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Introduction to Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Blockchain is the perfect technology that can finally ensure better and safer financial services. Understand how decentralized finance works and how it can reshape our monetary system.

Key Points

This presentation is for you, if you want to

  • Learn what decentralized finance is.
  • Understand the working process of decentralized finance.
  • Know about the various elements within the decentralized finance ecosystem.
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About Decentralized Finance

Financial systems are really falling behind in terms of transaction settlement, security, privacy, and so on. Cyber attacks and identity thefts are quite common in this industry nowadays. However, blockchain can make things right once and for all. Decentralized finance technology is perfectly capable of handling all financial requirements without any persisting issues. It can also serve the unbanked and underbanked population as well. Learn more about how decentralized finance is reshaping our global economy for the better.

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Understand What is The Scope And Purpose of DeFi