Blockchain is still a buzzword when talking about emerging technologies and no longer only associated with cryptocurrencies or the DeFi movement. Beyond use cases for food traceability, anti-fraud and anti-counterfeiting, international trade, transport or logistics, Blockchain has become an additional tool for the digital transformation of companies. It helps to create ecosystems of network generated trust where companies can develop commercial transactions in a more efficient, transparent and secure way. This Think Tank Webinar illustrates how telco-grade managed services and network APIS enable companies to easily embed trust in their own systems and solutions.

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on How Telefónica helps companies to get value from blockchain by José Luis Núñez Díaz, Global Head for Blockchain, Telefonica.

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • Companies attempting to enter blockchain have to deal with governance and operative issues instead technological ones.
  • Blockchain unlocks its full potential when combined with IoT and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Multiple private networks can co-operate to improve network generated trust across them.

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