ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: The need for Standards to Enable DLT/Blockchain Adoption


Blockchain/DLTs are generally classified as public, permissioned, or private types. Blockchain/DLT is like a toolbox with many tools (comparing to many different architectures here) that can be used in many different use cases. Blockchain/DLT has been shown to exhibit vertical as well as horizontal impact in various applications.
It is quite challenging to develop standards for such a complex field with diverse applications. Fortunately, several organizations are involved in developing blockchain/DLT standards and they all fall into the following categories:
  1. International & Regional standards development organizations.
  2. National standards bodies.
  3. Industry alliances, associations, & consortia.
  4. Open standards organizations and Open Source Software (OSS) communities.
This panel will discuss the need for standardization and adoption of DLT/blockchain solutions across the globe.

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on The need for Standards to Enable DLT/Blockchain Adoption, presented by:

  • Ramesh Ramadoss, Technical Director, InterWork Alliance
  • Rapolas Lakavičius, Policy Officer, European Commission
  • Kai Wei, Vice Director of Cloud and Big Data Institute, CAICT

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • An overview of Blockchain/DLT standards development landscape.
  • Blockchain/DLT adoption across the globe (Americas, Europe, Asia).
  • The challenges faced in blockchain/DLT standards development.

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