The cybersecurity not always considered as a priority, the low reliability of processes driven by people, the high level of corruption, are no longer just social and cultural problems, but are an economic hot topic. However, it’s possible to recreate a new global system balance due to technology today.

The Regulation Technology ‐ the so‐called RegTech ‐ can indeed use the Blockchain for the full protection of personal data and for certifying protocols in the secure exchange between BigData. Adopting Blockchain leads the Public Administration towards an OpenPA model able to share structured and inviolable data flows (Data Analytics) with the market and the citizens thanks to the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and to unchangeable structure of the tech solution. With the value goal for all society to minimize corruption and crime in Public & Private Procurement.

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on Blockchain and transparency: a “Trust System” for Public Private Procurement (PPP), presented by:

  • DR. PROF. ENRICO MOLINARI, Economist & CMO manager, University Professor, Top Global Fintech & Marketing Innovation Influencer

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • The nature of any collaboration and cooperation activity between companies, citizens, non‐governmental organizations and public authorities that have as their objective access to economic resources for the design, construction, management or maintenance of physical or digital infrastructure, is by nature liable to corrupt and market distorting interests. This also applies to the provision of services in which the private sector has a strategic role in terms of defining quality, duration, frequency and influence on the desired price policies. But may exist a tech solution closer to us than we think.
  • The Public‐Private Partnership model can now count on Emerging Technologies capable of radically lowering the incidence of corruptive processes in the routine of supplies between the private sector and the Public Administration, combining the human capacity of evaluation used with an incorruptible Artificial Intelligence that fixes every step with blockchain‐proof security.
  • Do we really know the potential of Smart Contracts? These are smart contracts signed thanks to an agreement between two parties and automatically executed by an App; they are safe and guaranteed as they are stored in the links of the chain in an inviolable way. A disruptive and decisive marketing innovation system also for the PA.

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