machine learning engineers must have an in-depth understanding of machine learning concepts such as deep learning and neural networks. In addition, you would need specialized expertise in machine learning frameworks such as Keras or PyTorch. On top of that, you should also know how to program in an additional language such as JavaScript or C++. Mid-level machine learning engineers must also have skills for working with cloud platforms and distributed computing. 

  • Salary of Senior-Level Machine Learning Engineer

Senior-level machine learning engineers are professionals with more than ten years of professional experience. The average salary of senior machine learning engineers is around $150,000. It is more than the answers to “What is the salary of a beginner machine learning engineer?” for clearly evident reasons. Senior ML engineers have more experience working on different real-world machine learning projects. The salary estimates for senior machine learning engineers vary between $115,000 and $204,000.

Senior ML engineers are likely to land up with director-level or leadership roles. The skills of senior ML engineers include broader knowledge of different AI techniques and fluency in various programming languages. In addition, they must also have the expertise required to design highly scalable AI systems. On top of it, senior ML engineers are expected to know about the important regulatory and compliance requirements.    

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How Does the Type of Organization Determine the Salary of US Engineers?

The type of organization you work for also serves as a major factor in determining the salary of US engineers. You can find many variations in machine learning engineer salary per month, depending on the industry in which you work. The software and IT services industry pays around $135,000 for ML engineers, while the consumer goods industry can earn almost $150,000. Here is an outline of the average salary of ML engineers in different industries.

  • Education- $103,000.
  • Healthcare- $120,000.
  • Hardware and networking- $133,000.
  • Manufacturing- $103,000.
  • Finance- $120,000.

In addition, organizations that have huge investments in AI and ML could pay more to ML engineers. For example, Google pays almost $148,000 to machine learning engineers, and Facebook pays around $192,000. Amazon leads the pack with highest salary of $254,000 for ML engineers.

Final Words

The review of the estimates for ML engineer salary in US showcases that you can explore favorable prospects for career development in machine learning. As an entry-level machine learning engineer, you can earn up to $150,000 per year. Subsequently, you can improve your earning potential by gaining experience and improving your skills.

In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the type of organization you want to work with when seeking higher salary packages. Machine learning engineering offers the benefit of securing your career against the tide of changes in AI in the future. Discover the opportunities for career development in machine learning with the help of professional training and AI certification right now.   

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