Looking for some of the best cloud mining sites as an alternative to traditional crypto mining? Here’s the list of top cloud mining sites in 2022. 

The innovative benefits associated with crypto, especially the lucrative high-end pricing of cryptocurrencies, have caught the world’s attention. Today, more and more people and companies are expressing their interest in cryptocurrencies than ever. Interestingly, many early crypto enthusiasts dived into the field with crypto mining as a proven approach for generating cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, crypto mining ended up presenting many complexities for miners, especially in terms of cost and maintenance required for the mining rigs. 

This is where some of the best cloud mining sites have evolved as a promising alternative to crypto mining. Why did cloud mining become so popular in recent times? What are the unique traits of cloud mining sites which make them favorable for mining crypto? The following discussion helps you discover the top choices in cloud mining companies for 2022.

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Importance of Cloud Mining

Before taking a look at the top cloud mining sites available today, it is important to take note of cloud mining basics. What is cloud mining? It is basically the process of renting mining rigs or a share of hash power in a mining pool. The participants receive equal proportions of profits on the grounds of hash power allocated to them. Most important of all, cloud mining helps in cryptocurrency without any hardware installation. The cloud mining company takes care of the mining hardware for you while allowing you to make the most of cloud mining at minimal costs. 

You can mine Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies online through mining contracts with different cloud mining companies. Beginner miners can make the most of cloud mining companies for starting their crypto pursuits. On the other hand, you should be quite careful about the cloud mining companies you select for mining cryptocurrencies. 

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List of Cloud Mining Companies for 2022

The promising advantages of cloud mining deliver profound reasons for adopting cloud mining platforms. However, the prevalence of fraudulent cloud mining companies and many scams in the name of cloud mining have led to many apprehensions about trying cloud mining. On the other hand, many cloud mining sites for 2022 have proved effective in terms of fair pricing, actual payouts, and fair pricing. Let us take a look at five top entries among the best cloud mining platforms you can find today. 

  • Shamining

best cloud mining sites

The biggest entry in a cloud mining companies list for 2022 is the UK-based cloud mining company, Shamining. It was developed in 2018 as a reliable alternative for Bitcoin cloud mining. As of now, the site has over 17,000 users mining crypto on the platform without any particular requirements for specific hardware or technical knowledge.

The UK-based cloud mining company has mining farms located strategically in London, Cape Town, and San Jose. Most important of all, the user-friendly interface of Shamining makes it one of the most lucrative cloud mining sites for beginners. You can find the animated interface similar to that of a game which makes mining processing more agreeable. Any individual with $100 can start crypto mining through the Shamining platform without any complexities. 

Some of the exciting features of Shamining as one of the top cloud mining sites include round-the-clock customer support and an in-built investment calculator. Shamining also offers a dedicated personal manager for each customer alongside facilitating different miner options. You can access the cloud mining site from any device with the facility of instant payouts and flexible options to withdraw funds. The cloud mining site offers four different types of mining contracts such as CPU, ASIC, GPU, and individual contracts. Each contract comes with distinct hash power and pricing alongside different rates of profitability.

The CPU contract offers a hash power of almost 23,580 GH/s with a profitability of almost 143%. The ASIC contract offers a hash power of almost 235,849 GH/s alongside a profitability of almost 156%. On the other hand, the GPU mining contract offers 94,340 GH/s worth of hash power with profitability rates of almost 149%. 

The high levels of computing power alongside profitability in the different cloud mining contracts on Shamining are promising reasons to choose the site for cloud mining. It is practically an effective solution for anyone seeking a steady source of passive income through crypto mining. 

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  • Gminers

best cloud mining sites

The second entry in the list of cloud mining sites you can try in 2022 is Gminers. It is another fast-growing UK-based company in cloud mining, which provides easy access to Bitcoin cloud mining and related functionalities. Crypto investors can make the most of the one-year plan by Gminers for maximum profits in cryptocurrency. Gminers have their data centers in Georgia, Iceland and Kazakhstan, particularly in locations with more sunlight and cool winds.

Beginners can start cloud mining on the Gminers site by depositing the minimum amount of $500. Interestingly, the platform is one of the best cloud mining sites with an exceptional average yield rate ranging up to 150%. Gminers also facilitates a wide range of cloud mining contracts along with the assurance of daily crypto payouts. Most important of all, miners can have the assurance of 99.9% uptime on Gminers for the best results in cloud mining. 

The average yield rate in Gminers validates its position among cloud mining sites in 2022 with better opportunities for miners. Beginners can make around $600 in one month with a $5000 cloud mining contract only by checking the stats for a couple of minutes daily. Another formidable highlight in the case of Gminers is the ability for checking the stats from any device and control the miners. Users don’t have to worry about usability with Gminers as it ensures safer and faster withdrawals anytime. On top of it, the eco-friendly infrastructure based largely on green energy is an additional benefit for the cloud mining website. 

Miners can access four different cloud mining contracts on Gminers such as Start, Professional, Smart, and VIP contracts. The Start contract offers a hash power of 90,000 GH/s with profitability of 143%. The Professional cloud mining contract offers 450,000 GH/s worth of hash power with a profitability rate estimated at 156%. Smart cloud mining contracts on Gminers offer 2,000,000 GH/s worth of computing power at profitability of almost 156%. Interestingly, the VIP plan offers unlimited hash power alongside promises for maximum returns above 170%.

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  • Genesis Mining

best cloud mining sites

Another notable option in a cloud mining companies list would draw references to Genesis Mining. It is one of the largest cloud mining sites focused on Bitcoin mining projects. Developed in 2013, Genesis Mining has been a trustworthy platform for smart and flexible investment solutions. As of today, Genesis Mining has more than 2 million customers worldwide. Most important of all, Genesis Mining is the biggest hash provider in the case of Bitcoin and altcoins. It provides exceptional ease in making deposits and withdrawals during the crypto mining process. Genesis Mining has mining farms in ten different locations such as Sweden, Greenland, Iceland, Estonia, and United Kingdom. 

The identity of Genesis Mining among the top cloud mining sites also relies profoundly on its various features. First of all, miners have the assurance of 100% uptime thereby avoiding any loss of time in mining. With the facility of round-the-clock customer support, Genesis Mining can resolve the problems beginners experience in cloud mining processes. The platform allows flexible payment and withdrawal through different channels such as crypto wallets, debits cards, and wire transfers.

However, Genesis Mining does not offer instant payouts as you can withdraw payouts only after they reach a minimum amount. In addition, the earned coins and mining outputs serve as the deductions of daily maintenance fees. As one of the notable cloud mining sites in 2022, Genesis Mining also offers the Advanced Auto-Allocation feature. The Auto-Allocation feature on the user dashboard helps you configure the hash power according to your specifications for mining multiple coins.

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  • ChickenFast

best cloud mining sites

The next big cloud mining company in this list points to the limelight at ChickenFast, a popular Bitcoin cloud mining platform. It is basically a cloud-based Bitcoin mining pool, which has been around in the market since 2015. The proprietary algorithm of ChickenFast is the platform’s biggest strength as it can transfer computing power to profitable cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. As one of the pioneers among the best cloud mining sites today, ChickenFast has a better grasp over the cloud mining industry. The platform realized that technical jargon is one of the factors which draws beginners away from cloud mining.

Therefore, it offers an easy-to-use interface for cloud mining, thereby making the process a lot simpler in comparison to other service providers. Any beginner could complete the convenient registration process to join the ChickenFast cloud mining site. Just provide the basic information and deposit your money to start mining.

One of the biggest highlights of ChickenFast in the list of cloud mining sites popular today is the lack of any technical specifications in selecting contracts. In addition, you can also make the most of a profitability calculator on the platform for estimating the expected earnings on a specific deposit amount. The accessibility of ChickenFast and the ease of understanding how it works in crypto mining make it suitable for beginners.

At the same time, the cloud mining site does not impose any hidden costs on miners alongside ensuring daily payouts. Furthermore, ChickenFast is also one of the reliable cloud mining sites with the guarantee of a large profit margin. With the facility of a personal manager for each customer alongside excellent customer support, ChickenFast is an obvious favorite. You can access five different types of cloud mining contracts on the platform with varying mining powers albeit with similar profitability.

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  • IQ Mining

best cloud mining sites

The final entry in the cloud mining companies list you can try this year is IQ Mining. It is one of the innovative platforms you can rely on for cloud crypto mining. Interestingly, the platform combines cloud mining with forex trading tools by leveraging different algorithms. In the course of the last four years, IQ Mining has successfully garnered thousands of crypto investors seeking favorable options for mining Bitcoins and altcoins such as Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and many others.

The cloud mining company has mining farms in different locations such as China, Canada, Georgia, Russia, Algeria, and Iceland. In addition, the cloud mining site also has customer support teams based in UK and Russia. Apart from Bitcoin cloud mining, you can trust the cloud mining platform for mining other cryptocurrencies. As a matter of fact, users can mine around 150 different altcoins on IQ Mining. 

Some of the most notable features in IQ Mining have proved its claim as one of the top cloud mining sites you can try in 2022. For example, you can expect estimated yields for each contract in the range of 145%. Miners can receive daily payouts for different plans in the currency associated with the contract. You can also use the cloud mining income calculator on the platform for determining the expected returns. 

The features of the cloud mining site have played a vital role in powering its success as it has garnered almost 50,000 users in a limited period of time. You can explore three different types of packages according to your preferences such as Bronze, Gold, and Silver packages. In addition, you don’t have to pay anything for registration or subscription to the site’s services. Above everything else, IQ Mining is an ideal choice for beginners with a user-friendly interface.  

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Bottom Line 

The overview of the best cloud mining sites available right now shows multiple perspectives on using cloud mining. Many people are looking into the possibilities of cloud mining for generating cryptocurrencies without any troubles and complications. Cloud mining platforms allow you to rent a specific share of hash power or computing power in a mining pool. Subsequently, the miners can obtain their rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies according to their stakes in the pool. Some companies are also emerging as sole providers of mining rigs and farms along with maintenance and installation costs. Irrespective of the type of cloud mining site you choose, it shall deliver ease of use and better prospects for customization. Find more about cloud mining and explore its potential now.

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