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May 20, 2020 | 3:00 p.m. CET | 9:00 a.m ET

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Welcome to an exciting virtual conference

The impact of blockchain technologies on enterprise business involves C-level executives, line managers, platform developers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and anyone directly responsible for the digital transformation of their firm.

Decision makers want to learn all the good practices, the mistakes to avoid, the tactical operations and the strategic approach that their peers have adopted to successfully run blockchain-based initiatives. Entrepreneurs want to understand the risks at stake and the competitive opportunities ahead to make the next move and excel in emerging enterprise blockchain business scenarios.

Platform developers are eager to find what enterprise users need, how they want to interact with such innovative digital protocols, and what are the technical standards currently available and in  development to ensure interoperable digital business environments.

To answer all these questions, 101 Blockchain is bringing to you the cream of enterprise blockchain practitioners, in a format that will allow you to follow the conference from the comfort of your desktop. Women in Enterprise Blockchains is the tangible way that 101 Blockchains has chosen to demonstrate that we take great pride to fight diversity and contribute to women’s advancement.

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Opening Keynote

Alisa DiCaprio, Head of Trade and Supply Chain, R3


Panel- Identity

Amber Ghaddar, CEO, Allianceblock

Genevieve Leveille, CEO, Agriledger

Laura De Giovanni, CEO, Tiiqu



Mary Hall, Director of Blockchain Product Marketing, Oracle


Panel- Trade

Emmanuelle Ganne, Senior Analyst, Economic Research, WTO

Sheila Donohue, CEO, VeroVino

Leanne Kemp, CEO, Everledger


Keynote- Beyond Technology: Blockchain Network Design

Krystal Webber, Global Design & Strategy Leader, IBM Blockchain Services


Panel- Sustainability

Virginia Cram Martos, CEO, Triangularity

Bridget Greenwood, Founder, The Bigger Pie, Founder

Montse Guardia Guell, GM, Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem

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Emmanuelle Ganne

Emmanuelle Ganne
Senior Analyst, Economic Research Department, WTO

Leanne kemp

Leanne Kemp
Everledger, Founder and CEO

Alisa diCaprio

Alisa DiCaprio
Head of Trade and Supply Chain, R3

sheila donohue

Sheila Donohue
CEO, Vero

Genevieve leveille

Genevieve Leveille
Agriledger, CEO

virginia cram martos

Virginia Cram Marto
CEO, Triangularity SàRL

Amber Ghaddar

Dr. Amber Ghaddar
Founder, AllianceBlock

bridget greenwood

Bridget Greenwood
Founder, The Bigger Pie

Webber, Krystal R

Krystal Webber
Global Design & Strategy Leader, IBM Blockchain Services

laura degiovanni

Laura De Giovanni
Tiiqu, Founder and CEO

Montse Guardia Guell

Montse Guardia Guell
General Manager, Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem


Mary Hall
Director of Blockchain Product Marketing, Oracle

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May 20, 2020 | 3:00 p.m. CET

Watch now On-Demand!






The Live Conference will focus on three key topics:

Before any project begins, a clear setup of participants’ identities, roles and responsibilities must be established. This assessment does not threaten privacy. On the contrary, participants are aware of those involved and feel more accountable to ensure the system proceeds smoothly for all. The underlying blockchain-based technology that runs the transactions makes no discounts to those that try to break the rules.
Speakers in this session will illustrate how their respective organizations are balancing the need to secure personal privacy with the requirements to properly identify the parties involved in business transactions. The solutions presented clearly articulate that transparent models that ensure network participants’ identities under their full control bring significant benefits that widely surpass the inevitable initial legitimate concerns.

Once the identities and relative authorizations to execute are clear, can then trading parties exchange goods, information, documents, and financial instruments on blockchain-based platforms. International trade operators need transparent and globally accepted rules before running their business using blockchain protocols.
The speakers of this session will discuss how they are currently running their businesses and will explain what steps they decided to take to smoothly transition from traditional centralized systems to decentralized and distributed ledgers. The transition is not immediate and the speakers will explain why there are circumstances in which it is not necessary to opt for blockchain-based applications. Similarly, they will explain with practical details, how to make the conversion when, instead, blockchain represents the way to move forward.

All previous activities would be of little value if not directed to resolve the inherent obstacles that still prevent many companies, large and small, to take advantage of innovative technologies to run their business in a sustainable way. Sustainability crosses many aspects of a company’s presence in the market: social sustainability, that ensures workers are treated equally, no illegal forms of labor are used, and gender equality is respected; financial sustainability by which all trading partners receive fair compensation and can get financial support when needed; environmental sustainability, that allows players to balance the need to fulfill environmental protection practices with their personal need to earn fair compensation for the work done and not bear additional burdens.
Presenters of this session will discuss about the potential blockchain benefits for developing countries, those that are especially sensitive to sustainable trade practices. At the same time, presenters will suggest from their own experience how non-profit associations and dedicated platforms enable parties in trade to practically run sustainable operations without the extra burden of dealing with complex technologies or rules.

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