Web 3.0 and finance are related to each other in many ways, particularly with the common link of blockchain technology. Smart contracts have paved the way for building DeFi apps. The success of DeFi has posed a formidable challenge to the conventions of finance and the user experience. For example, you could borrow a loan by depositing crypto assets in a liquidity pool without waiting for a lender. Web3 aims to put the ‘user’ back in control, and its impact on financial services would empower customers. On top of it, digital assets such as NFTs feature significant monetary value and revolutionize asset ownership. 

An overview of web3 as a technology and its benefits and challenges can help you evaluate its potential for the financial services sector. The expansion of the web3 ecosystem with gradually emerging web3 use cases in financial services also calls for searching for new opportunities to use web3 in finance. 

This Webinar is for you if you want to

  • Demystify how web3 is about to separate hype from reality
  • Understand how web3 works with existing or emerging technology
  • Learn about the benefits and challenges of web3
  • Dive deep into the applications of web3 in financial services
  • Visualize the impact that web3 will have on your organization – and in your life
  • Ascertain new innovative opportunities with the growth and future trends of web3

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