Artificial intelligence has grabbed the attention of the whole world with the sporadic rise of AI tools. For example, ChatGPT had more than 100 million visitors within a few months of its release. While ChatGPT is a powerful tool for prompt-based text generation, other tools, such as Midjourney AI, offer distinct functionalities. It is a text-to-image generator that has gained formidable growth in popularity within a short span of time. Why? The popularity of Midjourney AI art generator depends on its ability to create realistic images. However, it is a new AI tool, and many people don’t have any idea about setting up Midjourney AI. The following post helps you learn about the best practices for using Midjourney AI to create generative art.

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Importance of Midjourney 

Generative AI is one of the key themes in the world of technology right now. You must have come across the term in different types of news updates and discussions on technology. If you want to create AI art Midjourney can serve the ideal solutions. It has become one of the popular competitors alongside Stable Diffusion and DALL-E

Midjourney shares a prominent distinction from its competitors in the fact that it is closed-source and self-funded. Therefore, it is difficult to unravel the details of the components underlying the working mechanisms of Midjourney. As of now, the fundamentals of Midjourney describe that it depends on machine learning technologies such as diffusion models and large language models

One of the key highlights of the Midjourney AI art outputs is the realistic qualities of the images. However, the impressive outputs by Midjourney AI come at a premium cost, as you would need a subscription to use the AI art generator. The lowest tier of pricing plan is fixed at $10 per month. 

If you look at the level of detail, creativity, and realism in the art generated by Midjourney AI, you would feel that the subscription plan is reasonable. On top of it, the importance of Midjourney is visible in the relatively easier process of getting started with Midjourney. You can create a highly realistic and detailed collection of photos with simple text prompts. Interestingly, the complete process of generating images could take a few minutes only.

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How Can You Start Using Midjourney?

If you want to find out how to create Midjourney AI art, then you must know the best ways to set up Midjourney. First of all, you must note that Midjourney does not offer the facility of a free trial. Therefore, you would need a subscription to generate AI images with Midjourney and utilize its features. Let us take a look at how you can start using Midjourney in the following sections. 

  • Steps for Setting up Your Discord Account

The first step in creating AI art through Midjourney involves signing up for a Discord account. If you have a Discord account, you can use your credentials to access the platform. You can begin by navigating to the official landing page of Midjourney and selecting the ‘Join the Beta’ option. 

The guides on how to use Midjourney AI would showcase the immediate next step, where you find a new screen. You can create a Discord account and then fill in the required fields, followed by clicking the ‘Continue’ button. If you have an account, you can choose the “Already have an account” option. 

In the next step, click on the ‘+’ button you can find close to the top left corner of Discord toolbar. The button will help you in adding the Midjourney server to your Discord account. Subsequently, you would encounter a popup with multiple options. You have to choose the ‘Join a server’ option and then select the ‘Don’t have an invite’ option. It will allow you to explore the different servers that you would prefer to join. Here you would have to find ‘Midjourney’ in the collection of featured communities, followed by clicking on it. 

After logging in, you would move one step closer to generating Midjourney AI art, as you would be redirected to Midjourney Discord server. Without a subscription, you would not find the option to create images with Midjourney right away. However, you can try some of the features in the interface to uncover the reasons behind the hype around Midjourney. In addition, you can also view the performance of Midjourney through different rooms like ‘newbies-4’, which allow you to browse the artwork of other users.

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  • Steps for Signing Up for Midjourney Subscription 

The subscription plans of Midjourney are mandatory requirements for generating AI art. You can find more than the Midjourney AI art download facilities with a Midjourney subscription. The process for signing up for a subscription on Midjourney is simple without any complications. 

You can find a text prompt near the bottom of the screen. Click on the text prompt field and type ‘/subscribe’ in it. Now, you can find the subscription prompt, which could help you sign up for your desired subscription plan on Midjourney. Select the ‘subscribe to Midjourney’ option and press enter on the keyboard. 

The bot would redirect users to the subscription page to choose the plan which suits their requirements. You can create AI art Midjourney projects with three different pricing tiers. The three tiers of subscription plans include Basic, Standard, and Pro plans. The Basic subscription plan comes at a monthly cost of $10 and offers 200 unique art generations in a month. 

It also includes a private chat room for image generation. The Standard subscription plan has a price tag of $30 per month. It offers 15 hours of image generation, a private chat room, and unlimited slow generations. The last subscription plan, i.e., Pro, comes at a cost of $60 every month and offers 30 hours of fast image generation. You can access unlimited relaxed image generations and a free chatroom along with the Pro plan.

If you are a beginner in generative art, then the Basic subscription plan is an ideal option for you. The subscription plan offers Midjourney AI art download functionalities alongside the flexibility for exploring the platform. You can learn more about the working of the platform and the fundamentals of text prompting. Interestingly, you could always choose to upgrade to a higher tier by using the ‘/subscribe’ text prompt.

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What are the Tools and Features of Midjourney?

The initial steps of setting up Midjourney would help you familiarize yourself with the basic functionalities of AI image generators. In the early stages, beginners could experience multiple complications in using the AI art generator. You can start learning about how to create Midjourney AI art by reviewing the newcomer rooms to understand the working of things. 

The newbie rooms have thousands of people working on different projects. You might experience problems in reviewing your generated images. The best course of action would be to download and install Discord app, which allows access to private messaging in Midjourney chat rooms. On top of it, you could also access the functions of viewing and modifying images without complications. 

You can download the app by clicking on the green bar at the top of the screen. Discord would detect the operating system and provide automatic suggestions for the ideal app version. After installation of Midjourney AI art generator, you can select the ‘Discord’ icon to access the private chat room. The advantages of private messaging help in ensuring a better user experience with reduced complications in the interface. 

You can use the private chat room for generating images and viewing them in private without distractions due to photos of other users. On the other hand, you could also participate in group rooms to obtain inspiration from other generative artworks. In addition, you can also identify the type of prompts used by other people for generating realistic images.

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How Can You Create AI Art with Midjourney?

The simple steps for setting up Midjourney on Discord and choosing a subscription imply that you can start using the AI tool right now. On the other hand, you must know about some simple commands to create AI art Midjourney projects are known for. The first thing you must note about Midjourney is the use of ‘/’ before every prompt. For example, you can offer a prompt for creating a new image like ‘/imagine a hyper-realistic image of a cat in a garden of lilies.’ The Midjourney AI artwork generator could provide the first set of images within a minute. 

In the first step of using Midjourney, you will find a series of buttons underneath the first set of images. The first row of buttons helps in upscaling one or multiple generated images. The numbers of the buttons range from U1 to U4, which helps in identifying the images generated in sequence. If you decide to upscale the second image, you can click on the U2 button. 

On the right side of the first row, you can find the regenerate button. It offers an excellent tool for improving how to use Midjourney AI to meet your expectations. The regenerate button could help in creating a new set of images when you don’t find that the first set of images is not satisfactory. You can use the regenerate button to ask Midjourney to use another concept on the original prompt. 

You could also find another row of buttons underneath the images generated by Midjourney AI artwork generator. The second row of buttons is utilized for ‘variations’ from V1 to V4, and you could choose the corresponding button for the image you want to introduce variations. Upon clicking, Midjoueny would take the image and generate different variations of the image.

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  • Imagine Commands 

Most of the work with Midjourney AI would involve the ‘imagine’ prompt. You could add more parameters within the “/imagine” prompt according to your image generation requirements. You can generate Midjourney AI art projects with different factors such as level of styling, aspect ratio, and other factors. 

For instance, you can instruct the AI artwork generator to generate images with a specific quality level and prompt weight. The image prompt weight helps Midjourney AI learn about the relationship between the generated image and text prompt. Higher weight would ensure that the images would be closely related to the prompt. On the other hand, a lower weight could allow the AI bot more flexibility for generating images. 

You can also find more than Midjourney AI art download functionalities by adding the aspect ratio command. It can help in changing the height and width of images. Midjourney generates images with a resolution of 1024×1024 pixels. Therefore, you have to specify the pixels if you don’t want square images. With the introduction of a newer version, you must note that some commands are no longer functional. For instance, the width or height parameters are no longer useful with the imagine commands.

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  • Advanced Prompts

Another important component in the working of Midjourney AI points at advanced prompts. Users could learn how to create Midjourney AI art with the help of advanced prompts that allow them to use your images in the Midjourney tool. For example, you could add image weight to adjust the importance of the image with respect to text aspect of the prompt. 

One of the advanced prompts is ‘Remix,’ which helps you in changing prompts, model versions, aspect ratios, or parameters. In addition, remixing can also help you in changing the lighting, creating desired compositions, and evolving a focal point. You can also come across multi prompts, which offer the ability to define multiple concepts during image generation tasks.

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The effectiveness of Midjourney AI art generator is evident in the examples of artwork generated by Midjourney. It is a popular AI image generator along the lines of DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. The working mechanisms of Midjourney AI are still under wraps due to their proprietary nature. 

At the same time, you would need subscriptions to use the broad range of features of Midjourney AI. Furthermore, you should have the ability to create effective prompts to generate artwork according to your requirements. Learn more about the fundamentals of generative AI and how tools like Midjourney AI would shape the future technological landscape.

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