ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: A Framework for Blockchain Interoperability


The 2020 coronavirus pandemic exposed weaknesses in supply-chain systems. Organizations globally (in both the public and private sectors) showed varying degrees of ability to respond. This revealed a breakdown in the collaboration required to track, trace, authenticate, finance and clear medical goods, supplies, etc. through trade channels in a trusted, verifiable and efficient manner.

Such global events highlight the need for an interconnected and interoperable supply chain in a world after COVID-19. Contrary to common belief, this specific challenge is not only a technology problem, but also a problem in governance, data ownership and commercial business models in terms of how they incentivize ecosystem stakeholders to collaborate with each other. For that reason, this session takes a holistic approach to blockchain interoperability

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on A Framework for Blockchain Interoperability, presented by:

  • Nadia Hewett, Blockchain and DLT project lead, World Economic Forum

  • Sigrid Sømod, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Digital

  • Jonas Sveistrup Søgaard, Manager, Deloitte

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • Explore two types of data for interoperability: digital asset exchange and arbitrary data exchange
  • Frameworks for blockchain interoperability:
    • Four conceptual scenarios for interoperability
    • Three different technical approaches to decentralized interoperability
    • Three approaches to blockchain interoperability
  • Answer pressing questions you have on blockchain interoperability

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