The first rule to reap the true benefits from enterprise blockchain projects is to remove any technology legacy that prevents a company to implement new needs and requirements in a timely manner.

The second rule is to stop talking and start doing things, by removing any mindset (i.e., cultural) legacy roadblock.

The third rule is to stop running small project tests (i.e., proof of concepts- POCs) and concentrate on breaking the “we always did it this way” syndrome. Another dangerous legacy.

Of course, not all legacies are to be dismantled. Market incumbents, for instance, are instrumental as their engagement in enterprise blockchain initiatives accelerates market adoption and scalability.

This Think Tank Webinar brings together two brilliant market practitioners that will share their views, experiences, and recommendations in a lively debate that will oscillate between provocative ideas and ”down-to-the-earth” reality check.

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on  It’s No More Time for POCs (and, please stay away from your IT legacy), presented by:

  • Anthony Day, Blockchain Partner, IBM

  • Harry Behrens, Head of Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • Is there a role such that of the Chief Disruptor?
  • What do you need to implement and idea?
  • How do you create innovation when you are surrounded by “legacy mess”?
  • How to make a good idea a solution that scales?
  • Do you necessarily have to throw away all your legacies to be really an innovator?

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