Blockchain started off as the technology behind cryptocurrencies and has become a disruptive phenomenon in the new digital landscape. Starting from fintech to supply chain and healthcare records management, blockchain-based digital transformation is the need of the hour across different industries. The funding for blockchain startups reached almost $25.2 billion in 2021, registering a massive 713% year-on-year growth rate. Will the investments in blockchain transformation help organizations? The truth depicts a different scenario as only a mere 5% of blockchain-based solutions ever make it to the production stage. Therefore, awareness regarding the causes of failure or points of organizational inertia can help businesses adopt blockchain-based solutions effectively. 

Organizations fail in blockchain-based projects due to various reasons. The lack of a clear outline of objectives and limited emphasis on governance or regulatory precedents are a few prominent factors underlying the failure of blockchain transformation initiatives. Businesses need to develop a better understanding of how blockchain can fit into their plans for growth. At the same time, organizations must also develop a comprehensive awareness of the strategies for overcoming inertia in blockchain projects. 

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  • Causes of organizational inertia in blockchain projects
  • Strategies to overcome organizational inertia
  • The potential of blockchain-based solutions through pilots
  • Best practices for scalability of blockchain solutions with examples

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