Our future belongs to cities. In the decades ahead most people will live, work, and play in them. They are the most successful human creation and also the most complex. As cities grow and megacities expand and become more common, challenges will also increase. These include energy, transportation, waste management, sustainability, and much more.

Today, there is a growing movement to build and maintain smarter and more sustainable cities. These will require new ideas and new technologies. Blockchain is demonstrating early evidence that it can play an important role in assisting many aspects of our urban future. This presentation will explore our city challenges and discuss the opportunities for blockchain solutions in helping to create better communities.

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on Can blockchain save our cities? presented by Dr. Jonathan Reichental, CEO, Human Future.

Dr Reichental is the author of Smart Cities For Dummies.

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • Understand the smart and sustainable cities movement.
  • Explore real world uses of blockchain technology in cities.
  • Identify ways you can help or pursue opportunities for blockchain in cities.

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