Google has been experimenting with AI long before startups made their mark in the industry. The introduction of Google Bard might seem like a rushed effort by Google to compete with ChatGPT. We are happy to help you clear the confusion with our new Google Bard online course, now available for all learners.

ChatGPT has become the face of AI chatbots with some exclusive value advantages. On the other hand, the growth of ChatGPT has started slowing down. Traffic on ChatGPT in May flattened to almost 1.8 billion visits worldwide. On the other hand, Google Bard registered a growth rate of nearly 187% in their traffic flow in May 2023 compared to the previous month.

Google Bard has been gaining traction in the news and tech communities as a formidable competitor to ChatGPT. Within one month of launching public access, Google Bard AI had more than 30 million monthly visits in March 2023. The potential benefits of Google Bard generative AI could offer new avenues for improving productivity. Let us show you how our new training course can help you learn about Google Bard and its functionalities.

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Google Bard AI Course 

The exponential growth in monthly visits to Google Bard has led to discussions about its capabilities. Google expects that Bard will have around 1 billion users worldwide. The new Google Bard AI course launched on 101 Blockchains will help you understand the factors responsible for the popularity of Bard.

Interestingly, Google Bard is still in the initial stages of development and is expected to gain a broader user base. Google Bard utilizes Language Model for Dialogue Applications or LaMDA, a unique type of large language model for offering responses in a more conversational style. In addition, Google Bard can also leverage the support of access to information from the web for improving response quality.

The innovative features are valid reasons to learn how to use Google Bard in real-world use cases. Our new Google Bard AI training course focuses on helping learners move beyond the fundamentals of Google Bard AI. The training course also enables you to learn about the journey of evolution of Google Bard and its business use cases.

On top of it, the Google Bard training course by Joe Holbrook (Senior Instructor) explains the key components and tools you can use with Bard. Most importantly, the training course also provides a detailed guide on best practices for creating Google Bard prompts. The examples of using Google Bard AI prompts in different use cases can help you develop the practical skills required for an AI professional.

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Target Audience for the Course 

The next important piece of information about our new Google Bard AI course is the target audience for the course. How will the new Google Bard course launched on 101 Blockchains help you? This course will help you learn the best practices for content creation with Bard AI and familiarize yourself with the technology. On top of it, the course’s learning outcomes could help you achieve new breakthroughs in career growth. Here is an outline of the target audience groups who could gain the most from the Google Bard course.

  • Beginners who want to learn about Google Bard and AI chatbots can use the course to specialize in one of the most popular AI chatbots.
  • Business owners can learn Google Bard and identify the implications of adopting the AI tool in their business operations.
  • Content creators and freelancers could find the best ways to improve their work quality and productivity with Google Bard AI.
  • Technical professionals can rely on the Google Bard AI course to specialize in an AI tool that could change how they work.

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Basic Information about the Course 

The popularity of Google Bard is not the only reason to invest your time in a professional training course. The Google Bard AI course launched on 101 Blockchains would help you prepare for the continuously growing AI revolution. Here is an outline of the learning objectives you can achieve with the Google Bard AI course.

  • Awareness regarding Google Bard AI fundamentals, the evolution of Bard, common tools, and business use cases of Google Bard.
  • In-depth understanding of best practices related to prompt engineering with Google Bard AI.
  • Knowledge of differences between ChatGPT and Google Bard.

The Google Bard course launched on 101 Blockchains also offers the advantage of achieving the learning objectives with comprehensive lessons. You can find an extensive list of lessons grouped into modules, demos, and hands-on videos that help in more accessible learning. Here are the essential modules covered in the new Google Bard AI course.

  • Fundamentals of chatbots, AI, and machine learning.
  • Google Bard AI definition, important components, use cases, and limitations.
  • Business value and working mechanisms of Bard AI.
  • Differences between Google Bard AI and ChatGPT.
  • Fundamentals of prompts and best practices for prompt creation.
  • Examples of Google Bard prompts for real-world use cases.

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Reasons to Choose the Google Bard AI Course 

The Google Bard AI course is a unique resource that helps you learn everything about Google Bard and its working. You can use the Google Bard online course to specialize in the business use cases of Google Bard. Furthermore, you can also find the following value advantages with the new Google Bard AI course.

  • Value of Expert Training 

The first thing you would notice in the Google Bard AI course is the opportunity to learn from industry experts. You will familiarize yourself with Google Bard generative AI functionalities and their origins with demos and hands-on videos from our experienced instructor. In addition, the effective selection of topics in the training course serves additional advantages in your learning outcomes.

  • Learn Skills You Can Use

Another promising highlight of our new Google Bard AI course is the use of examples and demonstrations. Learners will not only learn about the working mechanisms and components of Google Bard but also familiarize themselves with the best practices for using Google Bard AI. You can develop the skills for applying your Google Bard expertise in relevant use cases. 

  • Recognition for Google Bard Skills

Learners can also choose the Google Bard training course to obtain a mark of recognition for their skills in using Bard AI. Upon successful completion of all learning objectives in the course and the final exam, learners would receive a certificate of completion. As a result, you would have something to show for your Google Bard skills in job interviews and professional networks.

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Final Words

The role of tools like Google Bard in fostering the AI revolution has become one of the major highlights of digital transformation initiatives worldwide. Organizations seek AI professionals with expertise in Google Bard for streamlining their operations and achieving better productivity. You can use the Google Bard online course to develop the skills and knowledge required to leverage AI to your advantage.

You can have an early advantage over other professionals with our new comprehensive professional training course on Google Bard and its applications. Learn more about the practical value advantages of Google Bard by enrolling in the Google Bard AI training course now. 

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