COVID-19 has highlighted the vulnerability of supply chain systems across five dimensions:  

  • Planning and supplier network
  • Transportation and logistics 
  • Financial resilience 
  • Product complexity 
  • Organization’s maturity  

Today, we’re focussing on – How organizations can build the financial resilience of their supplier network’ to proactively mitigate financial risks that have caused supply chain disruptions due to the on-going global pandemic.  

One immediate solution to alleviate economic risks is to stabilize core enterprise operations with supplier financing. By adopting digitized supply chain financing, buyers can benefit from extended payment terms and hence, reduce working capital requirements. Suppliers in turn, can benefit from having access to accelerated cash flow at preferential interest rates which allows them to receive payment for approved invoices earlier and at a lower cost. 

Learn how large scale enterprises can lead and run completely digitized, secure and efficient supplier financing processes. Underpinned by blockchain technology, dltledgers’ SCF (supply chain finance) solutions can be customized to address individual enterprise supply chain needs. In these times of urgency, the live, plug-and-play modules are ready-to-deploy, and can be configured to blend in seamlessly with existing legacy and ERP models to facilitate regular trade flows.  

If your business has been impacted due to disrupted global supply chains, or if you are a finance, treasury or procurement business leader looking for technological solutions to improve revenue, tune in.   

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on How digitized supply chain financing can help secure supply chains during crises, presented by:

  • Atul Patel, Co-founder, dltledgers & Vice-chair, Hyperledger Trade Finance Special Interest Group (TF-SIG)

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • How enterprises can build the financial resilience of their supplier network
  • How working cycle capital can be optimized to improve cash flow control
  • How organizations can lead and run their own supplier financing ecosystem

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