The Metaverse might seem like a pixeled Miami Vice color pallet game for kids only. But could it also be the business opportunity of the century? Some of the world’s largest corporates seems to believe so, as everything from Microsoft to Facebook, Adidas, and Walmart is moving into the space. Morgan Stanley sees it as a USD 8 Trillion addressable market, and music artists such as Ariana Grande and Travis Scott have already made millions of dollars on virtual merch and concerts.

How could you or your company seize the opportunities of the Metaverse? Hear more about this, but also the risks! This is a complex market, and one has to understand that the basis for payments and transaction flows in the Metaverse are Crypto, DeFi, NFTs and the Token Economy. Hence, it is very important to understand Tax & Legal implications of moving into this as well. Get a 10.000 feet overview of all these aspects of the market.

..and remember; the Metaverse is not something totally new. It is just a natural development of the internet going from 2D to 3D.

Hence, it will be relevant for all entities out there.

Webinar Discussion Topics

  • Understanding the ecosystem and business opportunities of Metaverse
  • Understanding the risks and Tax & Legal implications
  • The role of Crypto, DeFi, NFTs and the Token economy

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