Blockchains are globally gaining traction and gradually disrupting the traditional transactional eco-systems by eliminating the non-value adding parties in the value chain.

Although blockchains enables digital currency transactions, distributed consensus models and provenance, the problem of scalability, security, privacy and confidentiality has to be solved for the blockchains to be utilized in its full potential.

Typically all the transactions recorded in blockchain are visible to all the participants. Even though some blockchain frameworks offers private transactions they still lack transactional privacy and confidentiality.
In this presentation we will look into various technologies which can be utilized with blockchain frameworks to address confidentiality, privacy and security needs.

We will also highlight some practical approaches on adopting these technologies / techniques tailoring to the needs of Enterprise Blockchain network implementations.

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on Approaches to Overcome Scalability, Confidentiality and Data Privacy Issues For Enterprise Blockchains, presented by:

  • Krishnan Mohan, Head, Distributed Ledger Technology CoE (Center of Excellence), Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions.

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • Common Myths on Blockchain Security
  • Need for addressing Security, Confidentiality and Privacy in Enterprise Blockchain Implementations
  • Right Approach to adopt the technologies / techniques to address Security, Confidentiality and Privacy

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